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Updated: March 27, 2013 2:12AM

Gun charges

If the president of the NRA says we should have armed police at all schools, I think the NRA and the gun owners should pay for it. All guns should have a $10 yearly licensing fee. If you have a gun the states should charge you $10 for every gun you own. Gun trafficking would drop because every gun would have a license and a title, like a car. The states would have the money for the armed police at all the schools. Guns caused the problem, guns should pay for the fix. If someone buys a lot of guns to sell to people who cannot own them he has a title and license that would track the guns. Make the fines and penalty for the offenders heavy.

School costs

According to the state of Illinois school report card the Warren Township School District 121 enrollment of 4,522 students costs $10,763 per student, per year. The Antioch School District 117 enrollment is 2,822 costs $15,402 per student, per year. That’s almost $5,000 more per student. It’s time to find out where our tax dollars are going in District 117.

Belushi backer

Thanks “Splash” for the Jim Belushi article. I was going to skip the article, as I’m not a fan, but it was so funny that I passed it on to other people to enjoy. I’m a sibling so should I be dismissed? Should the younger Harbaugh brother fall off the face of the earth because of brother’s coattails? Think about it.

Bash Belushi haters

Why bash Belushi? It’s no secret that families stick together. When John was at the peak of his career, tragedy struck. His brother Jim was a nobody, but he was somebody in the making. Why put him down when all he wanted was to keep the Belushi name alive? The Belushis were a Chicago institution and you’re destroying a local family and a comedic genesis. Why bash Belushi? We should be bashing Belushi haters.

Three cheers

I’d like three cheers for the article in the TOTC titled “Gun crimes.” The only thing I would add is the death penalty if you murder someone.

Same thing

Looks like we have the same thing for four more years. All the hoopla is over and we get to see exactly what is going to happen. Nothing, except more taxes. We now have our 44th president for a second term. What a waste of money.

Vicious animals

If I find out that they’re wasting one dime of my hard-earned tax money on a guard for some vicious dog, it will drive me crazy. You can’t spend my money so wastefully like that. If somebody has a vicious animal and it’s a danger to other people, shoot it and tell them not to raise vicious animals.

No hope

When Muddy Waters was invited to the White House he sang for Obama and the song was “The Thrill is Gone.” At the inauguration, Alicia Keys changed the words from “This Girl is on Fire” to “Obama’s on Fire”. Republicans have known that Obama’s pants were on fire for the past four years. The problem is that America is on fire and Obama keeps throwing accelerants into no hope and socialist change. Divide, divide, divide is what a community organizer does. What about the economy? Just wait for the next crisis and blame someone else.

Lead by example

Controller Judy Baar Topinka says Illinois is running out of money for child welfare, worker’s compensation, and services for seniors and the disabled. Why is there money left over for the politicians pay, all their perks and pensions? You’re taking away from the people who really need it. Politicians should lead by example and should sacrifice first to allow these people to receive their benefits. Topinka should give up her pay and pension, and see how it feels.

Sense of humor

The person who commented about Jim Belushi’s “Splash” shouldn’t make comments about someone if you don’t know the facts about their life. Jim Belushi didn’t need his brother, John, to make him a great comedian. I happen to know the Belushi family personally and every one of them has a great sense of humor. So to Jim Belushi I say: Keep writing your articles.

Anti-gun laws

Anti-gun laws take away the rights of law-abiding citizens. Criminals don’t care what the laws are, they still possess fully automatic weapons. The sale and possession of cocaine and heroin is already banned. How’s that working for you?

Inaugural speech

Two subjects were noted to be missing in President Obama’s inaugural speech: The deficit and the al-Qaida expansion! All he could talk about were additional ways to borrow and spend more money. Just because he won the election, he thinks he should have carte blanche in all matters, even if it bankrupts the country and that appears to be his intent.

Future generations

President Obama is right. We must pay our debts. But more importantly, we must not spend what we do not have. We must not spend what we must borrow so that the future generations will be left holding the bag. We must not have a grandiose good time on the backs of our children. As responsible, sensible and reasonable people, we should only spend what we could afford.

Superintendents’ pay

For the love of Pete will all you blabbermouths out there that have something to say about organized labor at least have the sense to check it out. Look at what the superintendents make.

Hillary’s testimony

Hillary Clinton’s testimony before Congress was appalling. She claimed nobody cared how or why the event happened in Benghazi or what the administration’s political response to it was. We need to know why it happened so it won’t happen again. We need to know who did it because the president and Clinton promised us justice. If we fail to do that, it will simply embolden the terrorists. Also, we need to know if Clinton and President Obama lied to the American people about the true cause of the event. Yes, it does matter, Hillary, and shame on you for saying it doesn’t.

Bloody sensationalism

You should be ashamed of yourself! If that were your son, or your family how would you feel about that photo you put on Page 1 on Jan. 23? Your bloody sensationalism is just wrong and deplorable. What were you thinking?

Simply no need

I keep reading in the TOTC how these pro-gun advocates are saying if they had conceal and carry they could save the world. My family has lived in this country for 125 years and the only person in our family that ever thought they were going to save the world was my dad. That was during WWII when Roosevelt gave him a half-track to shot down the Nazi planes. I don’t know what world these people live in where they want to have conceal and carry. There’s simply no need for it.

Sen. Chambliss

Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss has announced that he will not seek re-election. Sen. Chambliss was elected to office in 2002 by comparing triple amputee Vietnam War veteran Max Cleland to Osama bin Laden. Needless to say, Sen. Chambliss did not serve in Vietnam. Don’t let the door hit you on your backside, senator.

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