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Good exercise

About the people who are calling in about the Winthrop Harbor School District’s decision to discontinue the bus service for their children and now they have to walk to school. When we, as parents, were going to school the state law said that if you live within 1.5 miles from the school you do not get bus service, and it’s probably that way now. So let the kids within 1.5 miles from school walk. The exercise will be good for them and they may lose a few pounds, Oh no, that might be dangerous.

Updated: November 1, 2011 12:37AM

A better location

This is concerning the roundabouts on Wadsworth and Hunt Club roads and Millburn and Hunt Club roads: I think anybody that drives in the area of Wadsworth and Dilleys roads would surely think that a roundabout at that intersection, with all the memorials that are usually on the road side, would have been a much better place to consider having one of these.

Does it matter?

Believe me, if President Bush had been vacationing anywhere near Hurricane Katrina, he would have cut his vacation short, too. What difference does it make where he was on 9/11? Are you saying he should be able to predict that like the weather? Obama cut his vacation short so he could get out of the way.

Good Samaritan

There are good Samaritans. Thank you to the lady who came to my rescue after my purse was stolen at the grocery store so I couldn’t pay for my groceries. Thank you and God bless you.

Wealthy countrymen

High school student services coordinator Luis Correa states that 70 to 80 percent of the district students qualify for a free lunch at school. And for a lot of kids what they eat at school is their only meal. Why would this be any kid’s only meal in this country? My family receives free food through many government programs and we eat well at home. This is just another free lunch for us. We thank our more wealthy countrymen. We do not thank our more wealthy countrymen enough.

Russian roulette

The reason America lost its Triple A rating is because the Republican Party played Russian roulette with our economy.

Phones and food

In regard to the article on free lunches for the Waukegan schools. If you notice in the paper the picture it shows three girls having a free lunch and what’s in front of them? A cellphone. How can they afford a cellphone, but not food?

One president

Regarding the comment about the “Decline of America” stating that Obama is the worst president in America. I don’t know about anybody else, but the last time I checked America only has one president.

Balancing act

Presidential candidate Perry may not be too fond of the stimulus, but Gov. Perry was. He accepted billions of dollars in stimulus money and used that money to balance the last two years of the Texas budget.

Playing through

In regard to “Job well done.” Of course Obama left his vacation early, the greens were going to be too wet to play on.

Undecided vote

Pat Robertson insists that earthquake damage to the Washington Monument was God’s judgment on America. Considering how the National Cathedral was damaged also, perhaps God is undecided.

Road hogs

Regarding the person that wrote in about “Road etiquette.” That group of bicyclists you were talking about must have been the same group that was riding down Sheridan Road in the middle of a busy afternoon. They took up the entire lane of traffic. When I called the police department, they seemed totally indifferent of the fact. If they pulled out in front of you and you ran over him, you’d be the one in trouble.

Bad knees

About the Whittier School’s bus situation. I understand that 1.5 miles is a long way to go for the kindergarten kids, but on the same hand, it’s mentioned that the mother had bad knees so she can’t walk or drive the kid to school. There are many people that have bad knees. I see seniors walking and they have very bad knees or they had a knee replaced, but they’re still walking up and down the streets. What the heck is she doing? Everybody’s got something bad and all of a sudden they want the government to take care of them. Get a job and drive the kid to school or get a car pool together. Think people, think.

Escort for bikers

About TOTC on Aug. 31 “Protect what’s precious” It stated that on Aug. 28 on Grass Lake Road there was a minimum of three sheriff’s cars guarding a bunch of Harley-Davidson riders at Port of Blarney and they were partying. No, what you don’t understand about that is, it was a benefit for the children of fallen riders. That’s how we take care of our own and the police were there as an escort. It was a benefit and the money is not coming out of the taxpayers’ pockets to pay for this. The police were there to direct traffic as we go by. There shouldn’t be a problem with that.

Brown bag it

Seriously, free lunches for students? I don’t want anybody to starve, but free food, all they can eat for the students in Waukegan? My taxes have gone up each year that I’ve been here. Does this mean my taxes are to be going up again? Whatever happened to brown paper bags?

Surplus money

When my kids went to school in Waukegan, they had to walk to school well over a mile in all kinds of weather. We would have surplus money now if they weren’t dropping off kids to baby-sitters for the past few years.

Neighborly advice

If the person with the “Nosy neighbor” only has one neighbor that is an issue, I would probably ignore it. But if you have more than two or three neighbors that are spying on your property, then they are concerned about you keeping it so that their property values on their home don’t go down. If you can’t maintain your own property, then maybe you can ask one of your nosy neighbors to help you out with this. If they can’t help you, then they will have to deal with your situation as it is.

A huge cost

Busing is a privilege, not a right as with education. It’s about time the school districts quit busing all together. Contrary to chaos opinions, buses are filthy pollutants and not safe for children because most don’t belt them in. Busing is a huge cost for most cash strapped districts. I drove my son back and forth to a private school with no hassles and I was a single working mother. Until Illinois revamps its school taxing structure to our income tax we will continue to have real chaos until things are straightened out.

Monopoly money

The government is blocking AT&T from taking over one of their competitors because that would raise rates for consumers and give At&T too much of a monopoly in the business. Then why can ComEd do it? Why didn’t the government stop ComEd buying Constellation and then running ads to switch to Constellation because it will save them money? No one stopped ComEd from becoming a monopoly What is going on? It’s apparent that a lot of politicians are being paid off. Whose is fighting ComEd? Who is protecting the consumers?

‘Federal family’

Since when did the federal government change its name to “federal family”? I don’t want President Obama for my daddy or Pelosi and Reed to be my aunt and uncle or Napolitano to be my nanny. The purpose of our government is to serve and protect the U.S. citizens. I don’t want our country turned into a France, Spain, Greece or any other socialist-based government, period. I hope and pray we remain the United States of America and not the “United Socialist States of America” like so many seem to want us to turn into.

Free lunches

I was disgusted to read the article Aug. 30 about “Free lunches for all under Provision 2.” At their age, these high school students are receiving free lunches which to me is just unconscionable. If they can’t afford a lunch, then they should either be out working, just as we were when we were high school students, or their parents should be out working. This is a terrible situation and I am appalled that our tax dollars are being used in this way.

Crazy pride

The economy is bad right now, but 85 percent of us are still working. Waukegan letting free lunches go when half of the parents have jobs is crazy. Have some pride. Deerfield and Highland Park schools have parents out of work also, but do you see them having free lunches.

Depression era

I’d like to see the W.P.A. come back instead of welfare.

Immigration enforcement

What is Obama thinking by easing up on immigration enforcement? America is the middle of the largest and longest economic downturn since the Great Depression. Government bodies on all levels are cutting back.

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