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Updated: February 17, 2013 6:12AM

Written right

The Second Amendment to the Constitution was meant for people to protect themselves from criminals and from an out-of-control government. We do have an out-of-control government. The Second Amendment is a written right that all Americans have and shouldn’t be infringed upon. We have the right to bear arms. The politicians have to keep their hands off my Second Amendment rights.

Leave Hillary alone

So Hillary is being irresponsible for having a blood clot in her brain?

Vacant lots

This is to the citizens of Beach Park who own vacant lots and vacant acres. I think it’s time that you cleaned up the storm damage and make your lots presentable. Have some consideration for your fellow neighbors. I think it reflects on the community and the lack of ability to get things done which leads, in turn, to the leadership which I feel has failed to guide us in that direction.

Total waste

Regarding the article about turning garbage into electric power. If we go with that idea, why not put a couple of windmills close in proximity of that so this way it’s a total waste of our money.


It is time for us to regulate the well-regulated militia that the Second Amendment is talking about.

Trapp renovations

Happy New Year 2013, from your Trapp Renovations Committee. We are still here and we will be until we receive funds for the new lighting system and 2,000 seats. Please don’t forget us. Anything you can do will be most helpful to all of us in Waukegan, Lake County and our kids. Thank you very much.

They don’t understand

Regarding giving illegals licenses. I still don’t understand what part of illegal Quinn and Mark Curran don’t understand. These two guys should be kicked out of office. Quinn has done nothing but raise taxes.

Eye for an eye

I enjoyed the TOTC item “Crime and punishment.” If you kill with a gun, you should be killed. If we start doing this maybe we wouldn’t have so much crime. It’s ridiculous to just lock them up for 10 to 20 years. They took a life, so they should be killed.

We’re melting

The climate scientists were wrong about global warming! The arctic ice is melting at a much faster rate than the scientists had estimated.

Teaching English

Regarding the teachers’ raises. Only in America can you bring in kids that don’t know how to speak the language. Our teachers have to teach them how to speak English and make them excel in their class, which is all on the taxpayers’ dime. If you could see how much money is wasted on teaching the kids English before they can start to learn, the cost is astronomical.

They solved it

This is for the person that called in “Public tips” about the police catching robbers in the ATM cases. The key words here are the police solved the case. They didn’t prevent it and they didn’t arrest those people in the act, they solved it. While these robberies are going on, they could have easily killed someone or at least shot them.

Gun runner

During the gun talks, it was absolutely amazing to see Biden at the table talking about assault weapons and the many children that have died because of it and to his right, sitting along side of him, was none other then Eric Holder, the biggest assault weapons gun runner of this administration. That not only got an American killed, but lot’s of Mexicans also. What a committee they put together.

If only...

If you believe all guns should be banned, then what will you use to protect your family from an armed intruder? Let not your last thought be: If I only had a gun.

Front plates

Regarding the article “Cruising for a ticket, tag crackdown on front plates.” Instead of worrying about the front plate, why don’t you first make sure the rear plate has a tag on it that’s valid. What a joke.

Rear plates

I think it’s wonderful that Waukegan is going to start making money on people that are missing their front license plates. But, the bigger issue is why don’t we crack down on all the people who don’t have current tags on the rear plates, your yearly registration? There could be a lot of money made and people wouldn’t consider that invasive. Go for the outdated tags.

Paid into it

Why does the government feel it’s appropriate to cut into Social Security to pay for everything else? The majority of the people who are on Social Security have paid into it and deserve the benefits they’re getting, unlike the people that are on welfare. A generation ago there weren’t 401(k)s or Roth IRAs so those people in their 80s are pretty much dependent on Social Security. Yet they keep taking from that fund to give to everybody else. Why is that?

Cable charges

For the past year, Comcast has been raising their prices every two months. Today I got my cable bill and they raised it up $7.45. The city council isn’t going to question it because the more cable charges the more the city gets. Think about it.

Roe vs. Wade

Roe vs. Wade is a good thing for the women and a good thing for the guys. They both like it. Why? The women can go out and have sex, get pregnant and get rid of it and the guys are happy because they don’t have to pay child support.

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