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Updated: April 10, 2013 2:37AM

Handicapped parking

Why doesn’t the Zion Police Department patrol the Zion Post Office more often? They need to ticket people for parking in the handicapped spots. This is an everyday occurrence.

ADA lawsuit

Many lawsuits have gone to court from people petitioning for grievances against Pace or ADA. Many cases have been settled and many are in the wings. If you’re a disabled person and a senior citizen, you’re going to compete with the young people, especially the college crowds and the lazy group, that doesn’t want to use the fixed-bus route. There’s a class-action law suit, waiting in the wings, for people who don’t get vouchers so that the buses are available to some extent for everyone who’s qualified and not the hogs that use it on a daily basis to get back and forth to school. To all you people that want to earn some money, well you have a valid lawsuit.

Immigration bill

The immigration bill that the president is trying to pass is crazy. It cost my friend $1,300 to become a citizen of the U.S. and now these people are going to be legalized for free. What’s wrong with this country? What is wrong with this president? President Obama needs to open his eyes and see what needs to be done and quit spending money unnecessarily. Let’s be fair. He’s trying to do right for the foreigners, but forget about us here at home.

Being pro-active

Someone in the TOTC made a comment that nobody wants to invest in Waukegan. A much better pro-active and cost-effective way is to work with developers and promote and market your community. Recently, a developer wanted to do a major housing complex and it was turned down. I was in the real estate business for over 30 years. When you go before a zoning board of appeals you’re there to work out differences, come up with a consensus and work out a compromise. If you’re not going to work with them, then your tax base is going to disintegrate, your infrastructure and your schools will start to deteriorate. Then no one will want to move into your community. Now is the time to choose. Are you going to have a pro-active city hall that welcomes business or are we going to let Waukegan deteriorate?


My dad was stationed at Great Lakes 75 years ago. From what he told me, later on, it doesn’t look like anything has changed. Has it?

Obamacare experience

I’m speaking from experience. I was in the hospital and Medicare dictated how long I would stay. If I stayed a little longer for observation, Medicare would not pay that bill. This is the Obamacare and it’s very unfair. The doctors in the community and elsewhere are fully capable of saying how long their patients should stay and what should be done. I was there to be observed after my surgery and I did get a bill and it said that Medicare will not pay for observation. Folks, you need to wake up, open your eyes and read everything. I’m not putting down the doctors at all because they’re put in a terrible position. I can’t believe that in America this is being allowed. We’re worried about helping everybody else, but our people here can go to heck.

Lindenhurst roads

I have been a resident of Lindenhurst since 1972. I remember how the mayor and police chief at the time were also involved in the upkeep of the roads in the winter. The mayor would be out there with shovel in hand, while the police chief would be running a road grader making sure the roads were plowed. A number of years later the village hired their first administrator, who was responsible for overseeing whatever was taking place in the village, which at the time was a lot of building and growth. Today, 2013 we have a village administrator and an assistant administrator and nothing going on in the village that warrants the need of both. We the taxpayers are tired of paying the big bucks for people to sit behind a desk and do nothing for their hefty pay. Also, with all the extra village workers on the payroll, the roads in the village have never been as bad as they are this winter. Maybe they should take a lesson from the workers in Lake Villa or Warren Township. Their roads are always kept up.

Antioch streets

I’ve never seen the Antioch roads as bad as they are this winter. Roads in the village were so bad on Thursday that we had school buses stuck in the streets. All the other towns around us seem to have clean streets. Why can’t we?

Who knew?

How are the police supposed to know that a guy who is resisting arrest and fighting with them is sickly and high on illegal drugs?

Satellite dish

I did not have my satellite dish TV reception almost all day Thursday because of the bad weather. It should have been specified in the contract that bad weather will preclude my dish from delivering services to its customers. Then, some prospective customers, like me, would think very seriously whether to sign a two-year contract or shop somewhere else. Bad weather in these parts lasts for several months every year! I request that my contract be declared null and void. If I am unable to break the contract, can I least get credit for the time I am without service? It just isn’t fair to pay for something one does not receive.

Feral cats

Thank you for the Feb. 8 piece on the lady who feeds feral cats. I have heard the argument against this, because they then kill birds and rodents. I also feed feral cats and have never found evidence of them killing birds in my yard, and I have a lot of birds around because I also feed them. I keep the areas of feeding separate and see swarms of birds every day. The programs to capture, spay and then return the cats are wonderful because they help to reduce the number of feral cats born.

Negative comments

It is sad that individuals are making negative comments about someone that was murdered before they have all the facts. Individuals do not have their facts straight. No one deserves to die

Waukegan kudos

Hats off to Waukegan Public Works. Main streets, side streets and alleys plowed. The best department in Lake County and perhaps Illinois. Thanks!

Crimefighting success

After reading the nice article about the success of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in Beach Park, I guess Mayor Milt got it right when he said we didn’t need our own police department and all of the expenses that come with them. We are getting such great services through the Sheriff’s Office and pay a fraction of people in other cities. Thank you, Lake County and Beach Park.

Boy Scouts

First a baker faces a $50,000 fine for refusing to bake a wedding cake for two lesbians and now the LGBT community is trying to force the Boy Scouts to allow gay leaders. Where are the rights of the straight community? The decay of our morals in this country is outrageous!

Sledgehammer bill

Now that the sledgehammer murder has been concluded, I suggest we let our federal and state legislators resolve this. They will pass a bill halting all sales of sledgehammers. This will cause a drop in sales tax collections, but deducting the funding for mental health will even things out. Am I far off?

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