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Updated: March 5, 2013 6:15AM

The mustard jar

Cut the mustard and go home and study. Quit your crying and bellyaching, cheerleaders and parents. Don’t expect an athletic director and coaches to get you to the top of the mustard jar. If you want be at the top of the mustard jar then do what you were supposed to do correctly and try again another year to get to the top. Don’t tell us who to fire and who to keep. You do it. You’re the parent and it’s your responsibility.

Where’s Aldi?

I’d like to know when the new Aldi store in Waukegan is going to open? We need that store desperately.

The real problem

When will our lawmakers realize that they need to make a law in Illinois that names all the gangs as domestic terrorists? This would eliminate 80 percent of the gun incidents in Chicago. Police know the names of these individuals in the gangs. If they’re identified as domestic terrorists, they can be immediately arrested, regardless of their age, and removed from the streets. Doing this would also reduce drug trafficking. Playing with gun laws wouldn’t have as much impact as dealing with the real problem.

Darrin Hanna

It’s interesting to note that many of the TOTC readers have the same opinion about Darrin Hanna being on the front page of paper continually, even though this issue is dead. Also, how much is it costing the taxpayers of the city of North Chicago to take this lawsuit to court?

Mayoral election

Regarding the mayoral election. Terry Link supposedly works full time in Springfield. He has the ambition, he’s young and has the right ideas for Waukegan. He could do both jobs because we have a full-time mayor in office now that receives benefits and it seems like he’s only been working part-time. We definitely need a change. We need somebody who’s going to bring in a casino and stores, get rid of these people who are destroying Waukegan and definitely clean up the neighborhoods.

Feeling sorry

I really feel sorry for the people that donated to rescue the Waukegan YMCA.

Stabbed in the back

Thank you, Camp Jorn of Waukegan, thank you. You run a very efficient business. Vernon Hills stabbed us in the back. I hope the city of Waukegan gets started. We helped Vernon Hills get started.

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