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Updated: April 15, 2013 2:13AM

Mail delivery

Regarding the post office. Rain, sleet and snow we will deliver, but not in Waukegan Township.

Publicity stunt

Michelle Obama attended Miss Pendleton’s funeral service in Chicago. There’s hundreds of people killed every month in Chicago and I don’t see her going to their funerals. What a joke. It’s just a publicity stunt.

Weapon of choice

Yes, guns do kill. So do knives, poisons, baseball bats and people’s bare hands. When are you going to realize that it’s the person who is killing not whatever choice of weapon they use. It doesn’t matter how many laws you put on the book, the guy in the Connecticut shooting broke over 100 laws. Do you think if we made a few more gun laws that will do the trick? Get real.

Monday delivery

The U.S. Post Office made a mistake by not having Saturday deliveries. They should have done it on Mondays because of the holidays. They could have gotten Mondays off and it wouldn’t have affected them at all or our mail delivery.

Doing doodle

Why do Waukegan dog owners train their dogs to use someone’s else yard to do doodle in. What is wrong with your yard? How rude is that? Dog owners do just that, they train their dogs to use someone else’s yard. I don’t need this smell in my yard.

Government work

This is a message to our government, from the White House down to the lowest form of government: You guys have got to get it together because you work for me and I don’t work for you.

Too many breaks

I am sick and tired of reading about all the breaks Jereme Richmond is getting. Now he is asking the judge to revise his bond conditions so that he can play basketball 140 miles away. I say tough luck, Jereme. You have messed up over and over again. He can’t be bothered to go to the court-ordered domestic violence treatment. Can’t be bothered to go to the court-ordered drug treatment, in fact tests positive for marijuana while on probation. If basketball is so important to this young man, why doesn’t he clean up his act and do what he is ordered to do? How dare he sign a contract with a team when he is on probation in this county and then expect the judge to revise his bond. How many chances is a judge expected to give him? I say, revoke his probation and resentence him to the full 3 years he deserves in prison for the gun charges.

Left behind

This is to the residents of Lindenhurst that are looking for a hospital. The American medical industry is gearing up for Obamacare. Private positions are becoming shift workers and nurses are becoming unionized along with the union work rules that make it harder to fire incompetent workers. Highland Park and Lake Forest hospitals are building facilities just two blocks away from each other in Deerfield, even though there are competing hospital networks. Highland Park has another facility just as large in Northbrook that’s only one and one-half miles away. So as you can see, the wealthy suburbs are going to be well taken care of where the middle class and working class people are going to be left behind.

Medical treatment

This is about “Obamacare experience.” My mother was recently hospitalized for a month and one-half and she experienced the same scenario that they would not pay for observation. The way my doctor got around it was he put my mom on an IV. If you’re receiving medical treatment, you can stay in the hospital, but not for observation. They could have simply put you on a sugar IV and that would have been considered medical treatment that you would have not be able to receive at a nursing home, extended care or at home and you would have been covered for your stay. The patients have to get wise and learn how to work around Obamacare and the new Medicare and you’ll be fine.

Gang violence

If the Chicago Police Department could do something about the gangs in their city, there wouldn’t be all these shootings. It’s the gangs and it has nothing to do with guns. If the gangs couldn’t get their hands on guns, they’d be using knives and baseball bats.

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