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Updated: February 24, 2013 6:11AM

The 77 percent

President Obama said no tax increases on the middle class. Yet in January, 77 percent of the middle class received a tax increase. A man’s word used to mean something and a real leader keeps his word to the people. If we keep putting people into office who will say anything to get elected then it’s too late for us.

Taxed to death

Regarding the teachers’ strike in Grayslake. The school board should have fired them. Who do they think they are? We’re broke and we don’t have any more money. People are being taxed to death and I can’t afford my taxes next year thanks to the school system. And I can’t afford these high salaries anymore. Go out and get another job if you don’t like what you’re doing.

Ounce of pot

What’s with the cops messing up that Beach Park home for about an ounce of pot for personal use? Illinois is set to enact a medical marijuana law and they’re busting down doors like it was the ’50s. Actions like this is why we’re losing the drug war.

Home torn apart

The raid in Beach Park was more of a destroy mission than a search for drugs. Police tactics like this have their roots in Nazi Germany! Had the homeowner been armed he would have had every right to shoot to kill. It looks like Beach Park needs their own police department so simple, basic police investigation will take place before a home is torn apart.

Drug raiders

Regarding the Beach Park “Drug raiders score one ounce of pot.” If those people broke into anybody else’s house and the people fought back they would’ve gotten hurt because these guys made a mistake. You don’t see any apology for it and it just amazes me. If they came to my house there would be a problem.

Home protection

Forget the streets. I think we need conceal-carry in our own homes to protect us from cops trashing our houses for a small amount of marijuana. What’s next, busting guys who are home brewers?

Democratic revisionism

In response to “Government growth.” Still the math books show that $16 trillion is still higher than any of the deficits the Republican presidents ran. The Obama administration, as far as employees, doesn’t show much growth because many of the postal workers quit during his first administration, along with no longer having as many soldiers, which are paid at lower wages and have been replaced by higher executive wages.

The barn door

Let me get this straight. Obama signed an executive order to ban assault weapons, another order to limit the amount of rounds a clip will hold and another order to do extensive background checks. Why not just close the barn door after the animals have already left? These laws mean nothing to a criminal. Just as the president brings back a ban on assault weapons, bring back the death penalty and anyone convicted of breaking any gun laws, and I mean the ones passed and on the books, give them the death penalty. Don’t fill up the jails so they can live in comfort and have three hots and a cot.

Business boom

The business of the NRA is death and business is good.

Party backing

What would happen if you get rid of the name Republicans and Democrats and made these people run on a separate ticket? Get rid of the backing of these parties and let them back themselves on their own. I would love to see what would happen.


“Officer Friendly” is going to have a hard time convincing that 12-year-old in Beach Park to ever trust the cops again.

Draining water

I’m glad to see that Lake Villa and Lindenhurst are applying to help reduce the level of Lake Michigan by draining water for their own uses. The should dig a little deeper in their wells for their water because Lake Michigan is now at record low levels.

‘Breaking Away’

This is to all the people who can’t believe the Lance Armstrong situation. There’s a good movie that you can watch and it’s about bicycling and it’s called “Breaking Away.” The answer to why he cheated is in that movie.

Selfish teachers

I used to think that teachers were pretty smart and honorable people, but now I see just how stupid and selfish they really are. They’re too stupid to see what their union leaders are doing to them and too selfish to see what they’re doing to the children that they’re supposed to be teaching. I say fire them all and do away with the unions. We have no money. What part don’t they understand?

Guns on the hips

“Reveal, carry” in TOTC has no clue as to what happens when states pass conceal-carry laws. The crime rate goes down in terms of violent crimes like rape, robbery and carjacking. Also, in a recent survey, the average person who doesn’t get a conceal-carry permit has about 7 percent criminality rate. The rate of criminality among those who go through the conceal-carry process is less than two-tenths of 1 percent. So, yes, I’d gladly bring my children to a place where people are carrying guns on their hips. I do so when we are out of state quite often because they’re actually safer to be around than the people that are complaining about conceal-carry.

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