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Updated: October 11, 2011 12:26AM

Economic reality

The new River Casino took in $17 million from losers in the first two weeks. I’m still waiting for state Rep. Lang and state Sen. Link to explain how it’s better for the economy when the state takes money from citizens and spends it on entitlement programs than if citizens were to keep the money themselves and spend it locally as they see fit.

Walsh’s advice

I see that Joe Walsh is $100,000 behind in his child support and the person comments that he should be in work release, I couldn’t agree more. This guy, who says he’s a spearhead of the Tea Party, is $100,000 behind in child support and in 2008 he had a foreclosure on his home. Now he’s going to give financial advice to the rest of this country? Please, please, put him in jail where he belongs.

SEAL team

I would like to know who approved putting so many men of the SEAL team in a single helicopter? Who was behind that decision to allow such a dangerous mission to take place? If this had happened under President Bush’s watch, the left would be screaming about how incompetent he and his secretary of defense were. Where are those holding this administration accountable?

Electric bill

I waited for my July electric bill to come to see how much the 2 percent increase was going to cost me. I was out of electricity for six full days, so I only had three weeks of electricity to be charged for. My June bill was $50.40 and my July bill was $70.83. That sounds like a whole lot more than 2 percent to me, especially when I didn’t use my electricity for six days. Who’s making the money here? The big corporations of course. The small people lose again.

Party lines

Let us take a moment and honor the passing of former Sen. Mark Hatfield. He was a liberal Republican who frequently voted across party lines.

Newport Township

I’m a taxpayer in Newport Township, I attended a meeting and the board chose not to pay any of the bills for the road district, and from what I understand, this is not the first time that they have done this. It is never fiscally responsible to refuse to pay bills when there’s over $1 million in the bank, whether there’s a budget or not.

Forgotten citizens

I guess Sen. Durbin has forgotten it was the citizens of Illinois who voted him into office. Once he was elected and went to the U.S. Senate his job is to represent all legal citizens throughout the 50 states. There are many thousands of young people born to American citizens who would love to go to college if they could afford to attend one. The senator seems to have no sympathy for these students.

Earning citizenship

I am glad that Gov. Quinn signed the Dream Act for Illinois. Granted, these people are not citizens, but they are Americans. We need to find a way that they can earn their citizenship and continue to contribute to this country.

The czars

About our economy dropping like a rock. I think we should have the 50 governors come up with a name of a super-duper czar and get rid of Obama’s 15 czars who were not elected in the first place. If the czar wants to get rid of all these laws that’s hindering the progress in our country, then he will have that authority until the end of this president’s term. Something has to be done.

Power out — again

The other night we didn’t have a storm or high winds, no one hit any poles, a transformer didn’t burn up and our power went out on the east side in Winthrop Harbor. Once again, it took ComEd six hours to get it back on. Way to go ComEd. You’re not doing us any good.

Wisconsin governor

We Illinoisans are proud of the fact that we have jailed four governors so far. I just want to call out to the voters in Wisconsin, it’s time for them to pick up the pace.

Credit ratings

Standard and Poor’s has downgraded the U.S. from the AAA rating that it’s held throughout its existence. Where were they four years ago when they and other credit rating agencies helped cause our horrendous recession by providing AAA ratings to worthless, subprime securities?

Aid to Africa

President Obama said he’s pledging $140 million to Africa. There will be another million American home foreclosures on families very soon. These American families are living in vans or motel rooms, and he pledges $140 million to Africa when we have just been censured as a nation and our credit dropped. What’s going on? Put the $140 million toward the homeless in America that have watched their American dream go down the toilet. Let’s start taking care of Americans, America.

Language skills

I went to a job interview and I was qualified for the job, but they told me that because I didn’t speak Spanish they couldn’t hire me because most of their crew speaks Spanish. This is America. What’s going on?

Fired themselves

President Reagan was a card-carrying union member of the Screen Actors Guild. He didn’t fire the air traffic controllers. They broke their contract. The controllers had a no-strike clause in their contract. They violated their contract when they went on strike and fired themselves.

Tow more

Regarding the story on the front page on Aug. 9 about a woman from North Chicago who got her car towed and was fined for loud music. I would like to say thank you and good job, North Chicago Police Department. Keep up the good work and tow more.

Good tow

Leave it to Judy Masterson to turn a lawbreaker into a person being taken advantage of by police. She should have been towed for her loud stereo. More should be towed.

Law is the law

In reference to the North Chicago woman who was ticketed and towed for having her car music too loud. Why are the North Chicago police being criticized for enforcing the law? It doesn’t matter that she has to borrow the money to repay the fine. The fact is the law is the law. She knew what the law meant. If you obey the law then you don’t pay any consequences.

More important

Instead of giving tickets for noise and loud music, North Chicago should find these people that are killing people in the streets of North Chicago. That is more important than loud music.

It takes a village

As a community, the decline of a local sports star sickens me. His life is well documented in The News-Sun! This sports star was suspended from the college playoffs because he had to take care of a “family” matter. Now, he is allegedly facing gun charges. The answer is simple: It takes a city of community leaders, parents and neighbors to stop this madness. Let’s not give up on this kid! It takes a village!

Towed for tunes

Regarding “Towed for tunes” on Aug. 9. Kudos to the North Chicago Police Department and Mayor Rockingham for sticking to their guns on this. I see this woman grinning like the Cheshire Cat on the front page when her car was towed. Let’s keep slamming them until we get the music quieted down.

Gone, not forgotten

I was thinking about some different places in Lake County that I really miss and I was wondering about what other people think. My pet peeve is you see these ugly little strip malls everywhere full of businesses that nobody really wants to go to or they’re sitting empty. What I miss is the Welton’s grocery store in Gurnee, the Globe in Waukegan and I miss having a Carson’s close by in Waukegan. I also miss Softball City and Gurnee Pizza. What do you miss?

Loud noise

I’m glad to see North Chicago is ticketing for loud noise. It’s about time because I’m so sick of my windows being rattled and I’m in Waukegan. For the woman that let herself be photographed, looking all proud, and wants everybody to help her with her stupid ticket, I’m sure people are sick of hearing her music. Enough is enough. I’m glad the reprimands are being done and besides, it will help her hearing.

No accountability

In an era where personal accountability seems to be an issue in our society, it’s not surprising to see when our president makes a speech that he takes no accountability or his administration for any of the economic problems. But his whole conversation is about blaming someone else. How can you blame a small group of people called the Tea Party for the economic problems when all they asked for was less spending and less debt. Our debt is the reason why we were downgraded. At least President Bush said the buck stops here. How about some personal accountability and set an example for the nation.

Flo and Eddie

What an awesome time we had at the Genesee Theatre for the Happy Together Tour. They were great. For those who haven’t attended the Genesee yet, please do because it’s a wonderful and beautiful place. Keep it up, Genesee Theatre.

Tree charges

About three weeks ago after the July 11 storm, I got a robo-call from the village saying if you have brush or tree damage then come to the Village Hall and fill out the paperwork and they will pick it up for you at $140 per hour. This village is a joke. We need a new mayor and village administrator that understand what their job is.

Ask the editor

Regarding your front page on Aug. 9 which shows a person grinning after just being fined $500 for loud music. On Page 14, way in the back of the paper, is an article about a 600-point drop in the stock market. I wonder what your priorities are for this paper?

Down the drain

My personal three-tier financial objective is now completely down the drain thanks to the federal government in Washington, D.C. with Barack Obama being chairmen of the board and our CEO in charge. First, my property investments are down the drain. Second, my bank savings interest is down the drain. Third, my stock portfolio is down the drain. I’m trying to understand the president who claims the Tea Party caused my financial collapse. Plus, I’ve been out of work for over a year. I hope to have a chance to talk to our president on his bus listening tour if it comes to Waukegan.

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