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Updated: December 15, 2012 2:09AM

Economic downturn

Regarding “Rocking chair money.” I have worked in a retail store for many years and it’s usually much younger women and men with children who use Link cards. Most times not on necessities. The economic downturn has hit this group hard and I hope very soon jobs will be open for them.

Cause and effect

This is a newsflash for all the Democrats who blame Bush for this recession. A former member of the Clinton administration admits that the foundation for this recession is the repeal of the the Banking Act of 1933 or the Glass-Steagall Act. This allowed banking practices that were irresponsible. Clinton’s former Treasury Secretary Rubin left the administration after the regulations were repealed and went on to head Citigroup where he was paid $124 million. He also asked for the bail out of Enron and subsequently the multimillion dollar bail out of Citigroup. Democrats, learn what cause and effect is.

Falling apart

Why are we so worried about China dropping a bomb on us? They can’t even make a piece of clothing to sell over here that won’t fall apart.

That’s rich

Do you realize what the rich do with their money? They support various charities, help build hospitals, donate to universities, colleges and start businesses. What does the government do with the money it takes in or borrows? Think about it, then vote Nov. 6.

Smilin’ Joe

The media has Joe Biden smiling, but they have it all wrong. Joe Biden knows what a joke the Obama administration is and he was giving secret signals to the American people. This was supposed to be a serious debate.

Rude Joe

I can’t believe how rude Joe Biden was during the debate with Paul Ryan. He’s normally a nice man and a gentleman. The debate showed a side of him that I’ve never seem before. How anyone can think that he won that debate is beyond me.

Sharp Joe

I watched the debate between Vice President Biden and Paul Ryan, and the vice president was very sharp. He didn’t look like a tired old man. Is that the worst thing he did or was it that he appeared much more knowledgeable then the younger Ryan. It looked to me like Biden knows what is at stake and tried to get his message across to the listeners. I believe the vice president is a long ways from being tired out. He enjoys what he does.

Bible class

When a wise person debates with a fool, the fool rages and laughs and there’s no peace and quiet. Proverbs 29:9.

Both parties

I’ll be so glad when the upcoming election is over. Why are people under the impression that I’m interested in their political beliefs? You complainers of both parties are wasting your time. You will not influence my vote.

Cyr’s commentary

Hooray for Arthur I. Cyr’s article Oct. 12 on Turkey’s pivotal role. I look forward to his articles and commentary every week in The News-Sun. He’s OK. Thanks, Arthur.

Property taxes

No increase of property taxes in Waukegan! No, no, no.

GM bailout

Concerning the TOTC item “Stock saved.” If Obama wins a second term he’ll have to bail out GM again. GM is losing market share and is unable to build cars that are competitive in the U.S. The government owns 26 percent of GM and you need $53 a share to break even on the bailout. GM stock closed at $20.21 a share recently, which left taxpayers holding $10.1 billion worth of stock which is sitting on a loss of $16.4 billion. The person needs to do their homework.

Hedge funds

The other night, Mr. Biden made derogatory comments about hedge funds not being small businesses. Hedge funds are small businesses. They hire stockbrokers, secretaries, clerks and mail people. They also hire lawyers to protect themselves from people like Mr. Biden. The people in small businesses pay his salary. If it wasn’t for us, he’d be out on the street.

Held hostage

Allowing teachers to strike in Illinois was perhaps some of the worst legislation ever adopted. These union members hold parents and students hostage while always asking for more and more. And it’s for the kids? That’s just plain Big Brother doublespeak.

Debate moderation

Can’t they find anyone bipartisan to moderate these debates? Every time Paul Ryan tried to rebut what Joe Biden said, Ms. Raddatz would cut him off and change the subject.

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