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Updated: February 19, 2013 1:12PM

Touching tribute

Your comic strip, “Pearls Before Swine,” displayed a beautiful and touching tribute for the children of the Newtown tragedy. It appeared Jan. 14. I think it deserved a place on your front page. What do you think?

Paying taxes

Regarding President Obama and his new selection of people that’s going to be on his team for 2013. I hope that before he nominates a lot of these people he can check in to see that their income taxes have been paid. We’re very proud to be residents of the U.S. and we have to pay our taxes, so hopefully they’ll follow through also.

Stop making sense

Does this make any sense? Health records are unavailable due to privacy laws, but a government registration lists of legal gun owners can be required under the Freedom of Information Act.

Facts, fiction

About the comment “Teachers’ raises.” It states that the school districts are always giving their teachers 5 percent raises every year. I would like more facts instead of fiction. Most school districts don’t give raises that high over a three-year period, much less every year. I would like to know the school district that’s doing this so we can find out more about them instead of just innuendos and guessing.

They failed

Do Waukegan residents realize that you’re living in a city with the highest property tax rate in Lake County? Let me break it down for you. If you own a home worth $200,000 you’re paying on average $3,000 more a year than a city with better schools and safer neighborhoods. Ask your alderwoman what she has done to bring business to the city. Every time your property taxes go up, your property value goes down. With the $300,000-plus a year that we waste on the City Council’s pay and benefits we could hire the top city manager in the county. The City Council has failed this city for many years and mismanaged money. If they were working in the private sector they would have been fired.

They kill

Here’s a list of things we should ban because they can and have killed large groups of people: Bacon, prescription drugs, box knifes, fertilizers and cars.

Public’s opinion

A million dollars to sponsor a license program for illegal Mexicans. That’s what the people in Springfield have done with the taxpayers’ money. They didn’t ask for the public’s opinion or put it up for a vote. Instead of reaching into their pockets and spending their own personal money for this program, they want to spend ours. Also, it costs $250,000 per year to maintain this program. They are not even fingerprinting these individuals to know to whom they are giving the licenses.


Bureaucrats advise a woman to not resist an attacker. But our founders empowered her to shoot the guy.

Marion Jones

Regarding the Jan. 12 article about the Marion Jones public housing project replacement. They’re going to spend $60 million on developing a new project. Why don’t they just tear it down and have these people go somewhere else to live? Use the $60 million to help them find a new place or run them out of the city of North Chicago. They’re not going to take any better care of it than they have in the past. I think it’s a waste of money.

Tylenol vs. guns

Thirty-years ago seven people were murdered by someone placing cyanide in Tylenol capsules. Does anyone remember the effect of those murders? Congress enacted an anti-tampering law. Today, we have gel caps and tablets which cannot be tampered with, along with childproof safety caps and sealed bottles all because seven people were murdered. Yet every day, more than 30 people are killed by guns and because of the Second Amendment very little can be done. Is this right, America?


I’m so happy to see the “Celebration Section” in The News-Sun. It’s so nice to share news like that and that’s what TOTC should be about. Celebrating nice things that are happening in people’s lives.

The choices

The best nonviolent way to handle many of our social problems facing America today is to put copies of the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule in the hands of all Americans. They need to be restored in the classrooms, courtrooms and correctional institutions. We either do this, which is far less expensive on the taxpayers, or build more penal institutions and staff them. The choice is ours.

More guns

Regarding Vice President Biden’s reference to maybe getting trigger ID technology so only the buyer could shoot the gun. Besides being horribly expensive this would also necessitate more homes having more guns as you can’t just have one gun for self defense. My husband would need one and I would need one and so forth. This makes for more confusion. Also, heaven forbid, you grab a gun in a time of self defense and it’s not going to work. It seems to be contradictory in that aspect of things.

‘Reveal carry”

I was very proud of the State of Illinois when it led the nation in being the only state that did not have a “conceal carry” law. I propose that we should again take the lead by legislating a “reveal carry” law. The law would simply require that when carrying a gun in public that the gun be exposed in a holster on the hip. This would primarily warn that the person carrying the gun is a person who would shoot another human being. The person that they would shoot could possibly be intending to do some harm. The person carrying the gun, as is the case with “conceal carry” would make the decision whether that the person they believe was intending to do harm, should be killed. The most important part of the “reveal carry” law is that the citizens of Illinois could choose, for their own safety not to go into a public place where people are carrying guns and are willing to kill another human being. Would you take your children to a place where people are carrying guns on their hips?

They carry

Cops carry guns to protect themselves, not you. You don’t hear of a cop being robbed, just unarmed civilians.

The gun industry

The leadership of the NRA does not represent it’s members, it represents gun manufacturers. The NRA leadership uses its members, who are good, solid American sportsmen and gun collectors, to flood our country with any kind of gun that will make money for the gun industry.

Worthless Congress

Regarding the Social Security taxes. Obama originally cut back on the Social Security taxes that we all had paid into our paychecks every week and he probably should’ve done that. It should have been done a better way, but no one else did anything. Both the Republicans and Democrats allowed that to expire. It probably should have because we have to pay for Social Security so people can have something when they are older. What the worthless Congress should’ve done is to cut waste, fraud and abuse which they refuse to do. This goes to the State of Illinois as well. So yes, I’m lighter in my paycheck and I don’t like, either. But the blame isn’t particularly on Obama. You can blame the whole political system.

Oil pipeline

Finally Nebraska dropped their objections to the Keystone Pipeline. This is very important to the goal of America being energy self-efficient. You can’t become self-efficient unless you have built the infrastructure. It’s been five years of delays. Now China has even bought up more of the tar sands in Canada because it looked like they were going to be unable to export it to the U.S.

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