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Updated: November 6, 2013 6:03AM

Save Antioch Theatre

Please don’t let us lose the Antioch Theatre. It’s the only place the teenagers can go who don’t have a car. Even the seniors enjoy the movies over there. Don’t lose it.

Cost is too high

In regard to the front page of your Sept. 24 paper “Horrendous conditions.” It seems to me that Waukegan City Hall could have housed the police officers without spending the extra money on a building like that. The city owns a garage, so why not utilize that instead of the art studio? I don’t think the city can afford to put money into an aging infrastructure like that building.

Smelly samples

It is disgusting to open the paper and smell those perfumes samples. It literally make me sick, so please don’t do that again.

‘It’s disgraceful’

In response to the article in TOTC “Punch happy.” Its’ disgraceful. Our policemen and women are out everyday defending ignorant and ungrateful people. It frightens me to think that you might have children who are being raised to talk and think as you do.

Magical pond

This is an update about the pond in back of the Zion Senior Cottages. We have so many people to thank. First of all, I want to thank all of you who supported this project. We also want to thank the landscaping crews for taking down a couple of areas of six-foot-tall bug-infested weeds, cleaning the drain and thick algae. We also have our fountain installed and it’s just so beautiful and clean. Once again we can open our windows and get fresh air and not be blocked off by tall embedded weeds. We can see the reflection of the trees in the water and, slow but sure, the geese and ducks are returning. Hopefully this magical pond is going to stay with us for a long time.

Reporting fraud

What’s the phone number and the process where we can call in and report somebody who’s collecting food stamps but is making good money?

All talk

This comment is in regards to Route 53. They’ve already spent $2 billion on studies and are just talking about it.

Get rid of phones

Regarding the article in TOTC about seniors getting less money for heating bills from the government. Why are they giving free cellphones and minutes to people by way of food stamps? What does a cellphone have to do with getting food into your stomach? They should eliminate the cellphones and then they will have a lot more money to give to the seniors and the unemployed.

Good choice

I think the appointment of retired Chief of Police Ray Rose of Mundelein to the Lake County Undersheriff is an excellent choice of Sheriff Curran. We will be very well served by Undersheriff Rose, a professional law man, which is what we need in Lake County.

Who believes?

President Obama is “promising” us all that the cost of medical insurance will be much lower under Obamacare. That would be great news, but how could Obama be believed? He has very clearly lied too much already and only those who are depending on government freebies believe in him.

Pop-up ads a menace

Pop-up ads on the computers are just like the government rules and regulations. You get them shoved down your throat whether you like them or not.

Not in vain

Senator Ted Cruz’s 21-hour pseudo filibuster was not in vain. Obamacare is still the law of the land, but thanks to Senator Cruz, Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham” is now in the congressional record. Maybe next time he can read “Fox in Socks.”

Bad influence

It’s a disgrace if you have children ages 12 to 13 and you’re buying them video games like “Grand Theft Auto.” That game is a bad influence on them and if they wind up in jail you’re half the problem. This game is a No. 1 seller because people like you are buying it for them.

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