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Updated: March 15, 2013 1:15AM

Republican logic

By Republican logic, Abraham Lincoln is our greatest Socialist president. Lincoln was the man who created the first income tax to pay for the Civil War. He also created the Homestead Act which was a huge giveaway of American land.

Not happy and not gay

This is in regard to the gay marriage article. Being gay is most definitely a choice. All temptation is a choice, hence the phrase “free will.” God did not create people gay and he very clearly states that it’s detestable. Perhaps you should take some time and educate yourself in God’s word rather than suggest we hang out with gays. They have allowed the enemy to lie and trick them. There’s no hate involved in this call. Two men and two women were not meant to procreate. Seriously, just think about it for a minute.

The 1-2 punch

Is it true that the income tax will be simplified to two lines? Number 1: How much did you make last year? Number 2: Send it and we’ll return what we decide you need.

Government’s hand is out

They’re wanting donations to pay for Obama’s inauguration. This is just another example of Washington, D.C.’s habit of spending money and expecting someone else to pay.

Fired up about guns

I see Obama is getting Biden and Holder together to decide on how to stop all these shootings. If they collect our guns, I’m sure Holder will send them to Mexico and then they’ll come back across our borders and we will have illegal gun owners here.

Green Bay packs it in

This is to the Bears fan that thinks that the Packers lost to the Vikings to keep the Bears out of the playoffs. This is absolutely stupid and it shows me what kind of mentality a Bears fan has.

Hospitality ‘sweet’

This is in response to the letter to the editor by Virginia Dunn-Mulligan and her objection of Vista building a hospital in the northwest part of our county. I’ve live in Waukegan for over 25 years and the medial services available to me here have always been superb. It didn’t matter if it was called Victory Hospital or Vista, the services at the Vista office are far superior to those in the surrounding areas. Believe me, I’ve gone to Lake Forest and I’ve seen what goes on in Libertyville. I cannot address the medical needs of the people who live in Lindenhurst. Someone who lives in Libertyville has no right to judge what the needs are of people in Waukegan or Lindenhurst.

Gay marriage debate

I would like to respond to the “Gay marriage” article. You say it’s God’s will, but it’s man’s will. God gave us a free will and he also gave us a manual to live by, it’s called the Bible. It has the power to cause us to live right if you know Jesus. God loves us all, but not our sin. Just because a Christian doesn’t agree with gay marriage doesn’t mean we hate you. If you want to live that way, that’s your choice, but please respect my choice. Please read what God says about his will and love.

Time to cash in

Don’t you want this entitlement issue to be over with? I know I’m entitled to what I put in. I’ve got 40 years worth of payments toward Social Security and I want all that money back, plus the 40 years of interest.

Elvis has left the building

This is regarding the article about Elvis being at the Brat Stop. I’ve seen in my life time at least 40 Elvis impersonators and nobody does it like Travis. When he’s not performing he has many of the characteristics and mannerisms as Elvis does. He’s truly a wonderful person. Thanks again, Travis, for all you’ve done for everybody that enjoys watching your shows.

Barbecuing hillary

In response to Hillary with three illnesses in a row. It’s impossible to fake a blood clot. How insensitive can one be?

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