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Updated: August 12, 2013 7:18AM

Metal detectors

The restaurant and bar owners make a huge amount of money. It’s time to take a little bit of that money and put in a metal detector in their stores. When people walk in and it goes off there will be a person there to check you. If you’ve got a gun on you, then here’s your receipt and you can pick it up when you leave. Also, they shouldn’t be welcome to come back.

Can’t do it

If the city of Highland Park told me that they’re going to take your guns, there would be a gun fight. That’s the Second Amendment and you can’t do that to me.

Bikers should use paths

Why did Highwood or the State of Illinois put these bike paths in all the way from Sheridan Road in Highwood through Lake Forest along the railroad tracks? The bikers don’t even use them. They ride in the middle of the road and look at everyone who is spending money on license plates and tags like we’re a bunch of idiots. I say get them back on the bike path and get them off the roads.

Whiskey junction

So I see that Highwood is holding a Beer Fest, a Bloody Mary Fest and thinking of other fests that they can have. Are we turning this town back into a whiskey junction like it was during WWII? Think about it.

Memories of Slater’s

I just read an article in the News-Sun about Slater’s Barbecue, it brought back a lot of memories. I use to work at Midline Dexter which was close to Slater’s and at lunch time we would go cash our checks and go straight to Slater’s when we got off. I’d take the barbecue to my mom and dad, sisters and brothers and would always get the rib tips. Then of course we would go up to Made Right to get hamburgers on the weekends on Belvedere St. But of course, they’re gone, too.

He’s an American

Why does the sequestration only affect the American people and not the president. I thought he was an American, too. Why doesn’t he feel the strain of the sequestration? He’s out flying around the world looking at the beautiful clouds when he should be feeling some of the pinch also. He’s was the one who wrote the bill.

Lame stream media

“Not his fault” in TOTC is blaming Obama for the price of oil. This remark comes from a left wing extremist who is unfair and unbalanced. The submitter states that conservatives are people who feel that Barack Obama is not being blamed for the gas prices and refers to them as comics. The problem is not that it’s Obama’s fault or that gas prices are up, the problem is the lame stream media was all over Bush every time the gas went up three cents. When Bush left office in 2008, gas prices were $1.68 a gallon.

In criminals’ hands

The Illinois politicians are basically Democrat and they don’t like guns in anyone’s hands except their own body guards. On a recent weekend, 11 people were killed in Chicago and 67 were wounded. I’d like to know how many of those shootings were at the hands of anyone with a F.O.I.D. card or Conceal and Carry card. The Democrats in Illinois are morons. Changing gun control laws isn’t going to keep the guns out of the hands of the criminals. Criminals don’t follow the law and that’s why they call them criminals.

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