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Updated: January 15, 2014 6:03AM

Still struggling

According to Nation/World, the U.S. jobless rate is at an all time low. I’d like to know which idiot pinhead came up with this information. First of all the 203,000 jobs added in November is more than likely “seasonal” help to be let go after the holiday season is over. If you spread that number over the entire U.S., it’s a drop in the bucket. Secondly, the recession supposedly “ended” four years ago. All you have to do is take a good look around and see that people are still struggling to pay their bills, keep food on the table and gas in their vehicles to get to their jobs if they are lucky enough to have one.

No hero

To the brainiac who seems to think that our president is such a hero for forcing healthcare on everyone. Please be sure to tell my friend who’s losing his work insurance as of Jan. 1 and will have to go from paying $200 a month to $750 a month because of all of the extras he has to buy that his family doesn’t need. Oh, not to mention along with his new plan, he also has to acquire a new doctor since the doctor they have had for over 20 years is not in the plan he can afford.

Thanks for nothing

Thank you, Zion Public Works, for all of the leaves on the east side of Zion we now have for winter decorations. I did notice on Elizabeth on the north end it is nice and tidy, but everywhere else we have piles and piles of leaves. I am sure you will just plow them up into people’s yards as you push the snow. By the way, learn how to clear intersections when you plow. I also like how the only side streets that are being repaired lead to the area that I always see three public work trucks parked at night. I guess you want to take good care of those trucks and provide a good surface to take them home on.

Poor planning

Winter’s here. Wadsworth Road’s not completed. They tear up the road and now it will be left as is for the next five months. How dumb is that? Why was it dug up knowing they weren’t going to finish it before the snow comes? I would say poor planning.

Young athletes

In response to the sports section of the News-Sun. I just want to thank you for showing and sharing with us all the young athletes that are doing so well and they’re doing it the right way. It’s really a pleasure to open the newspaper and see positive things written about these young folks. It’s amazing how hard work really pays off.

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