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Updated: March 31, 2013 2:11AM

Snow call

My wife wants it to snow so bad because our grandson has a brand new sled. Now she’s pulling the kid around on the sled in the living room and throughout the house on the sled. We need some snow.

Local hospital

Regarding the article that the State of Illinois is against Lindenhurst having a hospital. If we had a hospital in Lindenhurst, the rescue squad could take us right there. Why does the state say “no”? Lake Forest has one, Waukegan has two and Libertyville has one. It’s better if we have one locally. We should have something closer than 45 minutes.

Frivolous spending

As if this county with the officials that are running it don’t have enough frivolous spending. Now they’re going to put cameras in courtrooms? Come on.

The secret

Hispanics have learned the secret to democracy. If you want politicians to notice, vote!

Lyons Woods

Looks like a reprieve for the Lake County Forest Preserves on their Sheridan Road project at Lyons Woods. The snow may have it covered, but I still know what’s down there in that mess that you people have got.

Fifteen minutes

Fox News has dropped Sarah Palin. I guess that Sarah’s 15 minutes are over.

A slur

Regarding the article “Controversy after remarks at hoops game.” Give me a break. With rap music, you hear a lot of negative slurs. Supposedly, the team used a phrase that was thought to be inappropriate. Even if it was a remark addressed at the other team, get over it and get a life. They had the NAACP meeting with the schools over this. Isn’t there more important things about your kid’s education other than worrying about a slur?

The abortion issue

A sea of humanity marched in the cold to remember the sad, 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize abortion, and the 55 million babies who have been aborted in this country. The abortion issue will not go away. There are millions and millions of people who still respect the life of all unborn babies.

Horrible picture

The picture of the dead man on the front page Jan. 23 was horrible. What were you thinking? Did you ever consider what the family of that man must have felt seeing that on the front page? Did you think of all the kids who saw this? Obviously not!

Civil unrest

The NRA keeps repeating the Second Amendment, but you have to remember of what context it was written. It was a time of civil unrest. Not all of the colonists were for the American Revolution. In fact 100,000 loyalists left after the war for Canada and England.

Fresh people

Waukegan has got a big mayor’s race going on and I can’t believe we have two police officers on the ballot. Do we want two police officers to be the mayor and the clerk? What’s Waukegan turning into? We don’t need the same people doing the same old thing. We need some new fresh people. We need a new mayor that will work with the people and that is for the people.

Marion Jones

Why tear down the Marion Jones project? This building is built like a tank. If it only costs $100,000 to heat that building I think they’re getting away cheap. All they need to do is insulate it. This is why we’re so in debt, because we keep wasting money. Those people love it there and some of them have been living there for 20 years. So why put them out on the street when they have nowhere to go?

Mail delivery

I’m handicapped and I can’t get to my mail box that is one-half block away. I’m wondering why my homeowner’s association doesn’t shovel the sidewalks so we can get to our mail boxes. I have to leave my mail sit for several days before I can get it.

Diplomatic attacks

During the Bush administration there were 12 terrorist attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities overseas and 53 deaths. Where is the outrage over that?

Gun control sham

This whole sham of gun control for legal citizens is a bunch of baloney. There were five murders in North Chicago that were done in broad daylight. Apparently, the thought pattern of the people that committed these murders is they didn’t give a darn about the police and weren’t worried about getting caught. The only way to ensure your own safety is to have a weapon and make sure it’s got more than nine clips because you’re going to need them.

Death penalty

Reading TOTC I’m very impressed that someone else has the same thought as I. This is regarding the “Three cheers” article. Bring back the death penalty and then just maybe you’ll think twice about pulling out a gun. Think about it.

Illegal drivers

I see our illustrious governor signed that bill for illegals to have driver’s licenses. How much more are we going to give to those people?

Illegal smile

I grow, smoke and do not sell my own weed. What about when they break down my door? Is that OK?

Not so simple

Why is Darrin Hanna’s picture on the front page of the News-Sun? The answer is simple. His family wants it there and that’s the only reason. I dare anybody to tell me that I’m wrong.

Likes pancakes

OMG. Now, we’re racist for liking Aunt Jemima pancakes.

Taking responsibility

Hillary took responsibility for the Benghazi disaster, but she didn’t take blame. As far as the four State Department employees that were either fired or resigned, they resigned their post, but they weren’t fired from the State Department. They were simply reassigned. When Hillary Clinton says that something like this shouldn’t happen again, it’s a probability. If you leave incompetent people in charge, disasters happen. This goes to show you that these people have no management skills whatsoever.

Student protection

Former police officers should be hired to protect our school children. They know the law, they know what to look for, they not only know how to shoot, but also how to conceal their weapons. They win. Looking like a teacher, they can walk around, visit the library, other various areas of the school and all points of entry. It will not require nearly as much money or benefits as an active duty cop.

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