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Updated: December 2, 2013 11:22AM

Stop smoking

I’m so sick and tired of hearing everybody complain that obese people cause all these problems in the world and that’s why the insurance companies charge so much. I’m also sick and tired of driving by a cancer treatment center and seeing people that have cancer that are hooked up to chemotherapy and smoking cigarettes. How stupid is that? The insurance is paying for it but nobody ever complains about that. If you smoke, then you don’t get chemotherapy and your insurance won’t pay for it. What’s the sense of getting chemotherapy to stop cancer if you’re going to continue to smoke, which causes the cancer?

Good food store

I can’t believe that Mayor Kovaric of Gurnee would talk against a good food store or any store that would provide sales tax for her to meet her budget. I believe that Marianos in Vernon Hills would be an example of a good store in this town. Hopefully, they would consider coming up to Gurnee, but after the mayor’s comment, I’m sure they would think twice.

More cost

Everything is such a debacle with Obama being our president. Now the senators are going to spend eight months trying to figure out what went wrong with Obamacare. It’s going to cost the taxpayers a trillion dollars to pay these people. Fire whoever was responsible for not having this system set up and ready to go because they didn’t do their job.

The good old days

In the good old days, people had respect for each other, worked for what they got and didn’t except handouts from the government. We also didn’t lock our doors and we disciplined our own children. And we put into office people that would do what they said in their campaign promises. I just hope today that history will repeat itself.

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