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Updated: April 22, 2013 2:48AM

Counting crows

You might not have any dead birds in your yard, but I do in my yard. I also have neighbors that feed stray cats and the only birds we have left now are crows.

Message received

Lightning strikes the Vatican after the pope resigns. Is that a message?

Most important thing

Regarding the article “Richmond back in jail for four days.” This kid doesn’t want to do anything he’s told, but yet he’s allowed to go play the game of basketball which is the most important thing in his life. If following the law isn’t the most important thing, then the most important thing in his life should be held back from him.

Code violations

I can’t believe that no building code officials are one bit surprised that there are multiple families living in single family homes in Waukegan. I know of multiple homes that have been reported for this violation and nothing is being done about it so why would it stop? Until the Waukegan officials finally enforce the laws that are on the books Waukegan will continue to be dumping ground. Can someone step up and do the job they’re being paid to do?

Another killing

What is going on in North Chicago? Every time you look up or turn around there’s another killing. What are the policemen doing? Why aren’t they like Waukegan? You don’t hear of much going on over there so they must have their city under control. The Waukegan police force needs to come over to North Chicago. It’s so sad. We need to get these people out of their seats and get some new fresh ideas and policemen.


In Grayslake, there was a home invasion with two intruders that had handguns and another had a baseball bat. A homeowner needs a semi-automatic weapon to properly protect themselves against multiple intruders.

For the birds

February is National Bird Feeding month. No wonder I saw a lot of happy frozen cats running around.

Drop a dime

I do understand that if you have information about murders or anything else in North Chicago and you’re afraid to call police because you don’t want to get involved. But pick up the phone and call Crime Stoppers or the Lake County Task Force. They don’t want your name and they don’t have to involve you, just give them the information. You have to become involved and take these murderers off the streets. The next misdirected bullet could be yours or a loved one.

Waukegan plows

In regard to the person saying Waukegan plows were three feet from the curb in front of their house should be thankful! I live on the west end of Yorkhouse Road and for some reason Waukegan plows it now. They plowed all the gravel that’s on the side of the road into my yard. I hope they plan on coming back in the spring to landscape my yard.

Tell the cops

Another kid killed in North Chicago. OK, folks you complain about the cops, how come you do not turn in these gangbangers.?You cannot complain about the cops when you are silent about the gangbangers. You know who is doing this. Now turn them in.

We will survive

Regarding the comment in the TOTC about “Full mailboxes.” You have a valid point about how many holidays per year there are on Mondays. Eliminate mail on Saturday because we don’t need it and can do without. We will survive.

The change

What a difference a change in Washington, D.C., comes about when you change presidents. While George Bush and Dick Cheney were in office all my friends were complaining about the high gas prices. They attributed those high prices to Bush and Cheney, the so-called oil men. Now we have President Obama in office and I don’t hear these same people complaining about oil prices. Who are they going to blame now? Why are gas prices so high? Is Barack Obama responsible like George Bush was?

A stick up

I guess we don’t need as much gun control as some people think. The gas stations are proving that. Just go to a gas station and watch how you get robbed without a gun.

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