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Updated: June 5, 2013 6:03AM

Pace buses

I’d like to know why these Pace buses are so crowded with students where they can’t even sit down. If the driver gets into an accident, some of them will be jammed up into the windshield.

Suitcase cash

Is John Kerry so inept that he keeps flying around with suitcases full of American tax dollars. I’m getting sick of seeing him hand over suitcases full of money. What’s going on? Somebody’s got to cut up Obama’s credit cards.

Yard businesses

If the person that called in thinks they have it bad in their neighborhood with landscaping businesses, then they should see the corner of McKay and Lewis Avenue in Waukegan. The new mayor and the alderman should help the residents with this situation and get something done because the alderman from the past didn’t care. No business should be run out of a yard in a local residential neighborhood.

Smokers’ rights

Smokers have rights, too. I love to smoke and I don’t intend on stopping. If you would obey God’s laws you wouldn’t judge others. Just read the Bible and learn.

Bus accident

I just heard the newscast about the bus accident in Wadsworth. It appears the bus driver ran a into a Jeep Wrangler killing the driver. The Lake County Coroner stated that the man driving the jeep had prescription drugs in his system. What does that matter? There are millions of people driving around with prescription drugs that they have to take daily. What actually happened? Did the bus driver run the red light or stop sign?

Disability pass

They raised the disability pass for buses from $35 to $50. I’ve been buying a pass for years, I’m a senior citizen not receiving Social Security. I can’t afford the $15 raise because I have to stay on a budget so I rarely take a bus for public transportation. I could ask a neighbor in the subsidized housing, who is much younger to share a monthly pass, as it would only cost $25, but why should they, they’re getting SSI and riding for free. I’ve seen them on Metra in leaps and bounds, so you figure it out, America. The Metra people are inept and can’t stay on their budget. We know why.

Glorify gangs

No wonder North Chicago is in the condition it’s in. They try to glorify the gangs by putting up memorial street signs relating to people being killed by gang members. The woman that was killed recently shouldn’t have been roaming around that alley in the first place.

Neighborhood watch

This comment is for our “Neighborhood Watch.” Thank you for being out there. Thank you so much to all the angels out there watching out for all our neighbors.

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