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Updated: April 7, 2013 1:34AM

No longer there

The new Lake County coroner announced the death of Darrin Hanna was a homicide. The manner of death was previously ruled undetermined by Artis Yancey, despite a forensic autopsy which found that Hanna died as a result sickle-cell anemia and the police use of force. If that’s the case, I don’t understand how Yancey, who is no longer there, could have discharged the diagnosis.

Syrian rebels

Now the Syrian rebels are talking to our American diplomats and our Washington bunch has just announced that hundreds of millions of dollars will be sent to Syria. The Congress and Senate are cutting domestic programs here in America because they can’t afford them. But they can afford to continue to give Palestine billions of dollars, and they’re our enemy, and now they can afford another millions for Syria. Why aren’t the American people protesting this?

Secret meeting

Four years ago, during the inauguration, Republicans held a secret meeting and agreed to block every attempt by the president to repair the economy. Now these same Republicans are on TV complaining that the president isn’t being nice to them.

Leading a march

On Saturday, Jesse Jackson was in Chicago leading a march to stop all the violence that’s going on, which is a good thing. Then on the other hand, he’s was going to be in North Chicago leading a demonstration against the police because they did something about a very extremely violent man.

Tunnel vision

I read in the paper that the Illinois Department of Transportation is giving $1.9 million to the forest preserve for another underpass. I think this has got to stop. Why don’t they put the money into the roads instead of wasting it on tunnels for the forest preserves. The economy is bad and the forest preserves have to be stopped.

Black History Month

Can somebody please tell Judy Masterson that not all black people live in public housing or are beaten up by the police? There are black people that contribute to society. February is Black History Month, which is a celebration of being black. Can we have some articles of positive outlooks for black Americans that live in Lake County?

Keeping us safe

I am glad to see Republicans determined to make America safe for financial fraud. They are fighting hard to gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Vacant buildings

There’s so many vacant buildings in Waukegan. Look at the corner of Washington Street and Green Bay Road. The gas station there has been closed for five years. This is just one of many examples. Can’t somebody tear these places down and make our town look better?

Illinois nightmares

Some facts about Illinois: The sports teams in Illinois are lackluster. We lead the country with convicted politicians, along with state deficits and home foreclosures. Motorola led the country and the world in cellphones 20 years ago, but now it’s nothing but a wrong number. Even Boeing, after it moved to Illinois, has seen its Dreamliner turned into a nightmare. Think about it.

Police call

With all the attention and coverage given to the Darrin Hanna case, I was wondering if his record with the police was ever publicized. Did someone call the police that day and why?

Enough problems

Regarding the Feb. 2 article “Rally planned Monday to push Hanna case.” There’s good old Jesse Jackson sticking his face in the picture again. Doesn’t he have enough problems with his own family. When there is a chance of a photo op he always comes in on his high horse. Do us all a favor and just stay home.

Rally for victim

I’m sick of all the sympathy for Darrin Hanna. He tried to drown a pregnant woman in the bathtub and nobody says anything about that. Why don’t you have a rally for her instead of him? He deserved everything he got.

Shooting skeet

In regard to the picture of Obama shooting skeet in Monday’s paper, there are several issues with this picture which I believe that the whole thing is a fake. This is probably the only time he has ever held a gun because he does not know how to hold it properly and shoot. The White House is lying to us about him shooting skeet for the following reasons. The White House only released this photo to engender support to make people think the president is a sportsman while he is planning to use an executive order to take away everyone’s gun rights and cripple the Second Amendment. While I am not a member of the NRA and don’t like their garbage rhetoric, this phony photo op of the president is a ridiculous attempt to garner support to get rid of guns!

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