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Updated: November 14, 2012 1:35AM

She’s not voting

With everything written on politics, it’s the first year in 40 that I will not be voting.

He’s curious

I am curious if the people being arrested on these drug raids are living in Section 8 housing, and are on public aid.

Bush’s successes

I see that President Obama and his supporteers are taking credit for the framework that President Bush put in place to end the Iraq War. The truth is, although President Obama likes to take credit for ending the war “as he promised,” the timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops in Iraq was actually decided during the Bush administration with the signing of the Status of Forces Agreement by U.S. and Iraq officials on Nov. 16, 2008. It’s bad enough to blame Bush for everything that’s wrong, but I think it’s even worse to take credit for Mr. Bush’s successes.

Volt jolt

Nearly two years after General Motors introduced the Volt, a plug-in hybrid car, it is losing over $40,000 on each Volt it builds. The car has a base sales price of $39,995, but costs over $80,000 to build. Sales are weak and GM is in a quandry on how to increase sales so expensive development costs can be spread over a wider base and reduce the per car costs. The average Volt buyer earns $174,000 a year and also gets a $7,500 government subsidy for buying the Volt. I hope all Lake County taxpayers who earn a lot less than $174,000 per year are happy to know their tax dollars are subsidizing each Volt purchase thanks to the Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi “green” legislation passed by Congress and pushed by the Obama administration. Obamanomics do not add up, but do explain our trillion plus dollar deficits each year. It’s time for change!


The amount of misinformation and outright lies in TOTC is astounding. Two examples: Someone alleges Romney and Ryan vowed to dismantle Social Security, Medicare, education and health care. Seriously? Show me where and when they said anything like that. Baloney! Also, several people have faulted the Bush administration for the expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, the Iraq war was was ended under President Obama, but the timetable for that was already in place under George Bush. As for the Afghanistan war, it was President Obama who declared Afghanistan to be the “right” war and poured assets into it. So, I guess these critics are disagreeing with President Obama and claiming Afghanistan was not the “right war.”

Spare change

I’ve been seeing signs popping up around Lake County saying “Romney/Ryan: For a Real Change.” Yeah, a real change for the worse! Their policies would put more people out of work and plunge us back into a recession. I’m voting for Obama/Biden to give them four more years to finish the job of pulling us out of the recession.

Ultimate apology

The only apology America is going to accept is when President Obama gets behind the podium and apologizes for being such a pathetic commander in chief.

Anybody not poor

Once again, we see that the law is always for the people that have the money. A man gets 18 years for a DUI fatal crash and this rich girl gets a $500,000 bond for allegedly killing a 5-year-old and they don’t do anything about it. Just goes to show you how the system has double standards for Hispanics, blacks or anybody that’s poor.

A major problem

Israel has requested a talk with the president over Iran’s increasing nuclear capability of making a warhead. As usual, President Obama has refused. Instead of fixing a major problem like Iran, our president didn’t act like a leader, but a follower. Let’s change our direction this election year. We need a leader like Mitt Romney.

The whole problem

In response to the “Shopping buses.” The school district doesn’t have the money and that’s the whole problem. The bus drivers are told to park their buses there and sit and wait without being paid so they’re not using fuel to go back to their bus lots.

Jaywalking laws

Whatever happened to all the jaywalking laws we had in Waukegan? People get off the bus on Sheridan Road and just walk across the street like they own it. They should have a cop over there enforcing the jaywalking laws. The pedestrians, the bikers and the skateboarders lately have taken over the streets. Let us drive on the sidewalks and everybody else can walk on the streets.

The Arab world

I can’t believe what has happened in Egypt. Jimmy Carter lost Iran many years ago and today Obama has lost the Arab world completely. I think I was right joining the Republican Party 30 years ago when I said that I refuse to be a member of a party that’s full of don’t, won’t, can’t and give-me people.

Teacher time

Teachers do not get Social Security. Teachers that get laid off don’t get unemployment benefits. The average teacher probably spends 10 to 12 hours a day worth of class time and preparing for the next day. Don’t worry about the kids. Just look after yourself because there’s nobody else out there that will. Take as long as it takes to get it done.

Homeland aid

The U.S. Agency of International Development is planning to distribute $1.8 billion in aid to Latin America and the Caribbean. Where is the $1.8 billion of aid for those who lost their 401(k), their jobs and homes? Why don’t we get any aid? Why are they giving aid to these countries and not to our own people? This isn’t fair. I can’t afford insurance, yet what I do pay in taxes is going to help foreign countries. Somebody please help us.

Harsh punishment

This is regarding the article about Wells Fargo sending out crews to break into houses. I think the next time those people break into a house and if they’re caught they should be shot. If they’re killed, the bank executives should be held for murder. Maybe that will teach them some respect.

Be alert

There’s a rash of home burglaries going on in North Chicago. Citizens should be aware and secure their homes. Don’t leave any windows open when you leave your home and secure your locks. The chief of police is starting up a Neighborhood Watch, so contact his office and get involved. Secure your homes because they’re watching your coming and going. Be alert.

Shopping variety

I agree that we need more of a variety of shops in Gurnee. I sew and I need to go to Round Lake, Vernon Hills or Kenosha to get fabric. While I’m there I do other shopping. So Gurnee would benefit if it put some of these stores in.

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