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Updated: June 13, 2013 9:09PM

Red Hats

This is to the people who wear hats throughout the seasons. I want to thank the ladies of the Red Hat Society wherever they are. I can’t afford to join the group or travel to the restaurants, but once in awhile I’ll spot one of them in their finery. If they’re at the Warren-Newport Library, I’ll stop by and say hello and they’re always charming, courteous and thoughtful. As an outsider, I admire their hats. Hats off to the ladies of the Red Hat Society and carry on.

Political theater

Obama and his Cabinet returning part of their salaries is a joke. All Obama has to do is cancel one of his boondoggle trips on Air Force One and he could pay himself and his cabinet for many years. This is political theater on the part of people who have never had real jobs.


I keep seeing complaints about President Bush and Iraq. You seem to have forgotten 9/11, the thousands of lives lost and the terrorist attack on American soil. England reported weapons of mass destruction to us and he believed them. Our present president sent troops into Afghanistan shortly after entering office and this seems to be acceptable. He has zero experience with the military.

One foot

To the TOTC writer who indicated his/her driver’s ed instructor taught them to use their left foot to brake and that you feel it should be used for both the brake and gas. Unless you are physically challenged on your right side, I believe you are even more confused than your driver’s ed instructor. The reason the right foot is the preferred foot for braking is to assure that your foot is off the gas pedal when you brake. Particularly in an emergency stop, if you use your left foot to brake, there is good probability your right foot will not release its pressure on the gas pedal. It is errors like this that cause a car to hop over curbs and spin out of control. Using the right foot for braking is not mandatory, but it is absolutely the safest foot to use when braking. By the way, when I was in drivers ed, we were failed if we were caught braking with our left foot.

Unread laws

Is it not enough that Obamacare is the most controversial law that was ever passed in the annals of the U.S. Congress? President Obama again wants Nancy Pelosi to be speaker of the House so Obama and Pelosi can pass unread laws again!

Holly’s gone

We need to have a ASPCA in this area where they fight for animals’ rights. Right now, I’m fighting for my pug’s life. She was murdered at this 24-hour emergency place. I took her there and they put her to sleep without my permission. When I got down there she was already gone and they had me sign all these papers. I was so upset I didn’t realize what I was doing. While I have one lawyer on the case, it has already been a year and she says I only have two years left to go. I’m going to get my Holly her rights on this earth no matter what I’ve got to do.

Bus belts

School buses should be equipped with safety belts for the children. We have a safety belt law for drivers, but our lawmakers need to protect the children on buses, also.

Airport taxiways

Regarding the article “State money to upgrade Waukegan airport taxiways.” I thought since the sequester they were shutting down all the small towers and I think Waukegan qualifies as one of them. Why put $1.2 million into upgrades of an airport that isn’t going to have a control tower? That’s kind of stupid isn’t it? That’s like having your car painted after you’ve found out the motor is blown and it’s not worth fixing.

Tower open

To the person saying it is quieter with the tower closed at Waukegan Regional (now National) Airport, get your facts straight! The tower is still open and will be until at least June 15.

A winner

Thank you Bob Sabonjian and Waukegan for keeping the casino out. You had some great candidates running for office, but their only flaw was all the money they spent on campaign signs. You’ve been a winner for the last four years and the Lord knows it.

Bus crash

Regarding the school bus accident on Route 173. It’s unfortunate that a man was killed, but he had to be going very fast for that school bus to be flipped and turned upside down that way it was. I do believe and hope and pray to God that they investigate this accident because that bus driver was an excellent driver. She had been driving students to and from school for a long time.

Bus crash, Part II

There was an accident on Wadsworth Road and no one has asked how the bus driver is doing. I personally know the bus driver and they’re attacking her already without even investigating the situation. I’d like to know what’s going on.

Armed in the streets

You must have armed guards in the streets, the malls and parks because that’s the only way we can stay free.

Full benefits

Social Security has $2 trillion in the bank. It’s not broke. It can give out full benefits for the next 25 years without a problem and with a few minor adjustments it can give out full benefits forever.

Our money

About Obama lowering Social Security benefits. That’s not his money to be lowering. That’s our money that we’ve put in ourselves and through the companies we worked for many years. Cut the government officials’ pay.

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