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Updated: April 8, 2013 2:05AM

Antioch Aldi’s

Regarding the Aldi’s store opening on Route 173 and Deep Lake Road. Corporate sent an email and they’ll be opening on Feb. 28. So I like that, too.

Gasoline prices

During the winter season, it is usually the cheapest time of year for gas, but it has risen back up to almost $4 a gallon. This is extremely frustrating because there’s no worldwide crisis or gas and oil shortages. Gasoline prices continue to be the biggest fraud put upon the American public.

The pension tax

I’m tired of paying taxes on pensions for the unions. I’m not in a union, don’t want to be and never will be. I don’t understand why we’re being charged for a tax for their pensions. Put the tax on Social Security like the rest of us and deal with it. Problem solved. We have plenty of people that are unemployed that would be happy to take the job.

Kudos for deputies

I’d like to thank the Lake County Sheriff’s Office for the crime report that Beach Park received. I’ve seen something starting to be on the upswing and hopefully the numbers are right. I think the village officials did very little to effect this figure other than to attend the seven- to eight-minute meeting twice a month. I think they should give credit where the credit is due. Just because it’s election time, the politicians shouldn’t steal the thunder from somebody that’s doing their job as well as the Lake County Sheriff’s Office does.

Bailing out farmers

I’d like to make a suggestion to the Lake County Forest Preserve since money is so short that they can’t clean up the storm damage. I would like to see a two-year moratorium on purchasing any more farm land in Lake County until they get caught up with the services and the facilities that they do have. I think that’s only good business and good common sense. What we need is a board that reacts to a situation and not a board that just continues to bail farmers out in Lake County where the kids get rich and the community gets poor.

Plowing in Antioch

I live in Antioch and the snowplows came down my road after the school buses had already come to pick up the kids for school. I drove my kids to school so they wouldn’t get stuck in a school bus in this weather. I slid the whole way because the road to the school was terrible and a snowplow almost ran a school bus off the road. I think the people in this area should be asking the question: Are you happy with the snowplow services this year?

Bad calls

Obviously, we have a real major problem with the NFL referees not knowing how to make calls. I think they should rethink the referees for this coming season. They have had a lot of bad calls and I think they should be fined for those calls just like the players.

Babies having babies

These young 15-year-olds that are having babies are not being responsible when they have to depend on the government for feeding their children. That’s not responsible. Responsible is when you’re fully taking care of your child with your own money and not somebody else’s. Be responsible and just don’t do it until you’re married.

Flapping about guns

Could somebody please tell me why our illustrious leader of the free world has to get on Air Force One at $100,000 an hour when we’re in such dire straits in this country? He flies to Minneapolis to flap about gun control. People kill people, not guns. I’m getting so sick of the fact that this guy is still politicking and spending all the taxpayers money to get that plane off the ground. He doesn’t care about the little guy. This is not good folks and I don’t know who help put him back in office, but it sure wasn’t me.

Hogging the news

The Darrin Hanna case is hogging the news and with Jesse Jackson stepping in, it will surely gain national attention. What about Jesse Jackson’s own family problems? Because of too much favorable publicity, it is becoming more and more apparent that Darrin Hanna will soon reach the stature of that of a hero instead of the bad and dangerous man he truly was. Why are not the public being informed at what happened to Hanna’s pregnant girl friend who he stopped beating only after someone called the police for help? Is that not news worthy? The police would not have been there if Darrin Hanna were not “misbehaving”! Is Darrin Hanna the best model that many in North Chicago can offer for the young people to emulate?

Pension debacle

The Illinois pension debacle has been going on and on and there doesn’t seem to be a solution in sight. One of the points of the unions is that’s it is illegal by the Illinois Constitution to change pension benefits. I remember going to a meeting at the Highland Park Country Club in 2008 and it was moderated by the League of Women Voters. Usually, they just moderate it but they had taken a political stand that the Illinois Constitution should not be changed. There were people in the audience, myself included, that didn’t understand what was so terrible about the Illinois Constitution and that it was deficient. Well, now we see all these years later that we’re $100 billion in debt. Thanks a lot, League of Women Voters.

Helping neighbors

I want to thank my neighbors in Zion. My wife has Parkinson’s and my neighbor saw her trying to bring the groceries from the car into our house. That person helped her bring in the groceries. I want to thank that person. It meant a lot to us. Thank God for neighbors helping neighbors.

Nutty about electricity

These environmentalists are nuts. They don’t want nuclear plants or coal-fired plants, but they want electric cars. Just where are we supposed to get our electricity from? A kite and a key?

Directing traffic

The Greenwood School on McAree and North Avenue in Waukegan is such a mess. They don’t need any additional funds for anything except someone that knows how to direct traffic. I walk every morning and it’s hard to even walk past the school. People drop off where they want and pick up where they want, and you have a crossing guard that just stands there because he doesn’t even know what to do. These people need to learn how to follow rules. The school bus even has a hard time getting through. Something needs to be done before a child gets hurt.

Sorry about Darrin

When are we going to stop hearing about Darrin Hanna? I’m sorry this had to happen, but what does Jesse Jackson or any other man have to do with it? Maybe the man brought the situation onto himself. We should stop being so negative and have some good looks on life.

Emmitt Till

About the front page on Feb. 5 about Emmitt Till who was killed in 1955. Is somebody really still riding on the coattails of something that happened in 1955 and it was somebody’s a third cousin of Till.

Death by drone

According to President Obama, waterboarding is torture and is prohibited. However, murder by drone, including U.S. citizens, is OK. All that is needed is an accusation of support of terrorist groups. Proof not required.

Companies closing

So everyone thinks this new immigration law is good for our country. All I’m reading and hearing is all these major companies closing shop and moving. Cardinal Health for one is actually moving parts to Mexico. But we are going to give millions of illegals work visas here. Where are they going to work? The unemployment rate is already so high people are losing their jobs and their homes because of it. Companies are all downsizing and we are going to add more people into the problem. This is just ridiculous.

Casting stones

Regarding the article about the North Chicago police that “this police department has a cancer.” There are some officers that are cancer-free. I just thought everyone should know that many of the officers in the department are upstanding police officers who do not lie or falsify reports. I think some people who are casting stones should be looking in their own house and see if there may be some injustice going on in their house or organization.

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