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Updated: April 2, 2013 2:06AM

Spring in the air

I have good news. One of my tulips has popped it’s head out of the ground. Spring is just around the corner, so smile.

Put it in writing

I read about the mayoral candidates in Waukegan. Link said he is not going to accept any type of pension or retirement package. I wonder if he would be willing to put that on record so we could go back and see that at the end of his term, if he should make it, and hold him to those statements.

District 56 iPads

What’s with the Gurnee School District that purchased 2,400 iPads for all their middle-school students. My wife and I live in the school district and we both work 50 hours a week. We don’t have an iPad. What happens when the kids eventually break or lose their iPad? Do I have to buy them another one? They just built a new school in Wadsworth. Nice to see they can still afford new “toys” for the kids. Can’t wait to see the raise in our taxes to bail out the teachers pensions.


This is to all the people in TOTC about Beyonce lipsyncing at the inauguration. I have a few words for you: Get a life and who cares.

Time is up

Now the cost for the Marion Jones project is $100 million. Do you think that putting retail establishments in senior living area together with mixed income is a good idea? I don’t. You have people that have been living in that complex for over 50 years. Their time is up. It’s time to move on.

Grocery store wanted

After visiting a friend in North Chicago on 14th Street and Jackson, I was told that there isn’t any type of food store in that area where seniors and other people can shop. They have to go to Waukegan to get their food to eat. They need a grocery store in that area and the city officials should be aware of this problem. Let’s start taking care of our own peoples’ needs. This is what we elect people to office.

Police contact

I believe all the people whining have chosen to ignore the real reason for their problems. It’s those that want sympathy, lawsuits and publicity after drug raids, physical police confrontations, arrests of illegals, etc. They bring on their own problems. If they didn’t break the law in the first place they would have never had the police contact that they complain about.

Another candidate

I see in the newspaper that Wayne Motley and Terry Link are running for mayor but no mention of Sam Cunningham. Why is it that they don’t believe Sam Cunningham is a candidate? I believe Sam is a new face for the mayor’s seat and he’s somebody that knows a little bit about the city. He’s been an alderman and he can do a better job then Sen. Link or Wayne Motley.

Tear down

Say it ain’t so, this can’t be possible. A $100 million to tear down and rebuild a low-cost housing project that’s in perfectly good condition. No wonder this whole country is going broke. Who are we letting run this country? Evidently, people that have never run a business for themselves because they’re just spending like there’s no tomorrow. It’s time for us all to stand up and vote them out of office. They don’t know what they’re doing and they’re bankrupting an already bankrupted nation.

Deep thought

I was born to lie, cheat and steal, but I don’t do it.

Pancake mix

In regard to your Aunt Jemima article concerning these two grade schools. I’m very surprised that the NAACP didn’t ask all parties involved to quit and sustain from buying any of the pancake mix from now on, as that would be very critical on their part to buy that.

China oil

OPEC is no longer a threat to America’s independence of oil. The threat is China. China has bought up Canadian tar sands, oil in Africa, Brazil and, most recently, they bought up Exxon Mobil fields in Iraq. The difference between China and OPEC is that OPEC limited the distribution of oil to raise the price and China is going to limit the distribution because they want to have an unfair advantage with their industries and their citizens. America is a long way from energy independence, especially if it doesn’t have a comprehensive energy policy.

Looking ahead

The Waukegan property tax went up 10 percent and District 60’s school board hired administrators. Can you imagine what our property tax bill will be in April?

Immigration bill

The bipartisan immigration bill is something that everyone should support. There’s something in that bill that nobody likes and that’s just part of compromise. There’s a lot of hurdles for the illegal aliens to get over and there’s also going to be security on the borders, fines and penalties. But in the end there’s a pathway to citizenship. There’s just no other way around it and it needs to be passed. Obama did a good thing today by endorsing it instead of saying that it wasn’t fair enough. Everybody needs to get on board and let’s just get it done and move on.


So what do we do as taxpayers? Move out of town and pay half of our taxes for the year or stay here and put up with part-time city officials? One’s in Springfield, one’s in Florida perhaps? I don’t think so. You decide what you want when you go to vote. We need a full-time mayor and city treasurer that will stay in Waukegan because the taxpayers deserve that. How can you run a city and be in Springfield half of the time? If you’re not here, then why should we be here paying our taxes and struggling away on a small pension with a mediocre job or no job at all.

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