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Updated: March 11, 2013 2:22AM

Grab a cart

When you go into a store, grab a shopping cart from the parking lot on your way in. Don’t come into the store and then discover there aren’t any shopping carts and complain to the manager. Don’t be so lazy.

Endless war

Another week and another $2 billion we have squandered in our longest running war. It’s time to end the war in Afghanistan because of that, $2.8 billion is borrowed every single week. You want to fix the deficit? The first step is to get control of the military and end these endless wars.

Dems’ reality

Have you ever noticed that Democrats run away from reality and responsibility? It’s in their DNA. Blago driving in circles before reporting to jail; Obama always pointing fingers and laying blame, but never sitting down with Republicans to negotiate; and now Hillary with three illnesses in a row.

Liberal nonsense

I would like to respond to the TOTC article “Circle the wagons.” What liberal nonsense. As a Beach Park taxpayer, I think it’s ridiculous that the taxpayers are going to buy beans and wagons and plant them in a circle. It should be going to support the schools and the fire department. I don’t understand this liberal nonsense.


In response to the article in TOTC “Taxes up.” This is obviously a person who refuses to inform themselves about what goes on in the city of which they live, namely Waukegan. The tax increase was discussed for many weeks in both the council meetings and in The News-Sun before it was actually enacted. It’s time that we paid for all the things that we’ve been giving ourselves for the last 10 to 12 years or so. Our 7th Ward alderwoman is marvelous. She does her homework, she works for the community and she loves Waukegan. So grow up, inform yourself and stop your whining.

Corporate welfare

To get revenue without hurting seniors and low-income people, Congress can cut defense spending, cut all subsidies to corporations like coal, oil, and all the farmers and ranchers because they’re doing fine. The Farm Bill only gives subsidies to big corporations, not to the family farmers who need it. Make GE, Exxon, Shell and all the others that don’t pay income tax, pay their income tax. No more loopholes. Most of all, quit taking bribes from lobbyists, become honest and then hire honest people. The greed in this country is destroying America.

Expired plates

About the state wanting more money for license plates. Although $2 doesn’t seem like much, do you know where the state can get all their money back? Every single day in Lake County, I see at least five cars driving around with expired plates. I’ve seen the same car for months that has a plate which has been expired for over a year. I even called the police and they said they don’t pull people over for that. Isn’t that special? Our tax dollars at work, but they need more money.

‘Entitlement’ rights

I have paid into Social Security and Medicare all of my working life. So please don’t call it an “entitlement.” It is a right!

Catering to prisoners

It’s not the guns, it’s that our prison system has gotten to the point of catering to the prisoners in jail. We need to make prisons a place where nobody wants to go. You get a change of clothes once a month and if you want to go to jail, then you have to really want to live like a dog.

Take care of Americans

In regard to the article about the homeless man at the school. I’m so glad someone said something because I agree 100 percent. It’s a shame that the American people take care of other countries and their people before they take care of their own. Come on, America, wake up! We deserve to be treated a little better.

Place to keep warm

Regarding “Hounding the homeless.” I’d like to know what’s wrong with these people? That man just wanted a place to keep warm because he couldn’t come up with bond and had no money. If you’re an illegal alien, you’re given everything possible, so why can’t we help these people.

Best doctors

Mark Kirk shouldn’t even be working. He’s handicapped now. I got fired for being handicapped because I had to have surgery on my leg and my insurance only covers office visits. That’s it. Concerning this Obamacare, Obama doesn’t care because his family goes to the best doctors. Kirk should get the same treatment I got. Kirk has got it made. Talk about a safety net, he’s got a golden parachute.

Elvis at the Brat Stop

What a show. I went to see an Elvis show recently at the Brat Stop in Kenosha and it was great. Travis Morris made me forget he wasn’t Elvis.

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