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Updated: March 13, 2013 2:36AM

Tear downs

I usually drive home from my job using the same route, down Brookside Avenue across from Butrick Street in Waukegan, and there’s been a house on the southeast corner that’s been vacant for probably over a year. I want to thank the mayor because it was torn down. I now understand why our property taxes are going up. If this is going to be the result, I think it’s great. Now there’s a couple more homes that need to be torn down also.

The line forms

You want to learn more about Benghazi, well stand in line. I still want to learn what the Bush administration was doing before 9/11 and how they lied this country into invading Iraq.

Self-absorbed pol

I read your profile on Susan Garrett. What a self-absorbed politician. Her photo alone tells you, with her June Cleaver pearls, that she would never get her hands dirty for the taxpayers. Then you turn the page and there is Elaine Nekritz fighting the battle of pension reform that Garrett created. Why can’t we have more politicians like Elaine?

Great state

Ditka’s kid is not allowed to drive, yet 250,000 illegals are going to be allowed to drive. What a great state!

Weapons ban

I agree with the ban on multi-round and rapid-fire weapons. But, I suggest that anyone caught having one or carrying one illegally must be given a tough prison sentence, not slapped on the wrist like the Chicago judges do.

Armed citizens

The original thought behind the 2nd Amendment is to arm the citizens for a conflict with the government. Well, that’s not going to happen so we don’t need to arm civilians with weapons equal to what the government has. I agree with the guy that said, “When seconds count the cops are minutes away.”

GOP obsessions

Republicans suffer from Deficit Attention Disorder. They obsess over the deficit when they are out of power and spend like drunken sailors when they are in power.

High-speed trains

I read about the high-speed train from Chicago to St. Louis. Other than a few Cubs fans wanting to get to St. Louis an hour faster during the baseball season, who cares? Isn’t Amtrak highly subsidized? I think this means we can lose money faster now.

New squads

Waukegan should wake up. I see these new police cars driving around in Waukegan. Do you know who’s paying for that? We are and we need to stop this. Don’t raise our taxes anymore.

Worth more

Let’s face it, your kids are not worth as much as my kids. That’s the message you get from Washington, D.C., and the people in our Legislature. Their kids are more important. This gun control issue is idiotic. There are 11 armed guards at the school where Obama’s kids go and the same with Rahm Emanuel. They’re elite, they’re above us and they know more then we do. This is a Democratic, socialist society.

Social Security taxes

I love how the fact around New Year’s that Obama and Congress had the middle class held hostage over the tax cuts. Then a big celebration was given when the fiscal cliff deal was reached that our payroll taxes wouldn’t go up. However, I got my pay check this past week as I get paid weekly and I noticed about $25 less on my check. When I compared it I realize that they more than doubled my Social Security tax that I’m paying. So thank you, Obama and Congress, for still sticking it to the middle class.

Golden Rule

It’s too bad that a North Chicago police officer had to defend his own son and protect him from a bully. Children today are no longer taught the Golden Rule, treat others as you would want to be treated. This is taught in previous generations and we never had these problems. This is positive thinking, do unto others.

Blame the lawyer

Regarding the settlements that the North Chicago Police Department is having to pay out for injuries caused by certain policemen. I think it’s time the city looked at their attorney, Charles Smith. He has been there so long that he’s not investigating and doing what is expected of him. We need an attorney for this city that is willing to investigate things, not allow these settlements to be had and allowing these people to suffer all this time, then bring a claim to court. Part of the blame is on his shoulders, too. Let’s bring it to the floor and do something about it.

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