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Updated: April 24, 2013 2:24AM

Time off

Most workers in this country were lucky to get one day off for Presidents Day. But the president and Congress are off all week even after they just had several weeks of vacation at Christmas. Do they work for us or do we work for them?

Government jobs

The president of the U.S. should be called El Presidente. Gas prices are going up along with taxes on food and everything else. What effect is that having on the middle class? President Obama doesn’t care about middle-class Americans because every policy that he has espoused has taken money and power away from the middle class. The only people that are surviving in the middle class are those in Washington with government jobs.

No experience

Regarding “Playing politics” in TOTC. You’ve got most of your facts right, but let’s make it really clear. The reason that Chuck Hagel is not a qualified candidate for secretary of defense is because, while Chuck is a respected veteran, he has zero professional management experience. The Department of Defense and the Pentagon deserve to have a professional manager and Chuck Hagel doesn’t fit the bill. The divisiveness in selecting Chuck Hagel is Barack Obama because he knew that he’s not qualified for the position. That’s why we have the Republicans filibustering his nomination.

No difference

Regarding the Feb. 19 article “We’ll never see that pretty smile again.” With all this talk about gun control, please tell me what gun control would’ve done in this situation? Not a darn thing. These punks in the gangs have no regard for the law. You can add a thousand more laws on the books and it’s not going to make one bit of difference.


President Obama spent Presidents Day golfing in Florida on the American taxpayers’ dime, along with his security and entourage. He forgot to tell us he left us a present, that gas prices in America have gone up 23 days in a row.

First offense

A soft sentence should be given to Jesse Jr. and Sandy because they did not know what they did. After all, it was their first offense. If they get a harsh sentence then all of the other politicians will have to get the same. Let’s keep Illinois corrupt.

The chair

The electric chair should be immediately reinstated in Illinois. The crimes of murder are of horrific nature and need to be met with equal measure.

Stirring the pot

Can somebody please tell me how the TOTC is getting away with printing some of these comments, especially the latest one from the gall bladder patient. The person states that he or she can’t get their gall bladder removed because of Obamacare. How has Obamacare effected his or her ability to have their gall bladder removed? You’re just stirring up the pot and creating problems and dissent. It’s disgusting. Is it the only page in the paper that keeps you alive and makes people want to read this stuff? You’re the Enquirer.

Medical research

I read the article about the ladies and the stray cats and the program they have and the contacts. I cut out the article and sent it to the University of Wisconsin where they also have a program for stray cats. They do medical research on them. Hopefully, a big truck will come down from Wisconsin and pick up all those strays.

His idea

How many more times will President Obama break his promise? He is so used to not keeping his word no one is surprised anymore, and nobody cares. Obama said sequestration is bad, etc., etc. But he forgot that sequestration was his idea. It will not surprise anyone if he blames President Bush or the tsunami if things turn out bad as a result of sequestration.

Link cards

I read the article about lobster on Link cards. I know I get tired seeing this always happening. I was behind a young lady buying a candy bar with her Link card and getting $80 back cash. This is so wrong. They shouldn’t be able to get cash. I also believe in drug screening to get that card. I have drug screening at work so I can get my check.

Link card police

I get so tired of the Link card police. Some man went off on a lady that bought a lobster with the Link card. If I ever bought a lobster with a Link card, I’m the one you should step to. Make my day.

Checked out

I understand that people need housing and pubic aid, but why aren’t they being checked out? It’s really bad.

A dead street

In response to Waukegan’s great job plowing. If you live on Glen Flora west of Green Bay Road, your street never gets plowed. Also, that same street never gets any potholes filled. It’s like a dead street that nobody is supposed to use because it is terrible condition year round.

A prayer

I pray that the federal government intervenes in North Chicago and completely overhauls the school system, the mayor and the police department. The worst part is that North Chicago is surrounded by Fortune 50 and 500 companies! I cannot understand why the companies that border and are within the borders of North Chicago aren’t offered an incentive tax break for jobs provided to North Chicago residents who want to work. I pray that not only does God hear and answer this prayer, but that the inept leadership in North Chicago also hears the same message.

Mind your business

I have some news for the person who is proud of their friend for yelling at a women who paid for a lobster using her Link card. Sorry to break it to you, but your friend is a jerk. If he wants lobster that bad, he should quit his job and live a life of poverty, so he can qualify for state aid, and then use a portion of his meager monthly allowance on lobster. Or he can stop worrying what other people are eating, and spend that extra energy working harder at his job, so that he can get a raise.

Background checks

Gun violence rips through communities and destroys so many lives — the innocent victims and the youth that have easy access to guns that pull the triggers. Our existing gun ownership laws should be universally enforced and can be if Congress mandates background checks for each and every gun purchase. Now is the time. No more children should have to die or have their lives destroyed.

Oil refineries

The oil companies are the most profitable businesses in the history of this planet. Every time that gas prices spike, the excuse is that there are not enough oil refineries. You would think that the most profitable businesses in the history of this planet could afford to build a few refineries.

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