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Updated: April 3, 2013 2:00AM

Think twice

Would you like to know why people think twice about voting? They see corruption, nepotism and friends appointed to key positions they know little or nothing about. The people that are qualified are overlooked because they think of the people first, not the agenda to boost the candidate’s ego.

Finger prints

Finger printing should be a must if there’s going to be any immigration reform. It’s been proven that fraudulent IDs is a billion-dollar business. Also, I would love to see every illegal in this country be made to register for the draft just like American citizens have.

Severe weather

Do you realize that global warming causes more severe weather? Climate change increases the odds that extreme weather events will occur. Do you remember how hot and dry it was last summer? It can also cause drought which harms crops and decreases food supply. Rain and snow help keep our water systems stable. We need to be concerned about how it will affect future generations. Small changes now can make a big difference to our children and grandchildren. We don’t want to end up like the dinosaurs.

God’s laws

It is almost foolhardy to use TOTC to argue and debate with one-liners, faith and/or religion. The question is how well read are we in the teachings of God and of Jesus Christ as told in the Bible. Knowledge of Holy Scripture only through hearsay is not enough. It is best to read God’s laws which are the Ten Commandments.

Chicago dead

Six dead in Chicago last week, a girl this week, also in Chicago, and it’s only the first month of the new year. Six hundred in Chicago dead last year — all shot. But I guess if you’re a gangbanger it’s OK. We just have to get the guns out of the hands of honest and trustworthy people and all our problems are solved. God protect us from those who know not what they do.

Y refunds

The members of the YMCA in Waukegan got a bad deal. All of the officers and key personnel should be ashamed of themselves. Any donations received should be refunded. People who had a life-time membership should be given refunds or at least an apology.

Cheered on

Shame on the Waukegan cheerleading coach for not verifying eligibility with the athletic director. Good job to the athletic director for looking out for all his athletes and sports teams.

National debt

If you want to settle the national debt all you have to do is obey the law. Simple as that.


People are talking about hiring an ex-cop and armed security guards to protect the schools. It’s ironic the gun-banners yelled and screamed at the NRA for proposing that, but now they are thinking twice. The NRA is doing what they can to protect you and the Second Amendment. I have the right to protect myself and my family, and so I will.

Hospital jaunt

We need a full-scale hospital in Lindenhurst. I can’t see why we can’t have one. The jaunt from Antioch to Waukegan is too long. Please help us. State of Illinois, do something good for a change.

Unstable Egypt

I would like to know why this administration is going through with the deal that was made with Mubarak of Egypt to give them 20 F-16s and 200 M-1 Abrams tanks? This regime is currently facing severe chaos due to their people being upset with the current government that is an Islamic bureaucracy. What fool would give such armaments to an unstable place and such a tinder box place as the Middle East?

Racial tolerance

In response to the “Slurs” article. School is exactly where kids should learn about racial tolerance and respect for other children because they sure haven’t learned of it at home. Just over a week ago we had an inauguration of a biracial president, along with the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It just goes to show you that in all this time we haven’t gotten that far. It teaches kids that they need to show respect and that racial intolerance is not going to be accepted. It’s time to end discrimination in America and accept people for their own values.

Anti-gun Democrats

A 14-year student at an Atlanta middle school got shot, but the shooter was disarmed moments later by an armed guard. Clearly, this could have resulted into another mass killing. But as always, this will never be reported by the biased mainstream media because it is a big blow to the position taken by Obama and his anti-gun Democrats. How many more mass killings must occur before this administration will see the light?

Murder count

New York, 14. Illegal possession of a gun earns a minimum three to five years in jail. Chicago, 42. Illegal possession of a gun earns a no charge, a walk for 42 percent of the offenders and a maximum of six months for the rest. Impose strict minimum prison time of 10 years for illegal possession, 20 years for using the gun in a crime, 30 years for wounding someone and life for murder. That will get guns off the street fast!

Getting old

Could we please just leave gun control out of the TOTC because it’s really getting old.

Stray cat blues

Last year, The News-Sun ran a piece concerning neutering and releasing stray cats and somehow this was a good thing. The National Geographic has studied this and found that these stray cats are an evasive species and they kill off billions of song birds per year. Leaving food out attracts rodents, as well as raccoons. Raccoon droppings have diseases that are transferable to humans and have no known cure. So to the cat lovers: Stop damaging nature, stop throwing off the environmental balance and just put these cats to sleep because it’s the best for everyone concerned.

Hades in a bucket

God didn’t make John and Frank to be together, and he didn’t make Jill and Joan to be together. He made Adam and Eve, and if you don’t follow his laws, you’re destined for Hades.

Weed wanderer

To the person who said that he grows and smokes, but he doesn’t sell his own weed. I was wondering what his address is because I’d like to come over and visit him sometime.

Bus routes

I’d like to know why the buses don’t run in Winthrop Harbor. Let’s get buses running through the Harbor.

NRA leaders

The NRA needs to become more democratic because it’s obvious that the rank and file don’t agree with what the leadership is saying. Many of these people are in favor of background checks and banning certain types of guns.

Golden pensions

Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife will probably get golden parachute pensions. Jackson never had a job his whole life. They have made a living off of everybody else. They need should get nothing.

Grayslake teachers

It was nice to read that the Grayslake teachers reached a two-year contract and it was a nice article by Judy Masterson. She inserted what each side wanted, but I wonder why she didn’t indicate what the pay arrangement will be for the next two years. I guess she is trying to protect the teachers’ union.

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