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Updated: April 9, 2013 2:22AM

Guns and cops

I am an Illinois police officer and a NRA life member. I am tired of politicians saying what they think police want. The majority of us have no problem with current gun laws or concealed carry. It is quite simple. The criminal will not obey any gun laws that are enacted. Please, leave the law-abiding citizens alone. Chicago and Cook County should not be able to decide anything with their “strict” gun laws and “high” gun violence rate.


The answer to your question in regards to Discovery folks going to jail, the answer is no. I know this because our state government is doing the same thing. Aiding and assisting law-breakers by giving them a driver’s license. I think law enforcement officials should put out a daily bulletin on what laws will be enforced on that day so we all know what we can get away with.

L.A. schools

To those who oppose police or armed guards in schools ought to see that Los Angeles schools already have a full-fledged police department; uniformed armed cops, squads, dogs, etc. etc.

Zion facilities

Why is one of the current Zion city commissioners who is up for re-election this spring being allowed to use a city facility for public meetings once a month? Once a sitting commissioner files for re-election, they become a candidate and cannot use city facilities for any public use which has not been approved by the entire City Council and could be considered campaigning. Citizens of Zion should look into this practice.

Cause and effect

Guns do kill. The type of gun and the quantity of bullets it can rapidly fire made all the difference in the mass killings in Newtown. The shooter was the cause, but the effect of how many more children he was able to murder was determined by the type of gun and rounds of bullets in a clip. The NRA likes to put all of the focus on the shooter making the assault gun totally blameless. The purpose of an assault gun is mass killings and it is not blameless. It should be banned. Guns do kill and assault guns can kill more people at a faster rate.

Amusement fees

I was reading with amusement the article about business licenses and revenue from vending machines showing an increase in Waukegan. If the license fees have gone up 50 percent and if the license administrators are finding all these licenses that were politically not in effect before, then why is the increase so small? Shouldn’t the increase be 50 percent and then some because now they’re finding all these new licenses and they’ve increased the license fee?

Tired of Hanna

It’s time to stop writing about Darrin Hanna because people are tired of reading about him. It’s time for people to start moving on with their lives.

In the mix

I think it’s ridiculous for anyone to take offense at the remark of the Aunt Jemima pancake mix. Aunt Jemima has been around longer than most of your readers. Would somebody take offense at a product whose logo is a white person? I hardly think so.

Existing laws

If Terry Link really believed in his political mailer, he would advocate for conceal and carry, and rigorous enforcement of existing laws regarding illegal guns and their use.

Union fees

Put all the public union workers on Social Security from now on like everybody else. Have the union give them their money back for all the union fees that were paid in the past.

Y alternative

I don’t know about exercise equipment, but there’s a pool over at the Zion-Benton High School that the public can use. That’s another alternative for people who can no longer go to the “Y.” Check it out, it might be good for you.

City with a future

Regarding the article “Pipe dream.” I’ve lived in Waukegan by choice for over 25 years and I could have lived in Lake Forest if I wanted or anywhere else. Waukegan is a wonderful place to live and it has great people. It has all the amenities that you want such as police, fire, public works, a great park district, a beautiful lake and a really nice downtown. We have a few problems now, but this is a city with a future.

Interested in justice

I agree with the statement that there’s a cancer in North Chicago and that cancer is called the Darrin Hanna family. They say that all they’re interested in is the injustice. Why weren’t they interested in justice when their son was alive doing all his criminal activities?

Drug trade

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy wants to run away from the gang problem and go after the weed smokers. The police and politicians are so afraid of the gangbangers and that’s why they work for them. Look at Eric Holder and “Fast and Furious” giving military weaponry to Mexican drug gangs. That’s the proof that the politicians of this country have their fingers in the drug trade.

Senior voters

Open message to the Republican Party. One of the reasons Mitt Romney isn’t president today is because a lot of the senior citizens around the country didn’t go out to vote for him because of the Republican threat to cut Social Security and Medicare. Instead of worrying so much about getting the Hispanic vote, which is only about 10 percent of votes cast, they had better worry about the senior citizens or the Republican Party will never win the presidency and may lose Senate and House seats in 2014.

Archaic power

I read the article about Midwest Generation and all the problems they are having with their Waukegan plant. But there is something interesting that Korea is developing. Every home will have their own generator, the size of a foot locker, and it can produce enough power for a two-bedroom house. Then there is no longer need for expensive grids and worrying about if electric lines go down in storms. Also, this small generator uses the excess heat to warm the hot water in the house. It just goes to show you that while America fools around with archaic power, such as coal-fired power plants, the rest of the world is progressing.


Illinois democrats are going to continue milking Illinois taxpayers like dairy cows.

One finger shoot

The very first National Gun Appreciation Day, Jan. 19, 2013, had five people accidently shot at gun shows in North Carolina, Ohio and Indiana. Can you imagine if conceal carry were allowed in Illinois? Should we initiate a law to lock up people for stupidity? Does standing your ground mean randomly shooting someone? Instead of giving the one finger salute, should we now do the one finger shoot?

Drones in the U.S.A.

I wonder if the citizens of this country are alert enough to realize that the current president is using drones in our country to spy on citizens and terrorists alike. I remember when Bush was using drones and people were upset, but I guess Obama gets a free pass. This country is changing and it’s going to change quickly if people don’t understand what’s going on. Also, I don’t know if people realize that President Obama signed an executive order at the end of 2011 allowing our military people to fire on U.S. citizens. It’s the first time in history that anything like this has been allowed. People better wake up because one day you’ll wake up and it won’t be your country anymore.

A waste

I believe it was the Gurnee school district that gave the children iPads. What did these children do to earn those iPads? Entitlements seem to be a code word for people getting something for nothing. What a waste of our taxpayers’ money.

Saturday delivery

The U.S. Post Office is going to stop mail deliveries on Saturday. That is fantastic. It’s about time that a government agency is taking responsibility for saving billions of dollars for the taxpayer. We’ll get used to it and we’ll be fine. Thank you, post office.

Private organization

Always be prepared. Seems like a few want to change the operation of many. The Boy Scouts are voting whether or not they should lift the ban on gays and lesbians. It’s a private organization so let them do what they want. If you don’t like it, don’t join. What about Knights of Columbus? They’ve got their own rules and rights. Leave well enough alone, they’re not bothering anybody.

$10 an hour

Gov. Quinn has decided to raise the minimum wage to $10. Doesn’t he understand that the unemployment rate for college and high school kids was 25 to 30 percent last summer. What does he expect the $10-an-hour rate is going to do to this unemployment rate this summer? I would say that 35 to 45 percent of college kids will not be able to get a job.

New hospital

We definitely need a new hospital in Lindenhurst. The neighboring hospitals, such as Condell and Victory and others, don’t want us to have it because people that live in the area would go to Lindenhurst. If this hospital would have been built several years ago, maybe my husband would be alive, because it took so long to get from Antioch to Waukegan. Please build a new hospital in Lindenhurst.

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