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Updated: March 19, 2013 3:03AM

District 46

It’s time for the administrators and teachers of Grayslake District 46 to enter the real world. Administrators should start cutting positions and salaries. They have too many redundant positions and the salaries are horrendous. Both teachers and administrators should pay for 50 percent of their health benefits, get rid of pension, start 401(k)s. Then maybe you can get a raise. The taxpayers are tapped out. We have no money left.

Held hostage

Another school district being held hostage by a teachers’ union doing it for the kids. Teachers should not be allowed to strike. They should be bound by binding arbitration. They hold the winning cards. No matter how long they strike, they lose nothing. Meanwhile, students and parents lose. Fire them all. Do we need grade school teachers with master’s degrees? The teachers need it for extra pay and a larger retirement. Oh, that’s right, it’s for the kids.

They waited

How nice that the Grayslake teachers waited until after their paid winter break to strike.

Swans’ song

There’s an old saying, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it must be Garrett and May. These two lame ducks could have turned into swans and sang the swan song of pension reform. But instead, it was just more quackery.

Salary steps

When a settlement is announced between a school board and teachers, they announce a percentage increase. What they do not announce is the raise is in addition to the steps in the salary schedule. The salary schedule spells out the minimum salary a teacher will receive in year one and through steps what the minimum salary will be each year through 20 or more years of service. Earn additional credit hours, each salary step is larger. The biggest step raise is often when a master’s degree is earned. This may be the reason the person referred to 5 percent increases.

He’s armed

In response to “Armed citizens.” I’m an armed citizen and I don’t want to compete with the government. I want to be able to compete with the gangs.

The good guys

In reference to “Weapons ban.” Sounds like a spokesman for all the gangs. Disarm the good guys and arm the bad guys.


I read TOTC everyday. I’ve been waiting for someone to say something about the presidential inauguration.

Government growth

Republicans have talked about shrinking government for over 30 years. It is obvious that the best way to achieve smaller government is to elect Democratic presidents. During Ronald Reagan’s first term, the government grew by 8.7 percent and the second term was 4.5 percent growth. During George H.W. Bush’s term, the government grew 5.4 percent and under George W. Bush, the government grew 7.3 percent during the first term and 8.1 percent during the second term. On the other hand, Clinton’s first term the government grew 3.2 percent and 3.9 percent during the second term. Finally, under President Obama the government grew by a paltry 1.4 percent. I rest my case.

No answers

President Obama said Hillary works for him and the buck stops there. So for those four Americans that were killed in Libya there are no answers, even though Hillary had a couple of responses referring to it as a bad thing. But, she does like flowers, especially forget-me-nots.

They know

Yes, Virginia, cops carry guns. Cops also have extensive gun training and years of experience to know when to use deadly force.

Illinois Dems

Illinois Democrats have a perfect excuse for not passing pension reform. They were too busy being indicted. On Jan. 9, three Democrat elected officials were sworn in the Legislature that were facing criminal charges. Let’s not forget the Jesse Jackson Jr., duo. Then there is William Beavers of the Cook County Board who says when he gets on the stand he’s going to tell a lot of secrets. Stay tuned.

Pawn in their game

Obama has begun his assault against yet another American freedom veiled under pretty words and children on display, used as pawns. Let’s refuse to give up our Second Amendment. You never know when we might really need it.

Guns to Mexico

It’s crazy that Obama and his goofy administration thinks it’s perfectly fine to give guns to Mexico regarding “fast and furious.” I have just one question: Why won’t you secure our Southern border? It makes America look stupid and Obama won’t do anything about this issue.

First is second

First, destroy the 2nd Amendment, then it will be easier to go after the 1st Amendment.

Lance’s apology

Lance Armstrong should apologize to all the bicycle racers who came in second to him and missed out on the glory of winning. Also, he should never be allowed to race again.

The spending problem

Don’t let Obama and other Democrats fool you into believing that the government will not be able to pay its bills, especially Social Security and veterans’ benefits, unless the debt ceiling is raised. There’s money coming in from Social Security and Medicare taxes, along with regular income tax money from people who have to file quarterly reports and a myriad of other federal taxes. Obama said the government needs to pay for past spending. Who’s responsible for all that overspending? He is. We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.

Republican evolution

The choice of the Republicans is clear. They can either evolve, along with the rest of the country, or they’ll go down in history with George W. Bush being the last nationally elected Republican.

The Baptist view

I belong to a Baptist church and I’m not happy with gay marriage. I don’t want to see it because I don’t believe it’s right. The Bible talks about Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

Moose poop

President Obama’s motto should be, “Don’t worry, be happy.” By letting the payroll tax go for Social Security, everyone is being charged another $50 a month out of their paycheck. Obama’s promise not to tax Americans is a bunch of moose poop.

Yours is mine

Am I supposed to feel sorry for this rich kid that hacked into a Web site and downloaded files illegally? I don’t. Today, it seems to be that everyone has an idea that they have a better use for someone else’s property: What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine. He would have been a hero if he would have sat down with directors of that Web site and got them to allow limited use to those who couldn’t afford it.

School vouchers

Regarding the school vouchers in the state of Wisconsin. I think it would be defined as a passport. A voucher would allow a student or the parent of the student to chose another school that’s not in the same district. However, I feel if it’s a private or parochial school it would be unconstitutional so the voucher should be available for any public school. I would like to see it in the state of Illinois.

A crusade

I understand this is a winless argument on both sides, but you have to understand that people don’t choose to be gay much like you did not choose to be straight. It was natural. Some species of animals are naturally gay, as well. You live in a country with freedom of religion and when you impose your religion on our laws you’re infringing on my freedom of religion and that is not OK. Let’s not forget Christians’ violent history imposing their religion, the Crusades.

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