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Updated: April 17, 2013 2:38AM

Snow sculpture

I live in Wildwood on Mill Road and the gentleman who did the snow sculpture in Twin Lakes Park is awesome. Everybody has been by taking pictures and he’s brought big bright, smiles on the faces of the residents of Wildwood.

Twice-a-day mail

I don’t know when the steam locomotives disappeared, as you said in your Feb. 9 editorial, but I think that twice-a-day mail disappeared in the 1950s, rather than the 1980s.

Fine job

In response to “Antioch streets” in the TOTC. I’ve lived in Antioch for over 10 years and the Public Works Department does a fine job of plowing and maintaining the roads. I traveled through many of the neighboring towns and I couldn’t be prouder of the conditions of the roads in Antioch after a snow fall. This is all due to the hard work of the Public Works Department, the mayor and the Village Board. Thank you, village of Antioch.

Good old days

I was just wondering if any other Zion residents remember the days before the Fielders’ lawsuit when after a snowstorm our streets were plowed from curb to curb? Even the alleys were plowed. Boy those were the good old days.

Plow to the curb

I live in one of the highest-taxed wards in Waukegan. Up until the snow melted it was still three feet from the curb. They went down the center of the road and made a pass came back and made another pass. So when I do shovel I have to shovel three feet out into the road or I can’t get into my driveway. Come on Waukegan plow all the way up to the curb.

Teachers’ contracts

Regarding the article about the teachers’ contracts. It states that the contract provisions encourage retirement and those who give a written notice will get a 5.75 percent increase for four years. Do you have any idea how much that’s going to cost the taxpayers?

Feral cat donations

Regarding the front page news about feral cats. I know Lynette and Mary Kaye and they’re great people. I’m hoping that people will contribute money to help them to succeed in what they’re trying to do. I also feed feral cats and work with Spay and Stay.

Full mailboxes

What is the post office going to do about no mail delivery on Saturday when Monday is a federal holiday? Will we get our mail before midnight on Tuesday when there’s three days worth to be delivered? Will we have to buy bigger mailboxes so that all the mail will fit? The government didn’t think this through, as usual. We have money for countries all over the world who hate us, but none for the U.S. Post Office.

Raise the level

I’m glad to see that Judy Masterson, instead of covering Afro-Americans, is now covering crazy cat people. I hope the News-Sun can raise their level of reporting to actual journalism for the remainder of Black History Month.

Service to all

About the TOTC article “ADA lawsuit” that discussed people that use the bus to get to school and to work as being hogs or lazy. What is the matter with you? The buses aren’t just made for disabled people. The buses are made for people that need to get places whether that’s school, work or to the mall.

Deliver on Saturday

Regarding he U.S. Postal Service stopping delivery of mail for one day. Instead of doing Saturdays, why not stop delivery on Mondays because that day is usually a holiday. That will save more money and get rid of all that holiday pay.

Medicare rules

About the article in TOTC which states that Medicare under Obamacare would not pay for observations in the hospital after surgery. This is not a new policy. Twenty-five years ago when my mother was ill and in the hospital, approval had to be granted by Medicare for her continued treatment. You can’t blame a change in policy for this.

Plea deals

Jesse Jackson Jr. signs a plea deal and he’s trying to protect his wife, but he can’t because the Feds are going after her, too. I’m tired of these plea deals for politicians. All they do is pillage and plunder our pockets on a daily basis, whether it’s contributing to a campaign fund or your taxes. They’re robbing us blind.

Gas prices

CNN said we are going to have cheaper gas prices in 2013. A gas station in Zion has raised its gas prices 60 cents since the beginning of the year.


Dan Moran stated that schools in Waukegan weren’t integrated until 1968. This is not true. The elementary schools were neighborhood schools and boundaries were drawn so students could walk to school and not have to cross major arteries. As more minority students moved into Waukegan after WWII some schools, south of Grand Avenue, gained a large population of minority students. In the 1960s, a lawsuit was filed. Based on the court order from this suit, busing was begun in Waukegan.

Stimulus spending

President Obama suggested that we need more stimulus spending to help our economy. He’s claiming that the previous stimulus has worked. This is officially the slowest recovery in history and I don’t see how $5 trillion in government spending has helped. Certainly, more government spending is not the answer. Just look at the state of Illinois.

Bible class

Do we want to promote homosexual marriage in our land? God loves man but, he hates the evil of it. Consider the Bible’s Book of Genesis. It was one of the big reason why he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

No complaints

The village of Beach Park has done a very good job of plowing the streets and nobody should be complaining about that.

Postal delivery

A person stated that people that use their computers are causing the Post Office to collapse. Get your head out of the sand. When I order something off the computer, it still has to be delivered by the U.S. Post Office.

Embassy security

If Republicans are so concerned about our embassies being attacked, you think that they would stop cutting funding for embassy security.

Feeding feral cats

I’ve been feeding birds and squirrels in my back yard for many years. The last two years, I’ve been feeding stray cats in the neighborhood also and I haven’t seen one dead bird from a cat. Don’t believe the stories that are going around. Please feed the cats. It’s not their fault that they were left outside. An irresponsible human is responsible for that.

Strict gun laws

Chicago has the strictest gun laws, but the most shootings. What does that tell you? Go after the gangbangers not the honest, law-abiding citizens.

Fear of government

I love my country, but I fear my government. They’re supposed to be working for us, not us working for them. This country is going down the tubes and we’ve got to get back to our morals.

More crow

I would like to see more of the blackbird or the crow that follows Ruthie around in the comic strip titled “One Big Happy.”

Cop stabbed

A few years ago, a North Chicago policeman was called to take care of a disturbance call and while he tried to clear the trouble, the man stabbed the policeman in the stomach. You didn’t read or hear about that. It was on the radio where his wife heard him calling for help. It sure wasn’t like the Darrin Hanna stories for months, was it?

Athletic policy

The love of basketball does not equate with committing a crime or any other violation. They should have kicked those five North Chicago players off the team and give those who did not violate the school’s athletic policy the chance to play the remainder of the season. Let’s not spoil the chance of winning a status symbol year.

Pope and paper

I stopped at the newsstand Feb. 12 and every paper had Pope Benedict on their front page. He’s an important man and The News-Sun put him on page 14 of their paper. It’s disgusting. I’m tired of this paper

Gas prices

What’s with these gas prices? Today it went up a dime since yesterday. Why are gas prices going up so high? Pretty soon you won’t be able to even get in your car and go anywhere. I feel sorry for these people that are on Medicare or Social Security if they have to go somewhere because they’re on a fixed income. The president isn’t doing a darn thing about it and something’s got to be done.

Public aid

Regarding the article on “Drug tests” concerning welfare recipients. I believe if you’re on any form of public aid or welfare you should be tested. The article also said that people are on public aid for a short period of time. There are people that have lived on welfare for their entire life and they spend the money like there is no tomorrow.

State and city

If you want to know what type of job Terry Link would do for the city of Waukegan just look at the fine financial shape of the state of Illinois.

Independent candidates

For this year’s upcoming elections, you have some people running as independent candidates. That means he or she won’t declare what party they stand for. So they shouldn’t get Democratic votes from Democratic areas. Independents are normally Republicans masquerading as an independent in order to steal Democratic votes. Democrats have to send a clear message and vote Democratic and not be divided by these independents.

A dead horse?

The Obama administration has released 10,000 pages of documents concerning the Benghazi attack. Don’t you think that it is time to stop flogging this dead horse?

Campaign literature

I wish Terry Link would stop sending his politically sick literature of a desperate politician that was given $5,000 by ComEd to increase our electric bills. Please, Terry, stop pointing a gun at me.


Concerning the president’s State of the Union speech. He discussed children in college. Let the children be children at home when they go to school, then they will learn things. Before that they will learn from the parents. He sounds like we are going to take that job away from the parents and that is going to be great. Every child needs nurturing, they need a mother and father. It’s not by sending them off to school and letting the school take the responsibility. I am very upset about this. Parents have to take responsibility for their children.

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