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Updated: March 1, 2013 7:07PM

Water aerobics returns

Water aerobics class is back at Zion Park District. A big thank you to Darlene and Sonia, our wonderful instructors.

The sub suit

The dispute over the one-inch of a submarine sandwich bun is another example of someone looking to make a buck. Should we weigh the quarter-pounder next? If these people had any sense they would know that yeast rolls are difficult to bake uniformly. Just watch the price of the sub sandwich increase due to the discarding of rolls that do not hit the 12-inch mark. Just another example of a frivolous lawsuit. These cases should be thrown out of court. If you are unhappy with the sub, don’t buy any more.

A good fit

I didn’t know Terry Link was running for mayor of Waukegan. Terry’s a good guy and should be mayor, but it should be for North Chicago. Terry grew up in North Chicago and actually got his start in politics working for the City Council in North Chicago back in the 1970s. It would be a good fit for him.

Paying attention

Regarding the Darrin Hanna case. If Rita Mayfield is doing that on the taxpayers’ dime then she should butt out and pay attention to what’s going on in Springfield.


If you are really pro-life, why are you against universal health care?

America’s safer

Someone asked if Hillary is supposed to see what is going on that far away in Libya? The answer is yes. She has access to the real-time footage during the attack in the White House situation room. The Twin Towers was not seen coming on 9/11. George W. Bush turned our FBI and CIA around to stop any more attacks on America and they have been 100 percent perfect ever since. Bush made America safer since 9/11 and it continues to remain that way.


The boater involved in the homicide of the 10-year-old is seeking to suppress alcohol and drug evidence, and apparently influential people helped post his bond. What’s next? Are his lawyers going to try and accuse the family of the 10-year-old of negligence?

Other junk

What is wrong with your newspaper lately? You have changed it where you have three pages of used car ads right in the middle of the news. Then there was a special section on education right in the middle of the newspaper. You’re making it very confusing. I just want to read the news and I don’t want all this other junk in the way. Put it at the end of the paper if you have to.

Brownie points

About the goof ball Manti Te’o from Notre Dame. Everybody is making him out to be a victim when he was trying to gain brownie points for the Heisman Trophy. He was as bad as any other manipulator. Why don’t you call him what he is? He’s a cheat, pure and simple.

Warren seniors

As a senior, I must say Suzanne Simpson, supervisor at Warren Township, and her wonderful staff at the senior center are exceptional. Once you’ve become part of their activities, you’ve become like family. They are truly precious in their caring ways.

Born gay

In response to a “Christian nation.” For most of our lives, we do have choices, but being born who we are is not one of them. I was born gay, I knew that I was different ever since I was a little kid. I didn’t know why or how. I didn’t come to this realization until I was 35 years old. I pray to God everyday that Americans remember liberty and justice for all. I’ve never known anyone gay forcing their beliefs on anyone. We just want to live happy lives with our families. Just accept people for who they are and become a more kinder and understanding person.

Fight for Waukegan

Regarding Terry Link’s letter to the editor. If you’re going to be part of Waukegan, then the casino should go on the lakefront just like Navy Pier which is Illinois’ biggest tourist attraction. You have mass transit and Waukegan has an airport. If he’s going to run for mayor of Waukegan, then fight for Waukegan, not Park City.

Medical fact

It’s a medical fact that you are born with a pre-disposition to be gay or straight. It’s also a fact that Jesus Christ never married, lived, ate, traveled and slept with 12 men. I do believe he was gay. He also said: “Love one another as I have loved you so.” What more proof do you need to leave the gays alone?

Roe vs. Wade

There are people who are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. They’re celebrating the killing of unborn babies for no other reason than their mothers don’t want to be bothered with them. Why are we so surprised at all the other killings in this country and the callous taking of life? It starts with abortions.

Benghazi holes

There are so many holes in Hillary’s Benghazi story that you could drive a Mack truck through them.

Fine person

What a fine person President Obama picked for secretary of state. As I remember, John Kerry threw his ill-gotten war medals away several years ago. Now he is to be secretary of state? God help us.

Corporate welfare

If Congress really wants more revenue they have to cut defense spending, cut all subsidies to all companies and stop giving tax breaks to all these corporations. They are doing fine. The people in Washington have to help the American people instead of themselves.

Impeachable offense

Republican Representative Mo Brook has just proposed an amendment that would make failure to balance the budget an impeachable offense. If only we had this amendment in 1980 we could have impeached Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.

Retake driver’s ed

To all who text while driving, don’t use turn signals, don’t stay in their lane when turning, don’t turn on headlights on from dusk ’til dawn or when your wipers are on or in foggy weather or snow storms, don’t pay attention at stoplights, to all who tailgate: Do yourself a favor and go to a driving school or at least buy the book at the DMV and study the rules of the road again. Instead of licensing illegals to drive, we should be testing the people that already have licenses and have forgotten how to drive. There is a huge percentage of you that are menaces to society! Testing drivers every three years makes sense. Well, maybe not to a liberal.

Gun punishment

A gun will not shoot anybody by itself. It very well could be in the hands of a criminal or mentally ill person. The laws of the country should be stronger than what they are. The judicial system should enforce the laws and not slap the people on the wrist. Capitol punishment for a crime of murder could be reinstated.

Teacher strikes, pay

We have seen several teacher strikes this school year. While the teachers are part of the problem, the real issue is the unions who have completely brainwashed the teachers into believing that they aren’t being paid enough. Well, most of the teachers are being paid. Then they hold parents, students and administrations hostage by going on strike. The benefits that they extract are outrageous and most other people who aren’t teachers do not get the same benefits. Additionally, the retirement benefits are obscene. The Teachers Retirement System for the state of Illinois is only 46 percent funded, and these greedy teacher and the unions that extort from school districts are keeping our property taxes in Lake County skyrocketing! Next time you look at your property tax bill, see the portion that you are paying for school districts and their pensions and it is at least 60 percent or more of your property tax bill.

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