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Updated: May 8, 2013 2:45AM

Hurtful comments

In response to the “Dog catcher” remark about Terry Link. He has secured $57 million in the past 16 years for the city of Waukegan of which $500,000 of that was for the ArtSpace project. Your comments are false, hurtful and low class — just like your city.


About the comment about where the obituaries are in The News-Sun. Does it matter if it’s on the last page or the middle of the page? It’s in the paper. Would you rather have the obituaries on the front page? Hmm.

Cleared streets

I would like to send a shout out to the Beach Park workers for clearing the streets from snow. It makes the mail deliveries so easy. You can pull right up to the mail box like it’s a summer day. It’s beautiful. Thank you, Beach Park.

Congressional furloughs

Why don’t all the House members and the Senate take furloughs like other federal workers? Cut their salaries, pensions and health care 100 percent.

Good energy news

There’s a little bit of good news toward energy independence for the U.S. North Dakota just approved a 20,000 barrel-a-day refinery. It’s going to take 18 months to build and it’s only going to refine diesel. To give you a better perspective, the Mobile Exxon refinery in Joliet is 12 times the size but it’s a step in the right direction. Hopefully more of these small independents will join up with the pipeline companies to build some more of these tiny refineries to help beat energy dependence.

Lower administrator pay

Until the administrator’s pay comes in line with that of the school district’s teachers, then you can put out a bond issue. Some of these administrators are making more than the governor of this state. You’ve got to be kidding me. Go online and check out how much the superintendent of your district makes.

Bring back favorites

I agree with “When will the doctor be in.” The Dr. Komaroff’s column gave people ideas of what to ask when you went to the doctor and the different medicines that might help you. You should bring back the stock listings that you had six or seven years ago, also. As a kid I was always interested in those stocks listings and as a 19-year-old, I bought five shares of stock instead of buying an stereo system for my car. Evidentially, those stocks went bust, but it was part of a learning curve. As time went on, I learned how to invest because of those listings and the advice that was in the stock market column. Please don’t make the subscribers pay more for less of a paper.

Double standard

President Obama is a terrible leader. He spends all of his time campaigning, demonizing the opposition and disrespecting the views and opinions of almost half of the country. There was 47 percent of people that didn’t agree with his views, yet he claims he has a mandate for the entire country. When Mitt Romney made a comment about 47 percent of the people supporting President Obama no matter what, he was soundly criticized for it. It seems like a double standard to me.

$250 million in aid

Are you kidding? The U.S. is sending John Kerry to Saudi Arabia to give them $250 million worth of aid?

Best thing to happen

Now that the sequester is in full effect, the first thing you see is HUD in Chicago complaining that they don’t have enough money to subsidize housing. I’m tired of subsidizing other people’s housing. I’m fed up with all these deadbeats that sit around and wait for the government to write a check to pay their rent every month. I think maybe this is the best thing that can happen because it just might get some of these lazy people off their duffs to go out and get a job.

Warrant arrests

We the citizens of Lake County would like to thank the Lake County sheriff and all the other officers for being involved last week with all the warrant arrests. Great job!

Customer service

The Comcast payment center in Waukegan is terrible. I went there one morning and there were 25 people ahead of me in line. It took an hour before I got waited on and there were 35 people behind me. There are no separate lines; only one long line. Why doesn’t Waukegan do something about this?

Not yet a victory

It’s kind of belittling to read that Rockingham is blasting the other North Chicago candidates that ran against him. Before he smokes his victory cigar, he should take note that he took 400 votes out of approximately 1,100. He may not realize that up to 700 votes were not just split among the others, but were against him. So before you smoke that cigar, make sure it’s lit.

Sour grapes

Thank you for those who decided to spread the truth about Ald. Valerie DeVost and her run for mayor. It is sour grapes. Valerie, get over it.

Republicans, take heed

The Republicans need to do their homework. Every time Obama and his cronies say that sequestration will cut spending for police and teachers, for example, they can counter with other things that should be cut. For instance, the billions of dollars to Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood, unemployment benefits for people who are in jail, or new interstate roads that are costing $14 million a mile to build. The list goes on and on.

Brain dead

Obama finds it necessary to cut money for defense, thereby weakening our military and Congress, while trying to balance the budget, finds it necessary to give $325,000 for robotic squirrels, $99,000 for tax-funded vodka, $700,000 for a climate change musical (I’m not kidding!) and $400,000 for IRS-TV. I think they are all brain dead and need replacement.

Figments of imagination

How can weathermen predict the weather for climate change 100 years out when they can’t even predict when we’re going to get snow 12 hours before? Climate change is just a figment of someone’s “grant” imagination. The government dishes out grants to people who believe in climate change by the boatloads.

Lied into war

The Iraq War cost the American people about $800 billion. Factor in long-term care for our wounded veterans; it’s over $1 trillion. Over 4,000 Americans are dead, over 30,000 Americans are injured or maimed for life and over 100,000 Iraqis are dead. This all happened because the Bush administration lied us into this war!

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