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Sign language

If you feel private ownership of guns is wrong, I suggest you put a sign in your front yard announcing “This is a gun-free home.”

Updated: March 22, 2013 2:09AM

Teachers’ unions

District 46 teachers want a 4.8 percent raise. The union is no good for the students. They only want to push the teachers’ salaries and benefits higher. In this economy, it’s outrageous to even consider that kind of increase when most people are being laid off and having pay freezes enacted upon them. We need to get rid of teachers’ unions altogether. There is no need for any government employee to be in a union. We need to do what Wisconsin did for the good of our state. But it will never happen with the Democrats in Springfield

The simple solution

I’m sick and tired of hearing the politicians argue about the deficit. The simple solution is to reduce all federal programs and entitlements by 10 percent and re-evaluate things after six months. It’s either that or do a reverse mortgage to China and give them the country after our government is done screwing it up.

Gun crimes

Although the president’s gun control program may make you feel good, none of his steps would have prevented Sandy Hook. You want to reduce gun crimes? Then make gun crimes a federal offense. Crime in general is down because of tough minimum prison time. Do the same with guns. Carry a gun illegally, you do 10 years minimum. Use the gun in a crime, then do 20 years minimum. Shoot someone, do 30 years and murder someone using a gun, do life. All time to be in addition to time for the original crime. All time to be served in a federal prison, not in a state prison that is controlled by gangs.

Wasting money

The Marion Jones homes in North Chicago are being demolished because they’re 65 years old and have lived out their usefulness. There’s about 90 percent of homes in North Chicago that are 65 years or older and I don’t hear those people complaining. The Lake County housing director said that the homes were built like tanks, but are expensive to heat. Why not insulate the homes instead of demolishing the solid-built homes? This is a classic example of our government wasting our money.

Multiple choice

I’d like to know if you’re an elected official are you supposed to work 40 hours a week, 20 hours a week or just show up once a month and get paid by the taxpayers?

Political signs

Political signs are going up like dandelions growing wild in Waukegan. These signs are being erected on private property. How many of you so-called candidates have gotten permission from the people that own the land and pay the property taxes?

City bennies

The people of Waukegan should wake up and tell the mayor and the aldermen that if they want to raise the property taxes then they shouldn’t get any benefits, health, dental or life insurance. This would save the city of Waukegan a lot of money and they wouldn’t have to raise the taxes.

The last straw

The Sandy Hook massacre was the last straw for me. No more can I accept all those ridiculous Second Amendment arguments for flooding America with every sort of firearm. What’s next? Bombs? Thank you, President Obama, for your executive orders. It isn’t nearly enough, but it’s a start.

Government money

One has got to wonder why these kids that are getting pregnant and the man that impregnates them won’t marry them. People don’t get married anymore in this state. Why? The government gives them more money when they have babies. So why not have more kids when you can get free food, money and housing.

The gun issue

Regarding the gun issue. How do we know how many people that are mentally ill or criminals that have already purchased guns over the years? How are we going to interview everybody applying for a gun? Do we need a psychologist to talk to every applicant to make sure they’re not mentally ill? I believe if you have a felony on your record then you’re not eligible. What about the so-called undocumented immigrants? There’s no records on them so are we going to deny them a gun? They’re going to say it’s prejudicial, so they’ll get their guns.

Hurricane relief

I cannot believe that the House passed a bill for Hurricane Sandy relief without removing all of the non-related pork that it contained. What are these people thinking?

Not a Belushi fan

How many times must The News-Sun shove Jim Belushi down our throats in the “Splash” column. He was basically a nobody until his brother John died. He emerged practically out of nowhere and went on to become a big success by riding on his brother’s coattails. If it wasn’t for John, Jim would still be a nobody. So stop torturing us with this nonsense, News-Sun.

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