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Updated: March 27, 2013 6:03AM

Community steps up

It’s a wonderful story about citizens coming forward with this North Chicago killing. It’s about time, though. Many times, the residents in the cities know who is killing, but refuse to come forward and help the cops arrest the people doing the crime. People cannot sit there and not get involved and blame the government or the cops. They can only blame themselves. Hopefully, the incident in North Chicago will set an example for other communities and it will continue.

Doing right

Kudos to those people of North Chicago for coming forward. Code of silence? There is no honor among thieves. They’re doing the right thing by God.

More laws

I am very concerned about our elected officials. They have spent weeks expounding about gun control. Chicago doesn’t have a gun problem, they have a gang problem. These same officials saw fit to reduce mental health care a few years ago. Are they really so stupid that they think gangbangers of psychopaths are concerned about more laws?

Bigger prison

I think Illinois needs to build a bigger prison to house all those Illinois Democrats that have been crooked for the last 45 years. It just keeps growing and growing. I don’t know how we’re ever going to afford this because there are more coming.

Can’t say ‘no’

We have plenty of various birds and squirrels that we feed every winter, along with two feral starving cats. We’re buying cat food for them now and you just can’t say no because they’re hungry.

Could have called

The Obamas are at it again by wasting millions of the taxpayers’ money. Whatever they had to do, he could have made a phone call and accomplished the same thing.

Less campaign funds

I have a good idea for all the voters in Illinois. Vote for the person who has the least amount of money to campaign with. The people that have lots of money to campaign are backed by the machine and all you get is a bunch of crooks in office. If you vote for the ones with the least amount of money, you’re going to get the better politician.

Where’s the praise?

Wasn’t that long ago that everyone was coming down on the North Chicago police. They got this thug that killed that girl off the street. But, I’m still not hearing any praise for the police.

School overload

This is about TOTC “Code violations.” Not only should the city be checking on these housing code violations, but it’s dangerous to have several families living in one house. Also, they are not being accounted for. They pay one tax, but they’ve got eight children going to the same school. They’re overloading the school system with tons of children. It’s an overburden on resources for this whole county with all these welfare recipients. Enough is enough.

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