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Updated: April 1, 2013 7:02AM

Real job training

It’s great that Judy Masterson wants to be an advocate for the black community. But let’s advocate for something that’s really going to change the black community, which is training that leads to real jobs. Obamacare is coming into effect in a few months. The College of Lake County College would be the perfect place to partnership along with all the pharmaceutical companies in Lake County to provide training that leads to jobs. You recently did an article about how Walgreens has their own university for in-house training to advance their employees. We should start training the young people in the black community of Waukegan and North Chicago so that they can get their foot in the door at Walgreens, Abbott Labs or Acorn, and advance themselves.

Handicap snow drop

This is about Winthrop Harbor’s snow removal. I would like to pay a compliment to the men or women that cleared the snow at the Harbor Plaza in downtown Winthrop Harbor. They did a great job, but just one problem, you piled all the snow in the handicapped spots. Thanks a lot, that was really nice of you.

What about good guys?

There is a lad from Waukegan who was a failure in college basketball and it looks like a failure in life. But he gets a lot of press. On the other end of the county in Mundelein, a youngster is successful at college basketball in Wisconsin and was named player of the week in the “Big Ten.” But he can’t get two lines of press.

They’re in a meeting

This is a question for the citizens of Beach Park. Is it ironic that every time you call the village and ask to speak to someone they’re always in a meeting? I guess this is the latest way for them to screen their calls and only talk to people who agree with them. We need a little more professionalism in that village hall.

Why the outrage?

Why all the outrage over Michelle Obama’s Oscar presentation? Both Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan spoke at the Oscars.

World of make believe

Many of today’s politicians would make good actors. They live in a world of make believe and they want us to believe that the economy is good.

Biased reporting

I think Judy Masterson’s reporting of the things going on in North Chicago are very biased, racist and bigoted. She never says anything positive about the good things in North Chicago. I was born and raised in North Chicago. I have neighbors of all ethnic groups. It’s time to get rid of her and hire someone that’s going to be equally fair to everyone. It’s people like her that are helping to bring down the town instead of praising it and saying how good it is.

Chinese control

China just announced that they bought another billion dollars worth of U.S. energy reserves. This comes to about $30 billion of reserves that China controls in the U.S. You don’t have to worry about OPEC because China, slowly but surely, is going to buy up Americas energy reserves and they’re going to be able to manipulate the price, supply and they’re going to export their profit back to China. That is giving their industry an unfair advantage over the U.S. industries. The reason why American companies are selling their energy reserves to China is because Obama will not approve pipelines nor will he approve any gas liquefaction plants to export our energy. That would bring in higher profits thereby underwriting the U.S. energy needs. There are 15 plants that have permits in to the EPA that have not been approved. Only one plant has been approved. The U.S. companies are taking their technology to Canada and building gas liquefaction plants to export Canadian gas.

Right-turn lanes

I am constantly stuck at the intersection of Washington Street and Route 83 in Grayslake, and sat through a year of construction. Why didn’t the people that spent $1 million fixing that intersection put in some right turning lanes? Great planning, guys.

Where’s the news?

What is up with your newspaper? There is nothing newsworthy in the paper.

Get back to work

I believe it’s time for the Obamas to stop auditioning for Hollywood celebrity status and get back to work.

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