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Updated: April 14, 2013 2:10AM

All hands on deck

To the person that is having a problem with village officials in Antioch concerning snow removal. I am in the snow removal business. The village had all hands on deck during this past event! I personally saw every available person from the administrator to the parks department, and naturally the street department, out performing snow removal duties, to make the roads as safe as possible for travels. You need to look out past our town! The county and state roadways were just as bad, if not worse! This was the worst wettest, iciest, heaviest snow I have dealt with!

Big hearts in Beach Park

I have another reason to be very proud to live in Beach Park. I have a little staff of men that care for my yard and other chores. They shoveled my driveway the morning after the snowstorm. Before 7 a.m., they had it all done, salted and left. A couple hours later a snowplow came by, and of course that means snow at the end of the driveway. I thought I could shovel that snow off to the side, but I didn’t realize how heavy it was. Then all of a sudden this man came up to me and said, just hand me that shovel and I’ll get that heavy stuff for you. He did and I thanked him, and before I could find out who he was, he walked away. He walked down to the corner and jumped back into his snowplow and went on to the next street. I think that was so nice, and it shows that the people in Beach Park and those who work for Beach Park have a big heart. Thank you very much, fella.

Waukegan backer

Regarding the TOTC article “Pipe dream.” My family moved into Waukegan in December 2012 and we have no regrets. We love our neighborhood, the people, and it has been awesome. I came from Park City and served on the council for 12 years and I have no regrets moving to Waukegan. I’m looking forward to helping the town get back on its feet.


Zion has a new disposal company called Advanced Disposal. Not only do they not pick up the recyclables. This is day three and phone call number four and my recyclables are still sitting on the curb at Sunset Ridge.

Money for nothing

Sen. Mark Kirk spends several hours a day in rehabilitation. If you are on Medicare or Medicaid or any health insurance policy, you would not be able to claim all that rehabilitation. Why do the politicians get it? They wouldn’t pay for it. Obamacare is supposed to be a good thing, but we don’t get anything.

Quitting time

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta finally gave us an insight of what President Obama did during the night of the Benghazi attack on Sept. 11 that lead to the death of four Americans. Panetta said that Obama wasn’t available after 5 p.m. and that he should take care of this problem. He quits after 5 p.m. and allows four Americans to be slaughtered by terrorists. What a wonderful leader we have in President Obama.

Stray cat blues

I have kept my yard and garden organic for 30 years. It was a sanctuary for song birds and small animals. Visitors used to comment how many birds used to visit my back yard daily. This all stopped when my oddball neighbor started collecting and feeding stray cats. These useless cats used to hunt down the ground feeding birds such as robins.

Firearms register

The State of Illinois has had FOID (firearms owners identification) registration for decades. The city of Chicago forbids the existence of firearms. President Obama endorses international registration of all firearms. Do you realize the value that this registration has for the burglar, the thief, Big Brother, and/or the wannabe dictator? Is this America?

Lab returned

I want to thank and God bless two people who returned my black lab that got loose while I was shoveling the snow.

Neon sign

The Catholic Church is having an internal battle right now. The laity, some nuns and some priests on one side, the pope, bishops and cardinals on the other. I don’t think commercial businesses should get into the act. In Waukegan, I saw a neon sign that read: POPE YES!” My wife set me straight.: “It says ‘POPEYES’.”

Gun collections

On TV, the top cop in Chicago showed a table full of guns police took off the streets. He said stronger restrictions are needed to stop all these guns that are out there. I would like to know how many of these guns came from drug dealers and gangbangers and how many came from honest citizens? I’ll bet everybody out there knows the answer.

You make the call

I brought my big blankets to the laundry and put them in the washer. The attendant came over and told me never to use the machine again. When the cycle was done I went to put the blankets in the dryer and she told me that I couldn’t use the dryers. There I sat with blankets of wet laundry and I was told to never come again. What would you do?

Gun laws

We don’t need any more gun laws. Just enforce the ones that we already have. Don’t punish the law-abiding citizens by limiting their guns.

Pixie dust

Now I read in TOTC about a magic generating box used in Korea that sits in the corner of your house, supplies all your electricity and even heats it! Too good to be true? Absolutely! What does it run on, pixie dust? Is this one of those “I read it on the Internet, so it must be true” stories? Let’s get real.

Me Generation

This country has become a country of people believing they’re entitled to everything and anything. It’s a me, me society.

Millburn preschool

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Miss Julie, Miss Barb and Miss Diane at the Millburn Early Learning Center. Thank you for all you do for all of our preschoolers. We think you’re the best and so very patient.

On probation

Jereme Richmond didn’t do his substance abuse treatment classes or his domestic violence treatment classes, and they’re going to let him play on a team. When I was on probation, I would have gone to jail if I didn’t finish those things. This is crazy if they give him this.

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