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Updated: March 12, 2013 3:00AM

Didn’t see it coming

The state has this $96 billion pension deficit. How did that happen? Didn’t anyone see that coming ? These politicians talk about the financial issues, but they never talk about how we got in these terrible financial situations.

Lyons Woods cleanup

I noticed the Lake County Forest Preserve District has started cleaning at Lyons Woods on Sheridan Road between Waukegan and Beach Park. I saw one truck and a couple of people out there, but we need a lot more and quicker service. Get your mess cleaned up.

Brat Stop show

Thank you News-Sun for putting in the ad about Travis Morris at the Brat Stop. It was a fabulous show. Without you folks advertising it I don’t know if we would have ever gone there. It was a beautiful dinner show and I hope they advertise with you again. My wife cried and it brought back a lot of memories.

Serious doubts

Regarding the driver’s license bill which has passed. It sounds good, but I have serious doubts that these people will get insurance or quotes for the length that they’re driving our streets. It’s sounds to me like if you get your foot in the door they’ll find a way to push it wide open.

International licenses

There’s already a license in place and it’s called international driver’s licenses. That’s all they have to do. They don’t have to make a new license for it. Come on and get real.

Water diversion

The Mississippi is also very low where billions of dollars of river trade is at risk. Much of this traffic is farm traffic from the Midwest and the Great Plains. Last year, farm land was intentionally flooded by the Army Corps of Engineers to release some of this excess river water. Why not take this run off and flood abandoned coal and gravel pits along the river. Then in drought times pump the water back in. This might seem far-fetched, but New York City and Los Angeles receive their water that is diverted from hundreds of miles away. In China today they’re diverting water sources to arid areas for irrigation as well as for cargo transportation.

They don’t care

Regarding the TOTC comment about “At home.” Our country doesn’t care about us. Forget about the way that we take care of other countries, keep our tax money here. I wish our country would just keep our own money for once.

Teacher raises

I see in the TOTC there’s a lot of talk about the tax increase that Waukegan is imposing. What they and everybody in Lake County should be talking about is the school districts. Wait for your taxes to come in and check the schools to see how much of an increase they have. They’re the ones that are always giving their teachers 5 percent raises every year. The school doesn’t care about the people who pay the taxes so get involved with the school districts.

Left-hand lane

Now that illegals can have driver’s licenses, does that mean they won’t hog the left-hand lane any more?

Crime, punishment

Regarding gun laws in this country. Why don’t we make it a law that if you kill people with a gun then you get the same thing.

Democrat support

About the license bill passing. They estimate that 250,000 undocumented immigrants are now on the highways. They are saying that a temporary visitor driver’s license would last three years. The Democrats are supporting this because of President Obama and this is what got him into office. Anybody that comes into this country are not undocumented immigrants, they’re illegal immigrants. This is disgusting to go against the citizens of the U.S. and allow this just because you want to be in office. I can’t believe that it’s being allowed.

Garrett gone

I’m sorry to see Susan Garrett leave the public life in Springfield. She’s always been a voice of reason and a class act. I live in Waukegan and how often I wished I were in her district. Good luck, Susan, stay alert and stay public because we need you.

That’s rich

Let’s hear it for austerity — punishing the poor for the mistakes of the rich!

Parenting time

In regard to the North Chicago officer who has been the subject of a complaint that he had to rough up a child at South School. If the child was well behaved, they wouldn’t have needed that police officer to question their behavior. It’s time to be parents.

Big oil

Big Oil gets a 5,800 percent return on every dollar that it spends on Congress. How is your 401(k) doing?

Worst disaster

The idea of comparing the slaughter of 20 young children to any number of abortions is ridiculous. The fetuses have not been in this world like those slaughtered in Connecticut and haven’t lived to be loved and cared for. They haven’t been around to know the awful fear those poor babies knew in their last minutes on earth. Abortions are a woman’s choice. To have your child slain my some nutcase is to the child and the parent the worst of any conceivable disaster.

Springfield’s priorities

You can see where Springfield’s priorities are. They can pass driver’s licenses for illegal aliens and not even require them to be fingerprinted which could be very useful to police. Also, the pension reform was not acted on but they assured us that they really got it down this time and there’s a new enthusiasm to work on it. Illinois’ bond rating is going to be downgraded again so it’s even more expensive to borrow money. Thank you, Democrats and the unions, for running us broke.

Armed citizens

Comparing the attack on Ronald Reagan to the shootings at schools is thoughtless. Anyone, especially one who doesn’t care about his own life, can start shooting people. However, an armed citizen can prevent the nut from killing more people rather than wait for the police arrive, which is usually after the shootings. If the teachers been armed with concealed weapons, or at least a few of them, the low-life could have been neutralized before he killed so many kids. Are you really so naive to think that by banning guns the criminals won’t have any?

Public tips

The Waukegan Police Department didn’t need any help from any armed vigilantes to catch three ATM bandits. They got their information from the public through phone tips and that’s exactly the way it should be handled. As far as lawful concealed and carry gun holders are concerned, tell that to Travon Martin’s family because I’m sure they’d like to know that you’re putting nobody at risk.

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