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Updated: April 20, 2013 2:30AM

Playing politics

Afghanistan is our longest running war where 66,000 American troops are in harm’s way. North Korea just detonated a nuclear device. The Syrian civil war is grown and Israel is getting involved. Now would be a good time to have a secretary of defense. But the Republicans would rather play politics and filibuster the nomination of Chuck Hagel for secretary of defense.

On the head

Regarding the letter to the editor titled “Our debt.” You hit the nail right on the head. Thank you.

PC police

The Boy Scouts are founded on Christian ideals and that organization should tell the self-appointed PC police to bug off. They shouldn’t bend to mob mentality, and if it does, it’ll lose its’ straight young men and their families.

Suspended players

Let’s fast forward two years and you’ll find the suspended North Chicago basketball players on the front page of this newspaper just like Jereme Richmond. If North Chicago really cared about these young men, the suspension would be upheld and they wouldn’t be playing. Sounds like they care more about a championship then teaching values to student athletes.

Done nothing

After listening to President Obama’s State of the Union Address, the only conclusion I can come to is that in four years he has done nothing. He hasn’t solved any problems and hasn’t made anything better. The budget is way out of control at $6 trillion dollars since he took office. Unemployment is still up and four million less people have jobs than when he came into office.

Four on the floor

I’ve got an idea how we can stop people from using cellphones or texting while they’re driving. Let’s go back to cars with manual transmissions with no power steering or directional signals. You’ll have to shift your car, use both hands to steer and you’ll need to stick your hand out the window to signal which way you’re going to go. That would stop them.

Don’t need a gun

Everybody wants gun control, but let’s look at this realistically. In a prison, there are absolutely no guns except the ones that are held by the officers. Yet, people die there. When a person kills another person they’re going to find anything to kill that person with and it doesn’t have to be a gun. John Wayne Gacy didn’t have a gun.

Praise Jesus

Praise the Lord. Judy Masterson finally found a self-reliant and loving black man to write about. It’s unfortunate she waited to write about him after his death. Mr. Whitehead is the shining example of poor, good, honest people of all color who came to Lake County for a better living. Praise Jesus for the sacrifices our grandparents made.

Drug testing

I could not believe the article in Our View that didn’t agree with welfare recipients being drug tested. I do know people who receive welfare that are doing drugs, drinking and smoking, getting manicures and sending money back home. I can’t afford these things and I am working full-time to support these people. Please pass drug testing for welfare recipients.

GE taxes

General Electric has paid a 2.3 percent tax rate for the last decade. If we are going to fix the debt, let’s start with the “people” who created it.

Sheriff Curran

It seems our illustrious Lake County sheriff decided he is not going to run for attorney general after heart-felt conversations with family and friends. Sounds like someone didn’t have any money or backing so he’s going to go back to giving illegal aliens driver’s license and not turn them over to ICE. In fact, I think we should make some room for Curran in the unemployment line.

Wait till next year

I see that spring training has started for the major leagues. I was wondering, with the Cubs raising their prices and being more worried about who’s going to play there in concert this summer, if we have another 100-plus losses in a season to look forward to. Thank you for giving it over to the fans and taking advantage of the Cub fans, as always.

Minimum wage

Regarding minimum wage. I believe the current wage is way too low and people depend on this pay to survive. The president is right, it should be raised to $9 an hour with cost-of-living adjustments. If the politicians would take a pay cut that could free up extra money to increase the minimum wage. People on the lower end of the pay scale keep our economy going. Politicians with a 15 percent approval rating should definitely take a pay cut.

The gall

I want to thank all those who voted for Obama and Obamacare. You have helped to kill me and others with afflictions. I have a gallbladder that looks like a bag of lumpy gold and I’m not going to get it out according to my doctor. I feel like a time bomb. Thank you all.

Lock down

Regarding the article in TOTC “Too many breaks.” Jereme Richmond has gotten way too many breaks. Now he’s not going to his treatment and counseling so enough is enough. He should get three years lock down, that’s it. If he ever achieves his goal as a basketball player and things go south on him he’ll say he never got a chance. Throw the book at the kid.

Russian gold

Last week, Russia bought three times the weight of the Statue of Liberty in gold bullion to prop up its money. Our illustrious leader is investing in solar panels, wind mills and electric car batteries. Who do you think is going to win the battle? We’re following Mr. “Chase a Crisis” at every single moment to make the U.S. into a Third World country.

Bears tickets

I’m a Bears fan and if your ticket prices are going up, then your playing needs to be better. We want to see some wins first before you raise ticket prices.

White bank robber

About the accused elderly bank robber. Apparently he is white because his picture isn’t in the paper. When they are black, you slap their photos all over the front page or second page. Come on News-Sun, let’s be fair.

Kudos for Michelle

Regarding the “Publicity stunt” TOTC article. A child being killed isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue. The child was just at the inauguration and she was from President Obama’s neighborhood. Michelle Obama is a mother and has a child about the same age. Kudos to the first lady.

Still together

The Illinois Senate has approved same-sex marriage. This makes me think of my Bohemian Aunt Ali and my other Aunt Laura. The lived together for 35 years and they are together still.

Secretary of defense

Republicans had no problem confirming Dick Cheney as secretary of defense. The only military experience he had was five student deferrals to avoid serving in Vietnam. Now they’re choosing to filibuster Chuck Hagel, a man who served honorably in Vietnam and deserves to be our next secretary of defense.

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