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Updated: April 6, 2013 2:13AM

Black and white

If Terry Link says he won’t accept Waukegan pension money or time to add to his pension, if he’s elected, he should take an ad out in The News-Sun, sign it and put his promise in black and white.

Amazing Dems

I find the Democrats amazing, especially the ones in the Senate. Back in 2004 through 2007, under President Bush, the economy was growing from 3 to 5.5 percent and the Democrats complained that it wasn’t growing fast enough. Now we have a Democratic president who can’t get above 2 percent in growth and the Democrats sit there and praise it. The Democrats make me laugh.

Clever Dems

People with driver’s licenses can vote and that’s the only identification that’s required. So all these people who snuck into this country can vote. Of course, they’ll vote for Quinn and Rahm. Wow, clever.

Driver’s ed

Amen to the person that said people should retake driver’s ed. These people don’t use their signals, they don’t turn on their headlights, and when people get upset with them they wonder why. Amen, go back to driver’s ed.

Electoral boards

I’m glad to see The News-Sun has agreed in “Our View” that contested ballot petitions should be done somewhere else besides the local office. I’m disappointed that you did not show your true integrity by not naming names. There are several people that could be named. Instead, The News-Sun hides behind the lack of proper names.

Another attack

Unfortunately one of our embassies was attacked again by Islamic extremist. Now that President has won the election, he can honestly call this a terrorist attack and not try to make up an excuse that misleads the American people again. I pray for those who were injured and suffered, and they catch those who did the evil attack.

Good reason

The Waukegan cheer squad was disqualified from a recent competition due to one member whose grades were too low. Although I feel bad for them, the call to fire Sam Taylor is not qualified. Sports, whether for girls or boys, are not part of the academia. These are extra-curricular activities, and I agree that you cannot participate if you have failing grades. Also, the taxes you pay do not go toward cheerleading. Hopefully, these parents have as much passion over helping their kids with their grades.

When is enough?

Cardinal Health moving out of Waukegan to South Carolina and Mexico is Un-American. We have a president who says he is trying to improve the economy, but moves like this aren’t helping. How much more money do these companies who do this have to make before it is enough?

The forsaken

This is concerning the Medicare and Social Security cuts. Obama calls them savings and the Republican Party calls it deficit spending cuts. But the Bible speaks the truth. “Psalms”: “Do not cast me off in old age when my strength fails; Do not forsake me.” That’s the way we should be looking at these cuts and not putting the old people out on the street when they can no longer take care of themselves.

Kudos to Forest Preserve

I’d like to thank the Lake County Forest Preserve for the work that they’ve completed in Lyons Woods.

Bridge check

Waukegan better start checking these bridges. The bridge underpass on Belvidere going to toward Fountain Square is crumbling. They need to go over there and make new bridges.

Pipe dream

Waukegan’s mayoral candidate Wayne Motley stated that he wants to develop the lakefront, downtown and the Genesee Theatre. We’ve heard that before. Old promises that will never be filled. No one wants to live in Waukegan or invest in Waukegan. This is a pipe dream.

Bike underpass

It cost $2 million for a bike underpass on Rollins Road to serve 100 bikers. That money should be used for road improvements. By the way Illinois is broke.

New place to swim

If you’re looking for somewhere to swim, the Illinois State Beach has an awesome pool. It is just as affordable as the “Y” and they have awesome water aerobics instructors, too. In fact, one of the “Y” instructors is coming to Illinois State Beach.

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