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Updated: April 28, 2013 2:20AM

Common sense

Obama is responsible for the high price of gas and the slow recovery. Fracking and the known oil reserves came near the end of the Bush administration. Obama has now assigned the approval of the Keystone Pipeline to John Kerry who is an environmentalist and doesn’t favor it. Canadian tar sands sell at a big discount to Brent and West Texas Intermediate, and is the perfect crude to make diesel and asphalt, such as in roofing and black top. This would help underwrite Obama’s so-called housing recovery and his road building job stimulus packages. Only common sense would tell you that you would want to take advantage of a plentiful low cost source of crude.

Second Amendment

The Founding Fathers really laid it all out for us if you’re willing to read the entire Second Amendment. They were talking about a well-regulated militia.

Dream Act

It’s estimated that the passage of the Dream Act would result in $10 billion in increased taxes. Talk about a no-brainer.

Slap in the face

Jessie Jackson Jr. got a slap on the wrist for his plea deal and the taxpayers of Illinois got a slap in the face. Plea deals are not for everyone.

Sharing nature

This is about “Counting crows.” Right now, I have about eight or nine doves, some sparrows, chickadees, a cardinal, a blue jay, a woodpecker, and they’re all existing with the squirrels on the ground and in the feeders. I’m still feeding the cats. I highly doubt your cats are killing birds. The birds are out during the day and the cats are out at night.

Republican hate

It’s obvious to anyone that has one-half a brain that the Republicans hate President Obama far more than they love our country.

Drop in the bucket

I don’t understand all this hysteria about this sequestration that’s going on. The $84 billion in cuts to the federal government is like a drop in the bucket. What these fools in Washington should be doing is cutting at least $1 trillion from their budget every year.

Stop complaining

Dear “Carbon footprint”: I, and probably a lot of others, am so sick of you and other people complaining about Obama. If you think that you can do any better, then why don’t you run for office. Good luck.

More diversity

Oak Crest School in Beach Park doesn’t have an African-American teacher working in their school. Someone needs to look into more diversity in that school. They haven’t even had a Black History Month program, which is this month. Start hiring people that are going to able to adapt to our students.


I read your editorial about high gas prices and I never read such malarkey in my life. The reason why oil and gas prices are so expensive in the U.S. is because you have a president that will not acknowledge that we have plenty of reserves here. We need to streamline the process of approving refineries and pipelines, etc. There’s no comprehensive energy plan.

Cut them off

The only spending cuts that should be implemented is for the pay of the senators and congressmen be cut off. They don’t get paid until they do their job properly. The proper job is to get rid of the waste. For instance, Jessie Jackson Jr. is going to prison, but he’ll be getting a pension for the rest of his life. Some of these people only work for four years and then they get a life-time pension. We’ve got to stop this stupidity.


The reason why gas stations raise their prices when the price of crude oil goes up is they won’t have enough money to buy the next shipment of gas otherwise. It’s called surviving in business.

Blame the theorists

Quit complaining about the snow plowing. It melts in a few days. You should be blaming these global warming theorists. They even had me believing up until a month ago that Lake County was going to be as warm as Arizona. In fact, I was planning on marketing my house in Waukegan as a winter getaway.

Why work?

This is in response to the person who said Fortune 500 companies looking for tax breaks or incentives for jobs provided to North Chicago residents who want to work. With welfare, free health care, free housing and food stamps, who wants to go to work?

Need oil refineries

This is about the oil refinery comments in the TOTC. The oil companies are making a lot of money, but they say that they can’t process the oil. They’re not allowed to build refineries because of the EPA. The gas will keep going up because you elected a dear leader that wants $5 for a gallon gas and there’s no way to stop it. Until we let these companies build oil refineries, we will be constantly going under the gun.

No clue

About TOTC “Carbon footprint.” The president is flying all over the place. Does anybody realize why he does this? It’s not that he’s campaigning again, because he can’t be re-elected unless he changes that law. It’s because he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing in the White House. The man couldn’t balance the budget on a lemonade stand. He’s offering no guidance or support.

Hang on to your socks

I would like to offer a word of advice to the Gurnee village employees. Now that the city has outsourced benefit management to this Right Benefit Strategies Corp., I hope you guys are hanging on to your socks. Abbott outsourced the processing of benefit issues approximately the middle of last year, and let’s just say they make more mistakes than they get right. Retiree benefits are totally fouled up at Abbott thanks to the outsources they did of benefits, records and documents. I hope Gurnee did a better job then Abbott, because if they didn’t, you guys are going to get blown away.

They don’t care

Never believe that the Republican Party is really the party of pro-life. They’re actually the party of pro-fetus because the moment those children are born they could starve in the streets for all the Republicans care.

Never in 30 years

Over the last 30 years, how many times has an armed civilian stopped a massacre? Zero.

Who’s paying?

Before the November election, some Democrats complained that the senior prescription drug benefit was passed under Bush, but not paid for. I would like to know where the federal government is going to get money to pay for the 900,000 people that the state of Florida is going to add to Medicaid as long as the federal government will pay for it for three years.

Unevitable outcome

The handwriting is on the wall. When Texas goes blue in 2020, it’ll be all over baby.

Guardian angels

A big thank you to a police officer and another gentleman who stopped to assist me as I was on my way home from Aldi on my power chair Feb. 23. The battery died. They stayed with me and drove me home safely.

Winter parking

The Waukegan Police Department needs to do their job and ticket these cars on the side streets that are parked on both sides of the street. The snow plows can’t get through and they should do something about that.

ID required

In regard to the Link cards and food stamps. Why is it that you’re not allowed to ask for identification from a person using a Link card? Some form of ID should be provided to prove that the Link card belongs to them. Too many times in line I’ve seen people using two or three Link cards on the same order. When I mentioned it to the cashier, she told me that they’re not to ask for ID. It’s blatant fraud.

Simple solution

There’s a very simple way to stimulate the economy and collect some new taxes, but not at the rate that Obama wants to get them. The U.S. companies have $1.7 trillion in profit in foreign accounts because they made these profits overseas. They don’t want to bring that money back into the U.S. because they’re going to have a 35 percent in corporate taxes on them. Why not eliminate the corporate tax and give out special dividends like many corporations did in December. I personally received nearly $10,000 in special dividends in December. I’m going to take that money when the weather breaks and do some repairs on my house. This is going to create jobs, create spending and the government will collect its 20 percent in capital gains tax.

Michelle a star?

Why did Michelle Obama give out the Oscar for the best movie? Is she an actress now, too?

Battle of Obamas

It’s fun to watch Obama 2013 having a fight with Obama 2012. It was Obama 2012 who proposed and demanded the $85 billion in cuts and it’s Obama 2013 who is now against the $85 billion in cuts. Kind of funny, don’t you think?

What’s next?

Here’s a wake up call for all you Link users. The state of Illinois is going broke, so what are you going to do next? Rob a bank?


The Senate confirmed Robert Bacharach to the United States Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit in Oklahoma. Judge Bacharach waited 263 days for a Senate floor vote, only to be approved overwhelmingly, by a vote of 93-0. Not only was Judge Bacharach supported by the two Republican Senators from Oklahoma, he was recommended to the White House for this judgeship by Senator Coburn in October 2011. Yet, early last summer, Senate Republicans blocked Judge Bacharach from even getting an up or down vote – the first successful filibuster of a judicial nominee who had bipartisan support in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Republicans even filibuster judges they like!

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