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Autumn leaves

May I suggest if your leaves have fallen you get yourself some lawn bags and get your back into your rake and fill up the bags. Veolia picks them up once a week. Stop waiting for the government to do everything for you.

Updated: December 11, 2012 2:02AM

The union label

The reason we do not have jobs in this country is, in large part, because of unions.

Old phone books

What happened to the old phone books we used to get for Zion, Waukegan, Winthrop Harbor and Beach Park? All we get now is Lake County.

Truth or dare

Regarding the article in TOTC, “Shocking performance.” How on earth can you consider the other side to be more truthful?

Printing presses

If the president makes a second term, you can bet that the Treasury printing presses will be rolling full time.

Foreclosing recovery

The News-Sun on Oct. 9 was 47 pages thick. Twenty-two of the pages were of foreclosures and sheriff’s sales of property. We need jobs in this county. If this is the type of recovery Obama is taunting, then four more years under his policies will simply be more hopelessness, pain and broken families. How sad for so many people who want opportunity and not handouts and public housing. Everybody should tear these pages out and send them to their senators.

Stock was saved

To “Lost revenue” regarding the auto industry. Yes, Obama saved the auto industry. That was his job. The auto industry would have collapsed, people would have been out of work and our whole manufacturing process would have gone down the tubes. When he saved the industry, he also saved the stock in those companies. People didn’t lose their stock. These companies paid back their loans and now they’re thriving. People did not lose money. So learn your facts before you start spouting.

A nation without faith

Americans are becoming murderers. They are using guns, knives and fists to kill one another. We don’t need gun control, we need moral teachings such as “Thou shall not kill.” Our presidential candidates need to address this condition in our nation. Socialism won’t solve the problem. We have become a nation without faith and God.

Texting drivers

You’re not supposed to be texting or talking on a cellphone while driving at all. It’s not allowed in school zones or everywhere else, so deal with it.

Listen up

Now that the first debate is over, everyone claims Romney won. Weren’t you listening? When he said the middle class was drowning, he and his party were the ones holding our heads under water. The insurance companies notorious for high costs and little support are the ones we go to for our Medicare and Social Security? Get real. Vouchers? Does he think we’re at a convention for a free lunch. When Romney went to Europe, he almost created a hubbub just opening his mouth and talking. He thinks he would do better as a president, but we would be at war with our allies. Obama cares and knows, not just Massachusetts, but globally. The Republican Tea Party did their best to divide Congress. So send them home and Romney back to his millionaire’s castle.

Columbus the pol

We all know that Christopher Columbus was a great explorer, but I believe that he was also a politician. When you consider the fact that he didn’t know where he was going, he didn’t know where he was when he got there and he did it all with somebody else’s money.

Polling envy

Are you getting sick and tired of the media’s obsession with polls for the presidential race? I think we should conduct a poll over this matter.

Price of oil

I sure would like someone to tell me why we are getting ripped off at the gas pumps over and over. Oil prices went up last week and we got hit with a 20-cent a gallon increase. Then prices of oil decreased and the pump price stayed the same or down a penny. What are our politicians doing to help us on this subject? Nothing that I’ve seen or read. I want an elected official to do something for us and be able to read about it.

Moon dates

Some of the greatest minds in the scientific world sent men to the moon in the 1960s. However, had they simple checked with an English teacher they would have gotten the date correct on a huge sign they got up there. It’s A.D. 1969 not 1969 A.D.

Jobless statistics

To all of you who think Obama lowered the unemployment rate, you’re definitely not thinking straight. It’s not that he lowered the unemployment rate and found more jobs for more people, it’s that bunch of people are no longer on unemployment and have run out of their ability to collect unemployment. They are not being shown on the statistics or unemployment percentage anymore.


Pandering to the lowest common denominator is not and never will be the answer to anything.

Cheap gas

Wisconsin taxes on gasoline are lower than in Lake County, so I buy all my gas five miles up the road and save 20 cents a gallon or more. Last week, I filled up at $3.62.9. Match that here — not.

Skip town

A suggestion for the Ditka brothers: Get out of Deerfield.

Special rules

So the NAACP says county Clerk Willard Helander is trying to suppress the vote of the “late” registrants who live by the lakeshore by directing everyone to the “centrally” located Lake County Permit Facility in Libertyville? Hmmmm, perhaps they should have registered during the regular voter registration time frame like everyone else, and could have gone to a location closer to their home. I guess disenfranchising those who are further out west who have to come all the way east to the lakeshore is different. No wonder this country is a mess. We have to make special rules for those who can’t seem to follow them otherwise.

Mitt’s teleprompter

Mitt or his people always make an announcement explaining what he said wasn’t what he wanted to say after he’s said something publicly. Maybe he needs to borrow Obama’s teleprompter?

Priority list

It is such a pity that Obama is spending so much time and effort defending “Sesame Street” and Big Bird when America is bogged down by a very bleak economy and is facing some very serious crises in the Middle East and the world! Someone ought to tell Obama to work on his priority list, but he is surrounded only by admirers and by the biased mainstream media who look up to him as the greatest!

Un-American GOP

Since this administration has been in office, the Republican Party has really exposed themselves as being very un-American, from Congressman Joe Wilson calling the president a liar; to the governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer pointing her finger in the president’s face, Limbaugh saying he hopes the president fails; last week, John Sununu saying the president was lazy and not too bright . One thing is for sure, whoever the president is, we should all hope that he does good in office. It benefits us all.

Auto industry losses

Recent comments about the U.S. auto industry being on its feet are a little misleading. Ford did not take President Obama’s stimulus money. The U.S. Treasury Department just revised the overwhelming loss to the U.S. taxpayer to $25.1 billion. Proudly touting Chrysler for growing faster in the U.S. than any major car company will surely make the Italians happy. Chrysler is now foreign owned by Fiat.

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