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Updated: December 14, 2012 2:03AM

A great service

In regard to the YMCA closing. I’m wondering why the Waukegan Park District can’t pick it up? They could have two places and they can afford it. It seems like they’re the only ones in Waukegan that have any money to spend. They’d pick up a pool, would do a great service and save jobs.

Warren taxes

I see Warren Township is going to raise their taxes. Now they’re going up, so they’re going out.

National holidays

What has Christopher Columbus ever done for me and when are we going to make Election Day a national holiday?

Bad bite

I love your paper, you do such a great job. Since Obama desperately needed an attack dog, I hope Biden had his distemper shots before he bit into Ryan. Grrrr.

Not guilty

Of course Suzi Schmidt was found not guilty. She is a Republican politician in a Republican county. What other outcome could there be? They’re never guilty. They’re all innocent as new born babies.

Wild cats

Why is The News-Sun encouraging people to take care of these stray cats? My neighbor was a person who took care of stray cats, along with raccoons, and was a hoarder. When he finally died, all the raccoons and wild animals ended up going to other people’s houses looking for places to live and eat. Five years after his death, we’re still dealing with this problem. I think they should just exterminate these wild cats. They’re not native and they just make trouble.

Pols’ pensions

So you want pension reform? The best way to do that is to make sure all the politicians’ pensions are transferred to Social Security. Then they’ll miraculously find the money somewhere to put it back in the fund that it was stolen. That would fix the pensions real fast. As long as the politicians have separate pensions, they’re not going to care about Social Security because that’s for the working class, the people who don’t have millions of dollars to spend on them.

Cheapest gas

Lincolnshire gas prices are not the cheapest. The cheapest is usually in Waukegan, North Chicago and all of Lake County. It seems to me that the less-wealthy neighborhoods have the cheapest gas.

Deceitful practices

The Democrats are dwelling on the unemployment rate going down, trying to get votes for Obama. What they didn’t report to you is that one large state did not report its unemployment rate this time and they are not revealing which state that is. Some more deceitful practices by the Democratic Party. How ignorant they must think their fellow Democrats are to blindly follow their lead like puppets on a string.

Schmidt verdict

Another fine example of justice in Lake County. I’m talking about Suzi Schmidt, and the last line in the paper says it all. She had no doubt of the outcome. Neither did anybody else. I had no doubt of the outcome, either.

Personal choice

I commend you for your purchases using your Link card and I agree there’s something wrong with the system. But, when you stated that you’re a single parent and don’t get child support, that was your personal choice. If you know who the father of your child is, it’s not a big deal to get child support. You just have to go down to the courthouse and have him arrested for failure to pay it. It’s as simple as that. Being a single parent is a choice you made, so don’t let that be the cause for being on public aid of any sort.

Rude, inconsiderate

Regarding the item in TOTC “A happy thing.” You stated the people at the Walmart on Route 173 were nice and the store was very clean. The people that work there are rude, inconsiderate and could care less about anybody that’s in the store to purchase anything. Rarely have I found an individual there that even knows where anything is at. The store is always a mess. The only reason I ever go there is because they’re the only place that carries the variety of cat food that my cats eat. Other than that, I would never step foot in that store.

Corporate greed

The reason why we don’t have jobs in this country is because of the greed of the corporations. They still want to take their kids to the doctor, but they don’t want the working man to take their kids.

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