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Updated: March 26, 2013 6:05AM

Anti-Hagel sentiment

This is to the person who think Republicans are obstructionists. They’re not going to approve Chuck Hagel because the guy is no good. Just because he’s a Democrat it doesn’t mean he’s going to be confirmed. The man is definitely anti-Israel and worked for a company that set up some machines to help elect your dear leader. The guy is a crook and I’m glad they’re filibustering him.

‘Can do’ alderman?

This is about the “City clerk position.” I had to laugh when I read the comments of the 2nd Ward alderman. He said that he has an ability to get the job done and he has a “can do” attitude. He’s known as the 2nd Ward “do nothing” alderman. He makes promises but doesn’t follow through with them. So, vote for him as city clerk so we can get a new alderman for our area that can help us and take care of us.

Bring Elvis to the house

I have read very good articles about Travis Morris, the Elvis impersonator who performs in Kenosha. I was hoping the Genesee Theatre could book him and perhaps keep the tickets at a cheaper price. I’m sure he would definitely fill up the theater.

Weakest Link

Regarding the article “Lobster on Link.” If you work and pay taxes, then you’re paying for the lazy people that have a Link card who can’t pay for their own food. Not only am I supporting my household, but I’m supporting a lot of theirs too. Isn’t that special.

Sweet dreams

In regard to the TOTC article “The president’s job rating.” What dream world is this person in or what is he or she really smoking?

The Motley crew

Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I want to thank the Motley campaign for pushing my family to vote for Terry Link. You need to research facts before spreading slander and lies.

Viva Vista!

I’ve been to Vista and their services are marvelous. They actually became a lot better when they reopened the old St. Therese Hospital, Vista West. It seems like people who get free health care complain about the services. But if they want to use the health care system, particularly the emergency rooms and private physicians, they are going to have to wait in line like everyone else. It also unbelievable that the state would deny Vista the right to build a hospital for fellow citizens who live in the northwest part of our county.

Armed for battle

This is about the latest shooting death and murder just outside the Marion Jones Housing Project. This is the same housing project earmarked to get $100 million to rebuild. That in itself is just crazy. It doesn’t need to be rebuilt. All they need is an elevated gun tower and guards with machine guns and that would cost far less than $100 million.

Pray for children lost

This is to the families of the two children who perished in the tragic car accident. I offer sincere condolences on behalf of your neighbors in Antioch and Lindenhurst as well as surrounding communities. We are devastated by your loss and pray for your strength and guidance to begin to heal. You are not alone in your grief. So many of us have been affected by this tragedy. Please God bless these families.

Tears for fears

This is regarding Jessie Jackson Jr. weeping openly in court for his misconduct and bad judgment for what the rest of the world would call blatant thievery. He’s a thief and he should be judged accordingly.

Bring troops home

Some people want the National Guard sent down south to protect our borders. We would have to get them back from Afghanistan where they don’t belong first.

Sad state of mind

I agree with the article “Moving on out” in the TOTC. This person says they can’t wait to move out of this state, because Illinois sucks. I feel the same way and I’m moving too.

Due diligence

The Republican certainly have shown extreme diligence in investigating the Benghazi attack. If only they had done the same in 2003, with weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, we would have been spared the Iraq war.

Little engine that could: I just invented an engine that runs on manure. With all the politicians out there, it won’t cost me a dime to run.

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