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Updated: March 25, 2013 1:20AM

Missing person

Last seen a year ago around this location. Has been known to hang around north of here, but might have relocated near Alaska. Has been known to hang around with Jack Frost, Suzy Snow Flake, Icicle, Frost Bite, Frosty, Mr. Freeze, Slushy, Sleet, Flurries, Snow Drift or a guy called “Old Man Winter.” I heard he might have taken a vacation for Christmas. If found, please return to all the kids with a new sled and ice skates. Those who want to make snow angels, snowmen, ride on their snowmobiles, ice fishing, use their new snowplows, and to just wake up to a beautiful snow white morning. He goes by the name of winter. Please come home. You are missed by many. With love, the kid still inside of us all.

Inauguration costs

For a country that’s doing really bad financially, why did we have a presidential inauguration costing us millions of dollars? He’s already been president, so why couldn’t they sign him in and that’s it. It was stupid to spend money for a stupid inauguration.

No coincidence

It was no coincidence, nor was it unexpected, that only seven companies contributed to the Obama inaugural. We need only to honestly look at Obama’s failure overall during the last four years to understand why. Lest we forget, those seven companies who still support Obama are: ATT, Microsoft, Centene, Financial Innovations, Genentech, Streamline Circle and Whittier Trust Co.

Obama deficits

On Jan. 20, Barack Obama was sworn into office as president of the U.S. by Chief Justice Roberts for the second time. When he came into office the first time, he complained about the horrid financial situation that George W. Bush had handed off to him. He stated that the deficits were so highly mounted during the Bush administration. Now, he begins his second term and he inherits his own. Barack Obama’s last administration deficit is far worse than George Bush’s.

Keys found

I found a set of keys north of Route 173 on Ezekiel Avenue in Zion. Call to identify: (847) 872-5634.

Copper top

Easily, and by far, the biggest improvement in years in downtown Waukegan is the striking newly clad copper church spire, with its elaborate cornice, of Christ Episcopal Church on the corner of Grand and MLK. It is stunning, and the congregation and the contractors who executed it are to be congratulated. That’s the good news. The bad news? It is easily, and by far, the biggest improvement in years in downtown Waukegan.

Teacher of the Year

I was surprised, and disappointed, to have a reader complain about putting an article about Josh Bill as Teacher of the Year on the cover of The News-Sun. Everyone I know is so proud that a Waukegan High School teacher received such a prestigious award. Congratulations, Josh.

Which party?

Republicans keep asking Hillary Clinton about the deaths of those four Americans killed in Libya many miles away. Is she supposed to see what’s going on that far away? What about those who died in the Twin Towers here in the U.S.? That was many times the four who died in Libya. Evidently the Bush administration didn’t see that coming. The difference seems to be which party is in office when the deaths occur.

Blame NAFTA!

Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement into law on Dec. 8, 1993; it went into effect on Jan. 1, 1994. Don’t just blame the Republicans. It’s all about the system regarding tariff taxation! What happened to the jobs here in the U.S., Billy boy?

Global warming

The environmentalists are always talking about global warming and how damaging it is, but it seems to be working out pretty good for us. For the last two years, we’ve had warmer then normal winters with less snow. We’re saving on heating our homes and the municipalities are saving money for plowing. My cousin who’s a farmer up in North Dakota was able to plant corn this past season instead of wheat so he made more money off of his crop. My grandson is looking forward to the dinosaurs coming back. So bring on that global warming.

Oh, deer

Regarding the Second Amendment. I have nothing against handguns or shotguns, but don’t you pity the poor deer who comes up against the hunter with an assault rifle.

A Christian nation

We all have a choice in life. We’re not born gay, so don’t force it down our throats. This is a Christian nation.

Drugs and guns

Give guns to the Mexican drug cartel and keep American citizens unarmed. Way to go, Democrats.

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