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Updated: December 12, 2012 1:58AM

Leafing through

I would like to say happy fall to everybody and to remind people that it’s very dangerous to rake or blow your leaves into the street. I just saw a guy doing it over on First Street in Gurnee. They get wet and they’re very slippery. If a car tried to stop, it would skid out of control. It’s very difficult also for people that are walking or riding bikes to go through big mounds of leaves out at the curb. Have consideration for everybody, please. Thank you.

Hutchins Road

I’ve lived out here for six years, and even before moving here from Waukegan, I knew the name of the road that everybody’s mispronouncing. It’s Hutchins Road, not Hutchinson Road. So, let’s get it right people.


So you don’t think it can get any worse, think again. With Romney’s gaffes alienating nations, it could lead to World War III. Romney said he would go to war with Iran and Syria. A war with both would have grave unpredictable consequences and would plunge our economy back into a recession. President Obama is right to resist a war we can no longer afford.

It’s amazing

Regarding the item in TOTC, “Fruits of our labor.” It states that under the leadership of Obama, we had the lowest unemployment rate in about four years. For your information, that fact was just released and it’s amazing how that happens shortly before election time. Wait and see what happens to the gas prices in the next few weeks because they’re going to start going down, too. He had four years to come up with these plans. Nothing has been done until the last six months and then everybody jumps through hoops. Instead of campaigning for three and one-half years, he should have been implementing his programs if they were so wonderful. As far as the auto industry, he did nothing of the kind. All he did was tell people who was going to run it. If you were a stockholder, oh well, it’s your loss.

Bird’s the word

If Romney gets elected president, he’s either going to fire Big Bird or cut his hours back. More then likely Big Bird is now going to fall into that 47 percent that Romney likes to talk about. He’s probably going to have to get a Link card and be on food stamps. I’m sorry, Big Bird, your management didn’t stick up for you, but they didn’t want to be partisan.

Border war

It took Bush eight years to run a nation into a recession. He left office with two unfinished wars and now they want Romney in office because he wants a conflict against Iran to save Israel. If Israel would stop trying to expand its borders, it wouldn’t need help. Anyway, it’s none of our business.

A dead horse

Did you ever notice that every four years the subject of taxes comes up in debate. The incumbent has been in office for three years and about 11 months. Why is he or she talking about tax reform that should have already happened during his or her term in office? This happens every four years as if it just raised its ugly head and became an issue. I can guarantee that four years from now — no matter who wins — they will be talking about taxes, that golden 1 percent, that the middle class always gets beat up and the poor that we all support. Just fix the tax code once and for all and move off beating this dead horse!

Failing, flailing

As Democrats fail and flail they decide to take on the two most pressing issues at this given time. Big Bird and does Mitt Romney color his hair. This is insane.

Blame the media!

I just want to say that we’re heading to go over a cliff financially in this country like the rest of the world and the media is backing this guy in office.

Teachers, administrators

I’ve solved the problem with the teachers and the unions. Just give the teachers the same pay and benefits as the administrators. Then they won’t have anything to argue about.


I notice that Melinda Bush was quick to use the baseless charges against state Sen. Suzi Schmidt for her own political gain. Now that she has had her day in court and was found innocent of all charges, will Melinda Bush refer to her as “Vindicated State Senator Suzi Schmidt”?

Skin in the game

Isn’t it funny how the Democrats take credit for the auto industry bailout, but in reality the 53 percent of the Americans who actually pay taxes are the ones that bailed out the auto industry. The only reason Obama bailed Chrysler and GM out is to preserve the labor unions’ mishandled pensions. Non- profit organizations like labor unions should not be allowed to give money to elections because, like 47 percent of Americans, they pay no taxes. If you don’t have skin in the game, you should not be able to support either party. This should also include credit unions and any other organization.

Mr. Grumpy

Vice President Biden came across as a rude, grumpy old man.

Mr. Fantasy

Mitt Romney’s promises to both cut the budget deficit, lower taxes on everyone, increase military spending and somehow not raise taxes on the middle class. Talk about a fantasy budget!

Mr. Mean

It was almost unbearable to watch Joe Biden during the vice presidential debate. He looked like a very tired old man who showed us what a mean and reprehensible person looks like. He should have retired from the public view decades ago.

Lap dog media

How can you expect President Obama to notice how high gas prices are? The lap dog media hasn’t mentioned it in months and that’s where he gets his info. But if he did notice the gas prices, President Obama would say it’s the fault of Bush and his rich oil buddies!

Teachers’ demands

Have you noticed that when the teachers go on strike they claim, “it is for the kids.” But then they demand more pay, more benefits in health care and retirement. What will the kids be getting?

Big bucks, favors

Political signs are everywhere. Think about the cost of these signs and the dollar contributions to pay for them. The more contributions, the more patronage given. Big bucks, for big favors.

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