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Updated: March 20, 2013 3:11AM

Another four

To the person who has been waiting for someone to say something in TOTC about the presidential inauguration, here it is: The upcoming inauguration begins another four years of increasing debt, decline in our economy, more poor decisions and lies, and further downfall of our great nation and it’s Constitution.

Living wage

About the teachers in Grayslake. I see on the front page it says, “I deserve a fair contract.” The teachers are just trying to get a living wage. Look at the superintendent of that district and she probably gets paid four times of what those teachers make in a year.

The debt limit

Regarding the article about the debt limit fight imperiling the elderly’s checks. When is Obama going to learn that if he messes with Social Security and veterans’ benefits in this country, there’s going to be riots in the streets. People have paid into Social Security their whole lives, and now that I’m in need of this money, you’re going to stop it? I think not. That money was bought and paid for and was put in there not to be touched. But, no, our government went and spent it.

Illegal drivers

The News-Sun’s “Our View” talked about a positive step to get illegals driver’s licenses. Are you nuts? They call them illegals for a reason. Giving them a license just encourages them to come here. I say we get rid of Quinn. He’s a pretty good Charlie Brown governor and we don’t really need him anymore.

Biblical laws

If we need more laws, why not read the Bible: Do not steal, do not kill. It’s all there for our protection and happiness. Let’s get back to the Bible.

Sock it to me

The teachers and the school boards continue to sock it to the taxpayers. Seventy-five to 80 percent of our property tax goes to teachers and schools, and it is going to get worse when the taxpayers have to pay for the teacher retirement system multi-billion dollar deficit. School boards will continue to cave, taxpayers will continue to pay and our legislators will continue to do nothing because the teachers’ union owns them.

Lottery cash

I was in a small convenient store recently and watched a guy spend $30 on food with a Link card. Then he turned around and spent $50 on lottery tickets in cash. If you’ve got $50 to spend on lottery tickets, there’s something wrong with the system. I can’t even buy lottery tickets and I’ve got a job.

Gay bashers

This is for all who have been bashing homosexuality in TOTC. Actually, I’m pretty ashamed of you all and you need to read your Bibles a little bit more. Jesus loved and had compassion for everybody because we’re all sinners. Are you a liar, thief or someone who commits adultery? Well, Jesus puts you on the same level as the homosexual. He calls it a sin. Jesus came so that everybody could overcome their sins.

Pols’ bodyguards

This is to all in Illinois who are screaming bloody murder, demanding stricter gun laws and opposing a carry-conceal law including Quinn, Emanuel and Lisa Madigan to name a few. They’re nothing but a bunch of cowardly bullies who think their lives are worth more than ours. Until they’re willing to give up their bodyguards and any other protection they have, then the general public will not. They can stick their ideologies where the sun don’t shine.

Regulation time

It’s not the economy, it’s the elected politicians. It’s time to regulate the politicians.


The American people have finally figured out that the National Rifle Association has nothing to do with the Second Amendment or any of your real or imagined rights. It’s only here to sell guns.

Fuzzy math

I find it very ironic that Obama and the Democrats say that there is nothing that we can do about 12 million illegal immigrants in our country, but think that they can control 300 million guns. As usual, their math does not work.


You sugarcoat criminals. Instead of calling them illegal aliens, you call them undocumented. If we’re going to sugarcoat these things, then why don’t we sugarcoat other criminals. What about gangbangers? Maybe we can call them aggressive businessmen and give them a permit to carry guns. What about people that grow and sell marijuana? We can call them specialty farmers and give them subsidies. That’s how ridiculous it sounds when we sugarcoat illegal aliens because they’re criminals, too.

He liked Ike

When Eisenhower was president he froze everything. There were no raises or inflation, and that’s what they need to do now. It was for about a two-year period.

Pension system

How do you solve the pension problem in Illinois? No pensions for any new hires and they have to contribute to Social Security and to a 401(k) if they want. Same goes with all the new politicians. Basically, no pensions for anybody and that will solve the problem. It’s time to get rid of these sweetheart deals, especially for the politicians, because they’ve ruined the pension system.

The Hillary spin

Regarding the article in TOTC “Leave Hillary alone.” It states that Hillary is being irresponsible for having a blood clot in her brain. My father in-law has one. He has a little balance problem, but gets his rest and takes his medication. But, it doesn’t stop him from speaking and doesn’t hurt his memory in the least. I don’t know why she can’t give a deposition because it’s not that big of a deal. All you have to do is talk, Hillary, and spin.

Help for seniors

About “Paid for and paid into.” If you’re a senior having trouble making ends meet and are on Social Security you can get yourself a Link card or get a government grant to help you pay for your heating and electric bills. This is exactly what I did for two neighbors a few years back because they were unable to heat their home properly. I took them to the welfare office where they were signed up for Link cards. I took them to another office to get a one-time yearly grant of $400 for gas and electric. Don’t live in misery. There are seniors who have simply run out of their savings and Social Security, and can’t meet their needs.

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