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Updated: March 10, 2013 3:28AM

Not all bad?

The incident with the North Chicago officer isn’t all bad. The bully now knows how the boy he was bullying feels and I bet he won’t do it again. This is what needs to happen to stop these bullies.

They lost

Speaking of the Bears and the Packers. I wonder if the Packers lost that game on purpose just to keep the Bears out of the playoffs? Something to think about.

Gay marriage

Pray to your God about same-sex marriage all you want, but this country you chose to live in has a separation of church and state for a reason. Gay marriage will not affect you, it cannot convince people to be gay. I encourage you to hang out with gay people and they will tell you that being gay was not at all a choice. The prejudice against hating gay people is one of the most disturbing ones. After all, your belief is that your God created them this way and whatever happens with gay marriage laws is “His will” anyway.

Illegal guns

Do our state lawmakers really believe that super-strict gun laws will prevent gun violence? Last year, 506 homicides were committed in Chicago not by legal card-carrying gun owners. Those people that want to acquire firearms illegally apparently have no problem purchasing a firearm even though it’s illegal. Now they want to force normally law-abiding citizens to circumvent the law to acquire guns, ammo and accessories. Why punish law-abiding citizens when you need to, but can’t do anything about illegal gun possession? The old saying always holds true: “Take away all the guns from legal gun owners and only the crooks will have guns.” Pass all the laws you want, but the illegal possession of guns will continue.

Good line

That was a good last line in the Jan. 4 editorial, “Smoke free.”: “Any new opposition to this law should be quickly stubbed out.”

Antioch gridlock

Antioch residents are worried about turning into another Gurnee. It has already happened, good Antioch citizens. What do you call the Route 173 corridor from the tollway west into Antioch? A country road? Not likely, it’s gridlock. At least in Gurnee we don’t pay village taxes — yet!

Wild Bills, Annies

This is to all the Wild Bill Hitchcocks and Annie Oakleys out there. No one is trying to take away your guns. Nobody needs an assault weapon and a magazine with hundreds of rounds to defend your home. There should be a waiting period, no gun show loopholes and guns should not be allowed to be sold on the Internet because anybody can buy them. The NRA is not protecting you, they are protecting the gunmakers because they give them money.

U.S. debt

With the national debt of the U.S. pushing $17 trillion and with the projection of it going over $20 to $23 trillion by the end of President Obama’s second term, the question needs to be asked: How much is enough? When are you people in Washington going to stop spending? How much of this country’s future do you have to destroy before you’ve had enough spending? We need some budget cuts and cuts in spending.

Ten percent solution

I think it’s time to rethink the salaries and benefits of our esteemed aldermen in Waukegan. Full-time salaries with complete medical? Come on. This 10 percent property tax is an outrage. I’m wondering if anybody could tell me if it’s possible and how to get started with a referendum on the ballot to adjust the salaries of the aldermen and our city fathers of Waukegan. Financially, these people have their foot on our throats. I think it’s time to take a look into returning the favor. I think we still live in a democracy, I hope we do. Do we or do we not have the right to get an adjustment for our Waukegan city fathers and aldermen salaries and benefits of at least 10 percent.

Sandy relief

The Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill that came out of the Senate last week only gave $20 billion to Sandy relief and the other $40 billion was larded on by the pig senators in the U.S. Senate. The House was right to only approve $9 billion so far which dealt directly to the Sandy flooding. Hopefully, the House steps up and doesn’t allow $51 billion in non-Sandy relief to go through.

Red states

The red states take more welfare, pay fewer taxes and still complain about “big government” ruining the country.

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