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Updated: May 6, 2013 6:10AM

Gun-control agenda

It is shameful that President Obama is using as props the survivors of those who were killed by gunfire to advance his gun-control agenda. It is unconscionable and heartless to bring the grieving to the White House for his political reasons.

Dozing on the job

The tollway supervisor was caught sleeping on the job. I’m sick and tired of paying high taxes and high tolls to pay union wages of $78,000 a year. He should be fired. I’m sure he is not the only one doing that. They should all be fired.

Road cleanups

If would be very nice if the county could clean up the roads in the forest preserves as quickly as they pick up a political sign that might be a couple inches in the right of way. I think our priorities are a little screwed up, especially in the Beach Park and Zion area. It seems no one cares.

Honest answers

The supervisor from the Illinois Tollway was caught sleeping on the job. Did anyone find out if it was his lunch hour or regular break time? No. But right away Rita Mayfield has to jump in the middle of it and start making all these accusations. I used to nap at lunchtime everyday. So let’s get some honest answers.


Chimpanzee DNA matches human DNA 95-plus percent. If I gave you a sandwich made of 95 percent dirt, would you eat it? No, because it’s dirt. This does not mean there is no God. Humanoids are far older than the Scriptures and evolution brought us good traits, language and the ability to think outside of what our less-educated ancestors wrote on animal skins, which was then translated multiple times into your English Bible.

Pope Francis

I am not a Catholic, but I do pay attention to popes. At the Easter Address, Pope Frances spoke out against capitalistic greed. I like this fellow.

Real news

Why doesn’t this newspaper report on real news that is of interest to its readers? Who cares what Ralph Peterson thinks about a police officer arrested for DUI? Surely there is something more important going on in the area than that. Stop giving this guy press coverage and he will go back where he came from and your readers will be overjoyed.

PJs in public

Some people go out in public wearing PJs. There should be a law. I was at the store on Sunday and there was a woman shopping in her PJs. Also, I have people in my area that go outside to their cars or to pick up their newspapers dressed in sleepwear.

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