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Updated: April 21, 2013 3:08AM

$4 a gallon

Gas is $4.05 a gallon in Gurnee. Finally, the president will accomplish something. By the end of spring he should get his dream of $5 for a gallon of gas. What an accomplishment.

Terrible job

Regarding the article in TOTC “Great job.” This person states that Waukegan did a really great job on the streets. I happen to live in the highest taxpaying areas in the East Side of Waukegan and the roads were terrible during and after the snowstorm.

Natural gas line

The Korean home generator doesn’t run on pixie dust. It runs on natural gas, which the U.S. has a 100-year reserve. When was the last time your natural gas line was interrupted to your house? Probably never. Whereas your power supply of electricity has probably been interrupted at least once a year.

GOP filibusters

Republican obstruction continues. For the first time in American history, a cabinet nominee was brought to the Senate floor, filibustered by a minority of member and came up short of 60 votes. This comes as no surprise. Over the last six years the Republicans have filibustered over 390 bills.

Lobster on Link

My friend owns a food store and this guy was standing in line behind a lady that was using a Link card to buy lobster. He went off on her and told her that he’s paying for that lobster because he’s a taxpayer. He said that he works and still can’t have lobster. Why are we paying for somebody else’s Link card? This has got to stop and I praise that man for saying something to her.

Elvis impersonator

I would like to thank The News-Sun and their folks that contributed to enlighten us about a show at the Bull and Bear in Kenosha. We saw another show with Travis Morris impersonating Elvis and he was the closest impersonator I’ve ever seen that spoke and looked just like Elvis. There were a lot of folks crying which brought back all the memories and it being Valentine’s Day was fabulous. We certainly thank you News-Sun for publicizing it. Otherwise we would have never got there.

Olympic wrestling

For over five centuries the ancient Greeks celebrated the Olympics and throughout that entire time they had wrestling. Why are they eliminating wrestling now?

Ethnic groups

Dan Moran is very wrong about the schools in Waukegan not being integrated until 1968. That is not true. I graduated from Waukegan High School in 1958 and there were all kinds of ethnic groups. My father went to Whittier Grade School in the 1930s which had all types of ethnics, too. Dan Moran better check into things a lot closer before he makes statements.

Would Jesus shovel?

Although I never really discussed the subject I’m quite sure that Jesus would have been in favor of shoveling your front sidewalk in order to help your neighbors.

Bring troops home

The media just announced that America’s military has very little money. Their funds have been cut so much that they’re in a bind. Our military is so broke that they are trying to decide between leaving battle weary soldiers over in Afghanistan or sending partially trained soldiers into battle. How about the common-sense alternative of bringing them all home. Get them out of all those countries that we’re disturbing. Washington, D.C., announced that they want to give $100 million to Sierra Leone, but they can’t afford to train new recruits.

Obamacare profits

Medicare from 1981 was a lot different than to 2013. It had evolved to be a great program to meet the seniors’ needs. Now since Obamacare has passed, Obama somehow found $715 billion in savings but the savings didn’t go back into Medicare it went into Obamacare. As of October 2012, hospitals are now penalized for re-admitting seniors within one month of their initial discharge. There are billions of dollar fines that occurred, but have not been levied on the hospitals. You need to get your facts right because seniors are going to be suffering under Obamacare. The hospitals are all gearing up to take care of the younger patients that don’t require as much care and has a bigger profit margin in it.

The food chain

According to “10 Essentials” in the Feb. 16 News-Sun, silly rabbits are wreaking havoc on cars parked at Denver International Airport by eating spark plug cables and other wiring! To stop this problem, the bunnies are being removed, better fences are being installed and efforts to attract predator birds are being done. Let’s release some other natural predators, like feral cats! The whole point of life is the food chain! When we mess with the natural state of things, it throws everything off balance! Leave the cats alone, stop chemicals and poison, and you will help control mice, rats and rabbits, especially in Waukegan and other cities.

Every chance

In response to the latest Jereme Richmond story. I’m sick and tired of hearing about that kid. They’ve given him every chance in the world and he keeps breaking his probation and everything else. It’s time they just put him in jail and take away his rights to play in the games. I don’t care how good he is. It’s not right because most other people would be in jail.

Asteroids hurt people

This is to all the anti-gun advocates. When America was under attack by terrorists flying planes into the World Trade Center, did the Pentagon or any other U.S. facility stand up and outlaw planes? Did you outlaw box cutters because box cutters were used? What about a drunk who kills a person or multiple people? Do you outlaw cars? Get real and understand that a gun without a person is not going to hurt anybody. Go after the people who abuse the law. Also, by the way, are you going to outlaw asteroids that injured thousands of people in Russia?

Paying for mistakes

Wrong is wrong. Don’t blame anybody but yourself. Richmond made a mistake, he knew what he was doing and has to pay for it.

Todd rules

Patrick Roberts’ witty “Todd the Dinosaur” comic strip always brings a smile to my face, but where have the scam jokes gone. I love the hilarious scenes with Todd and his cute lemonade stand that employ crazy schemes of making money. But it’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen these jokes. Is the lemonade stand coming back? Because we all know Todd rules over Ruthie.

President’s job rating

The economy is picking up and the housing market is improving in all 50 states. I think President Obama is doing a great job. He also got bin Laden and he’s ending the two unjust wars started by the political right. So take that all you Obama bashers.

Controlling bullets

A lot has been written and said about controlling the ownership of pistols and other guns. It’s really the bullets that actually kill people, isn’t it? Why not control bullets instead?

Moving on out

I can’t wait until I move out of this state. Illinois sucks.

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