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Updated: March 1, 2013 6:38AM

Chance meeting

To the Navy wife I met at a hospital Jan. 7, 2013, I hope your loved one is recovering just fine and that all of your belongings arrived here as planned and that your dog and cat are doing well also. I wish I could have helped you more the day we met, but just know I have thought of you and your family daily and said many prayers for all of you. P. S.: I loved your hat!

Historical day

Whether people want to accept it or not, Jan. 21 was a historical day for the U.S. If you really call yourself a true American, then you’ll accept all that happens regarding our history and you wouldn’t make any difference in it.


Benghazigate is over and it’s now time for Beyoncegate. Did she lip sync the national anthem at the inauguration and how was President Obama involved? I want to know.

Cold days

I hope everyone was enjoying the global warming of late where we set a record number of cold of days. Of course, it’s now “climate change” so we can blame the cold on global warming, as well as the warming.


The Hanna family seems to be the only family that has the guts to challenge issues in North Chicago. There’s a lot of talk among other people, but nothing ever gets done.

Got the message

I believe that the people of Lake County have the message that Darrin Hanna was abused, perhaps by the police of North Chicago. However, could we please put something on the front page other than the “Dagwood” story. We got the message

Front page picture

Regarding the front page picture Jan. 23 of Darrin Hanna, plus the pictures on page 3. It’s truly disgusting. It’s bad enough that we have to hear about it over and over again, but to put this picture on the front page makes me want to cancel my subscription.

Resisting arrest

It was not Mr. Hanna’s first dance with the North Chicago Police Department. They had experienced Mr. Hanna’s resisting arrest before. Force was used to protect the officers from injury. They are not required to have a doctor conduct a complete physical on the offender to determine just how much force may be used to control the person resisting arrest.

Darrin Hanna

The News-Sun must have nothing for its staff to do if they continue to report on this Darrin Hanna character. I’m sorry for his loss, but I don’t think too many people in Lake County really care except for his family. Maybe they ought to report on something different, like the depth of Lake Michigan or a high school basketball game. That would be nice.

Candidate debates

Why haven’t there been any debates between the Waukegan mayoral and city clerk candidates?

Benghazi slaughter

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified in front of the Senate Foreign Committee about the Sept. 11 Benghazi slaughter of four American diplomats. It’s really sad that they allowed her to be secretary of state. Where was President Obama during the seven-hour slaughterfest of our Americans? Why didn’t the president send a couple of war planes over Benghazi to protect our American diplomats?

Wanted: Jobs

I drove to Washington, D.C., from Lake County for the inauguration and we stopped in Pittsburgh and all over the East Coast. Everywhere I went, people were working. Jobs were available and that hurts me because here in Lake County, there are no jobs. The politicians are making it impossible for companies to come in and hire people locally in their towns. Here in Lake County, we don’t have politicians who care about the citizens. We need to change. We need jobs in Lake County and people are ready to work.

Township government

The premise of a township was good back in the 1950s and even in the 1980s. But in 2013, it’s no longer a viable asset. I challenge anyone to prove that the township should exist in today’s society. With the duplicity of services, the computer age and the fact that Waukegan is 91 percent incorporated, why shouldn’t the lid to the trough be closed? How do you justify a six-figure salary for a township supervisor. Why in this day and age are we being forced to pay this kind of money? This should be brought up for a vote for the citizens of this area to either keep it or do away with it.

State Department security

For all their bleeding about the attack on Benghazi, someone should point out the fact that the Republicans and the House got $300,000 from security allotment for the State Department before Benghazi. And they have further cut other funds for security for State after Benghazi.

Domestic terrorists

Why aren’t gangs labeled domestic terrorists? Well, they’ve got rights or friends in high places.

Moon rocks

Where on earth can you see the things left on the moon by the moon explorers and the space station? If you can’t see it, why?

CIA base

There’s no excuse for Hillary allowing a diplomatic mission to be a front for a CIA base. On numerous occasions, Ambassador Stevens complained about the security at the mission.

Running the country

The Democrats have been running this country for four years now and have gotten things more screwed up more than ever. Hillary Clinton stated “what difference does it make” during her testimony regarding the Benghazi attack. Four people are dead. It makes a difference! We’ve got to get these Democrats out. They just spend like kids in a candy store.

Running the state

Regarding the letter to the editor from Terry Link. What a guy to complain about Waukegan going backward. He’s been downstate for the last several years running us into the most bankrupt state in the U.S. Now he’s going to try and fix Waukegan.

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